Len Lye sculpture worth $300,000 broken in pieces by waterfront720, Mp4

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Adam Thompson : How is a pole worth 300k?

Jiggle Billy : Just because someone paid $300,000 for a pole, doesn't mean the pole is actually worth $300,000.

Baxxter101 : Serious question... Why was that 'worth 300k'?

epSos.de : @0:15 *is the moment* when his head gets the treatment of the pole. Stay safe. Poles are wild creatures :-)

Marco Maggi : Make him pay for it.

squiddy bubbler : cracked him right in the dome haha

Doogie H : Hopefully he even more braindead

1110Zappa : Cost to the ratepayers over 1 million for this sculpture. So now it's time to collect from the moron that broke it to pay up

Ray Russ : This particularly loathsome species of destructive jackass is why society can't have nice things. Personally, I wish he had drowned once his little 'tour of destruction' was over with.

omkr 01 : That thing is worth 300 thousand?!

Yoshi-mitsu : Un palo, 300.000 dólares, así va el mundo.

illusion887 : This guy should be on Kookslams and Kook_of_the_day

allanGEE : Yes he was stupid... but not NEARLY as stupid as whoever paid $300K for that piece of... um... "art".

tubularmonkeymaniac : Pause at 0:15 to see it smacking him the head

Razzel Dazzel : Only thing that is funny is that this city paid 300k for a pole.

Jaime F : The only crime here is the price of that pole

Samyul M : i want to party with this guy

Nataly RAW : seagull @ 0:15 oh baby a triple @ 0:19

Dennis X : Art is money laundering.... so... I see this as a rebellious act against capitalism. He had a good idea, but it was badly executed... in fact he almost executed himself.

GaragebandandBeyond : It's not just a pole, it used to rotate a create a really cool water show.

Nathan Hassall : Hello I own the company that produces Len Lye poles for 3 hundred thousand dollars. I notice alot of people asking why a pole could cost so much money and I just wanted to say our Len Lye poles are made of the finest materials and when it comes to quality we have always come out ahead not only in pole length but also customer service. The man you see destroying one of our poles is an attention seeking man child fool whos name is Timmy Richards and he has been destroying our poles as a way to make a name for himself on youtube so he can live on hipster welfare. As the chairman of the board I am not having any of it and frankly I don't mind publicly stating we won't tolerate this!

Sam's luvin : Shit I have an art piece that's worth like at least 24 million. I call it "a chain link fence" and it was hand crafted by some unknown migrant workers a while back. I'll sell it to that waterfront for like $100,000 since I feel so bad that they lost their long metal pole art piece.

TheDude : they spent 300,000$ on a steel rod? or is it 300,000 yen? which is like 30 bucks.

Mark M : 2k on the metal pole...298k for the artist's time. best tax payer scam ever.

TimeToMakeStool : Wish people would have just let him die instead of going out there to rescue him

Pointl Ess : Lets step away from the ridiculous price of this thing and question what this guy's endgame was. Was he planning on just letting go and dropping into the water as a dare-devil stunt?

Nicholas Steel : Apparently there is no signage saying not to climb it (this incident was on the news).

jumpieva : i never will get over how idiots react when idiotic things happen to them.

alan Begun : Waiting this douche to be in tosh.o

backup41 : "Oh my God" lol

Cred HC : more like, idiots paid 300K for this "statue"

crimescene25 : $10 pole $299,990 went into someones pocket...

clint25n : I think Mr. Len Lye got ripped off.

klepetar : sue him

G : You break you buy.

dustypan83 : ooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooo

Rusty Nickels : That's one expensive stripper pole.

Orella Minx : What a hero.

Jay P : Of the people asking why this costs $300K, how many of you pay for overpriced concert or sports tickets?

p kerit : theres no way thats worth 300K

Brice S. : Sculpture.......Someone sculpted a pole?......

ryan212 : he should be charged for it after he pays society with prison time.

Ciudadano Deapie : How stupid is that guy? He's not 15...

Sharkonabicycle : LOL, that break off noise plus the thwack in the face and the girl going "OOOH!" was priceless. $300K for a fuckin' pole... nice use of tax dollars, city... how about repair a fuckin' road, or something?