The Dø - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

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http://KEXP.ORG presents The Dø performing live in the KEXP studio. Recorded May 31, 2015. Songs: Keep Your Lips Sealed Miracles (Back In Time) Anita No! Despair, Hangover & Ecstasy Host: Evie Audio Engineer: Julian Martlew Cameras: Andrew Franks, Scott Holpainen & Luke Knecht Editor: Justin Wilmore

Comments from Youtube

Alan Marti : I'm eating a melon while i'm listening to this. Orgasmic

Kosteri x : Keep Your Lips Sealed 0:23 - 4:21 Miracles (Back In Time) 4:25 - 9:32 Anita No! 14:45 - 19:15 Despair, Hangover & Ecstasy 19:19 - 22:42

Joris0815 : This is what the 80's looked like in anime.

Johnny Varga : ok this is quite funny, i felt like sharing it... since this summer i've been looking for this song...I first heard it on my spotify discover weekly playlist..Ofc i forgot to add it so it disappeared....being the avid googler that i am, i tried to search in every way possible with the few words i still remembered from the song that I now know as "keep your lips sealed"....without any results..I gave up after a week of intense searching....until yesterday when I listened to Alt-j's full performance on KEXP..i liked it so much that I decided to look up more artists on KEXP live sessions...I found this band today and I kinda fast forwarded to the very part that i've been frantically searching for for so long....there were no point to my story, I just felt like sharing it. I'm happy now

Bruno Trochmann : weird people having a blast making music, cant get better than that

Bjorn Lundeen : Humans can be so beautiful sometimes.

Google made me do it : they look as if someone bio-engineered anime characters to life, fucking awesome :)

HMan : The drummer knows what's up. It's interesting that he wants the electronic sound from pads, but still plays them with vigor instead of manning sequencers as most bands of this sort would do. Great sound.

Robert Gowans : This girl is one of the sexiest woman I have ever seen

Brandon Potter : Johnny Depp or Salt Bae?

Jeremy Jones : Yo. Fred Durst, Mickey Rourke and Audrey Tatuou formed the gnarliest super group of our age. For serious.

flipper : She's futuresticly hot

sabi U : we got akira, Johnny depp, and now vanilla ice

Nicolás Moreno : I'm in love with Olivia and the energy of all the band.

GetSumNutz : Every element of this was a surprise: The sampled beats triggered by the electronic drums, the 80s synth pop mixed with build beats, the awesome outfits, the vocal melody and best of all the ENERGY of the performance. All in all.. loved it!

jamosensei : OMG, just discovered this yesterday, and I've already listened to it five times...every time she asks, "DO YOU REALLY WANT TO GO BACK IN TIME?" I am mesmerized! And it's SO cute when she does those little Taekwondo-style punch/down block combos;)

Micah Leon : Loving how the girl is giving me Akira vibes with her clothing

Wasabih26 : The me who didn't know this band yet would have been amazed by this performance ! I wish I could forget theit music to discover it again ! P.S.: I just realized that I wrote this during "Do you really wanna go back in time".

Pete Owen : Like the red suit. She has a sexy awkwardness.

Darren Wood : Jeez. If that really isn't playback, their timing is unreal.

tool pot : guy in glasses so hiiiiiiiiiigh lol

SaturdayNight Femur : Does anyone else catch a condescending vibe from this DJ?

Sandra Paola Or : Son mis favoritos del momento 💘✨

Xavier : 9:30 that was smooth, lmao

ShinjiMimura : shes like the real April O neil

Brian Dieck : KEXP is lucky to have talent like this stopping by on the regular.  Keep it up.

Yo Highness : She looks like a character from Kill Bill!

William Bann : finally, somebody cool enough to legitimize my guilty love for hip hop and trap

Iván Aldama : I love them i love them i love them and hope one day they'll come to mexico

Ironsist : French quality !

RONNY ALVAREZ : Anita No! 14:47

Liam O'Connor : Wow I found this wonderful group by accident! They even have Jonny Depp on Keyboard/drums as a cameo!

Antonio Bonifacio : nice! I would like to see they making a cover of DARE from Gorillaz(don't know why)

Alan Peters : Oh my sweet Olivia 💜🌹Just absolutely love her voice and she's in my opinion the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on..I'm a professional musician and a rocker at heart but just something about her music i love the melodies the lyric, never been big on electronic music but i dig this.

Regina Musicant : I love her voice! And the energy the band has. Beautiful <3

Sofie Munksgaard : Dø means die in danish...

Ernesto Rios : Always in the run... 2019

Сергей Сапелкин : Спасибо KEXP studio за таланты! Вы просто гранильная мастерская по производству брильянтов из алмазов! Спасибо!

Brickwallhood1 : she s so beautiful it's almost unreal

Emmanuel S : Ils ont l'air de prendre leur pieds les copains ! Continuez comme ça Dan et Olivia, ça tue ce que vous fêtes ! :)

dajapa : surfer Gary oldman in the keyboard

Jon Gone : someone sure what the additional lyrics in keep your lips sealed say? i think it's something like "now it's time to keep my lips sealed, but I know now, it's impossible, we should have have known, we should never seen(?), everything." someone ideas on that?

Felis Silvestris : 16:00 C'est hilarant hahahaha

Lesly Prieto : Millones de años antes que la serie "La casa de papel" de Netflix se inspirara en la estética de Olivia Bouyssou.

newbyfollome : anyone else from iorigins?

Grupo Gal : Ella es fantástica, su voz, su imagen ... ya suenan muy electrónicos casi ochenteros. Great band!!

Ryan T : The host is terrible. Her dialogue is so cringy. Had to fast forward through.

GardanelMusic : this is sick. every live is a different feeling, like they are not a same band xD

musicisbrilliant : I F***ing love the keyboard dudes energy. He's on it!