Santa Fail - The Repel

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JonnyBeoulve : Sick Nikes.

Ragestew : That bitch is hungry for santa

Tim Schweizer : This shit could be straight out of a comedy movie! Every thing about it is perfectly hilarious!

Guitarfollower22 : "This is the greatest mall santa of All Time"

GrowlingM1ke : Legend says that he is still hangin there...

spaceye : This is the weirdest Nike ad I've ever seen.

SplinteredX : OOOOOOHHH IM COMING OHHHHHHHH that sounded so wrong

Stormy Kopa : Oh my God that announcer is so cringe XD

JordanSierraBeats : Waiting for trilby mctip to comment

cmhonsu33 : Some say he is still there to this day......just hanging there.

xDrac : This makes me laugh so hard

A-Lex to the Past : I actually cried with laughter. That guy is an absolute plonker lol

ObamaSmellsBad : I don't think that's the real Santa.

goltoof : Nailed it...

TITISIMO25 : I wish the camera would pan to the disappointed kids faces

Hillary's Old Saggy Tit : why in the fuck was santa repelling?

scrambledeggsTV : would have been even more hilarious if he was mic'd up

Will Bennett : I can feel the magic

mariotaz : Nike cancelled christmas

ECTOQUAKE : Santa and his fresh kicks

Why in the world am I allowed such a long username : Can we please have a moment of silence for all the childhoods ruined that day...

I just came to get something to eat : I feel sorry for him but I couldn't help but laugh 😂😂😂 like they keep singing Christmas carols while the nigga there dry humping

stephen geraci : I can watch this all day. I love her the female announcer keeps going. That makes it even funnier and the music playing. LOL. A Train Wreck on so many levels.

ComputerNerd : Santa is rocking those nikes.

keith : At least santa got the fucking nikes he wanted for Christmas

Craig : I CAN FEEL THE MAGIC!  SANTA IS ALMOST HERE!!! oh my gawd, that had me in tears laughing.  wwheew

Hulkster x : My face just turned inside out with cringe.

Dan Thompson : Hahahaha this is the funniest thing I've seen in years

KangarooEgg : I can only imagine the fucking crap thats goin through his head at that moment...TOTAL DOOM! You let children down, you fucked up your job, you know this is gonna end up on youtube, people are laughing at you, some people even hate you, but yeah hahahahha fucking idiot xdxdxd

SleepyKatz : That lady is just making it worse.

Molly Davis Music : This is easily the funniest thing I have ever seen.

MourningBreakfast : I know this isn't the real Santa because this one is wearing Nikes.

Steven Evans : lmfaoooooo it's all so corny

Oisin T. : OMG...I'm dying...I'm laughing so hard I peed myself....

XradicalD : For Christmas I want Santa's pair of Nikes

Bobert Sexton : Kid: Mom? Mom: Yes Honey? Kid: Santa isn't real is he? Mom: No honey... Kid: Take me home..... Mom: Yes Honey....

R3D 3Y3 : Who came up with the idea of Santa having to rappel lmao.

neithere : If he simply did his job, it would be dull and ordinary. Thank you, unnamed hero, for cheering up the internets!

vibradiant : This guy will forever have flashbacks upon hearing "we wish you a Merry Xmas". What a strange juxtaposition of genuine peril alongside the blithe attempt to protect children from an awkward discovery. Once the beard came off, it was time to grab a ladder, and tell the kids Santa's disabled cousin had offered to fill in for him at the last minute, not just keep them all singing the most annoying carol ever written. Would've been interesting to see how it ended.

Raymond Pugh : I know it's funny to say "Legend has it he is still there today", but this guy really is still there. Our family go once a week to throw bits of bread and other food up to him, and to change his full bag or urine for a clean one. His children have grown up now and have families of their own so they can't visit too often, but they do go occasionally and keep "Grandpa Rope" up to date with their lives and other current events. Tragic.

dwarfer777 : "ho-ho-ho-ly shit!"

Mallory Monick : just do it

Jar : ooohh.. almost there... ooohhh yes.. ohh.. I'm coming

Pdub Adub : Enthusiasm failure


Beverly Glover : Hilarious! However, if his beard had been real, he would have lost his face. There would have been blood everywhere. The kids would have been traumatized. As it is, Santa experienced only embarrassment. I bet he retires this Christmas.

SenorKraut : I want to adopt the kid laughing in the background 2:31

Tolissssssssss : NICE SHOES SANTA!