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Jombo : I've never been so intimate with a dog before.

Mango : I like to imagine the dog is the one filming

eerereps : Wise words, so deep!

The Littlest Giant : "Tch-eh, Ehh......... Arf."

M Simpson : But what did he mean by that

T7 RNAP : is this that asmr thing

900DonkeyPunches : I rewatch this video every day and somehow continue to dervive new meaning from it

Jules Garcia : this feels very emotionally weighted

Slav Kotov : Thanks, NL. You Egg Man

So social shut-in : its the breath the dog takes before it barks that makes me laugh idk why!😂😂😂😂

xShadowDarkX : Sensual doggo

나라 Muse : I'm addicted. I keep replaying this and I can't stop

Fabian Mash : NLSS!!!! Nice Butt plug Rob.......

Applewood Bacon : Da bes ASMR video I ever heard

Murraay Murraay : A weapon to surpass Gabe-gear?

Niall Cahoon : RaccAttack

jhlbjaaa : Sell your borks, invest in arfs! buy buy buy!

OkiBoi : cutest thing i have seen all day

Anthony D : alpacapatrol sent me

Balls TheTalkingDog : acquiesce

Funnydog 405 : This is pure happiness

MrCONDOR54321 : Thank you NLSS

dothest thou even hoist : LETS GO

MrSaurophaganax : This experience has enlightened me.

Alpay Bayraktar : Enlightening.

lumburgapalooza : It feels like he's telling me about the worst thing he ever did

lknihs : Press 5 for mouth noiserino and 8 for bork

Josh Riley : *OOF*

firefoxfan100 : 0:03

Chloe : Amazing

Pedro Henrique de Souza Alves Mendes Soares : LET'S GO

Frank Espino : The dog version of oof lol

Elf : This is exactly what my puppy does. Arf it’s art.

E : i got the same dog (papillon) and he does the same sound. *_but i have never looked at it like this_*

GrumpyMuffin 23 : This is gabes cousin😂

Dr. Antagonist : Arfsmr.

jkoloklkoklokl : excellent

klimon531999 : Press 8 on your keyboard for infinite arfs.

Diaz Niño : Thanks Egor

LiraDoze : Upcoming meme

Willy Wonkers : That one moment when you drop youre ice cream

tstochuj : *O O F*

Scruffy 39 : Category: Gaming. Im dead inside

Aaron Chang : LET'S GO


Foxy - Chan : sO CuTE DOGGY😍😍😍😍

[D3AD] F34R : Oh yes, I have waited for you to finish and finally you have completed you tube meme wind. But I will (and my army) be waiting for you at the end of IMPORTANT VIDEOS


Alven K : OMG SO CUTE ❤❤😱

rickroll11112 : *a r f*