Lego V8 Engine VS 55,000 RPM Catastrophic Failure Explodes!! Epic Sound

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Comments from Youtube

John Bartley : You’re lucky the 100 shot of nos didn’t blow the welds on the intake

Joe Black : V-TEC kicked in bro!!!

Anonymous Soldier : Try it again, but this time, is super glue and is oil to make the pieces go more smoothly. 👍

Juan : When you think it can handle one more pound of boost

Kim Jong Mishra : 1:36 V-TEC KICKED IN!! YO!!!!

Patrik Kovács : McLaren Honda 2k17 😂

Lhenkhantus : One of the pistons fly out *TO BE CONTINUED*

Frank Baumann : If you super glue them all together and then use a small amount of gear oil I bet it would last a lot longer.

Scott Harrison : A V8 engine... Made from lego.... what?

Caleb Prewitt : My mustang did the same thing at 4k

눕유튜브 Youtube : put a some oils

Don't tread on me : Lol actual footage of ford engineering the new 5.0.

Jordan Neighbors : When VTEC kicks in but you're using 87 octane

ShawnFlynn : the best part is when the machine sings WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Clifton Williams : That lego engine held up better then most GM motors

Creeperboy and friends : Should've put a to be continued arrow with the music when it blew up in the intro

Rick Edmondson : Comments section is full of Chevy and Ford hate.... But no Mopar🤔😱😂

Bhrigu Bharadwaj Pant : Engine sounds like Richard Rawlings from Gas Monkey Garage 😂😆 Whooo!!!

bugs bunny : And kids thats how a chevy engine works

Ainsley Harriott : 60 psi on stock internals

Zuhairi Zamzuri : You just Takumi'ed that V8

San b : How to calculate RPM by voltage ?

Hot banana : 0:03 could be a to be continued meme

Lewis Rockwell : This should be entitled: how long kia, hyundai, renault, toyotas and Chryslers last 😂

turshin : Some ARP studs should keep it from flying apart lol

Darkside Loneliness : Knock..knock.. Who's there? It's meee.. Who?? Your piston n your block😂😂😂😂 (wwwhhoooo)

Jagwar X : Damn vtec hit to hard bro

Joriz Hans : Y̶o̶u̶ s̶h̶o̶u̶l̶d̶ g̶l̶u̶e̶ o̶n̶ i̶t̶..

FaZe Dumb : Sadly still makes more power than a Honda civic

AviationAirsoft : 1:49 This is why you don't buy a Ford kids

ARMADA 95 : When Vtec Just got kick in

Duncan McGee : When you go from 5th to 2nd

da sans : It looks cool with the moving parts

T Series : Honda v8 with VTEC kicking in too hard at 1:49

alexis mendoza : When Vtec kicks in

Dead Kings : CRASHED!!! 1:37 LOL

Louis Suguitan : Vtech kicked in too hard

RC HAZARD 87 - : I clicked on this video not knowing it was you Kev!

Joao Pedro : Salto as bielinha kkkkkkkk

henrlima87 : "Hopefully that.ll blow the living crap out of it" That remark just made my day. Thanks

Coreybear : Too much vtec

Riko Official : I heard a nuclear explotion and nuclear siren on lego world 👀

GreenPlanet669 #2 : Why do you talk so weirdly? I had to rewatch parts of the video to even understand what you said.

David Hopkins : Makes more power than a POS Mopar. Race ECU optional🤣🤣🤣🤣

Chase Bailey : Motor=mo-ah

Kyle Wong : Should have done a flatplane

Der Boi : Yes, this try was catastrophic.. and the Explosion was INSAAAAAANEE !!!!!! Come on

DJBATMANGOLD : 1:28 should've used Flex Tape.

sam loki : 0:07 Copy of jacksepticeye intro???