How Much is HUMAN LIFE Worth? ft. Governments
How much is a Human Life Worth 2019 A short doc about how public agencies use value of human life to do cost benefits analysis 701

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If you ask an normal person, "How much is human life worth?" They would say it's priceless. But it's not that simple. Governments around the world have to put a monetary value on a life. That way then can make important decision for public as whole like how much of tax dollars should we be willing to spend to save one life. We can't possible spend infinite amount to save one life, since that money is there to help everyone. It doesn't stop there, more speed limits to healthcare, every decision is based on VALUE OF HUMAN LIFE. But there's one more, every agencies and every government seems to be putting different valuation of the value of an individual life. One believes its worth $50,000 but another claims its worth almost $10 million. What is the true value of a human life?


N-ne : Im liking the videos, very good topics!

Crash Davis : dude, killer vid actually thanks for your work researching and presenting!

Antreas Tzionis : I love the content but to be honest I didn’t like the ending/conclusion.

merp derpp : nice video :)