Would I Lie To You - S07E07

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David Mitchell and Lee Mack are joined this week by Greg Rutherford, Kirsty Young, Joanna Scanlan and the funniest German comedian ever: Henning Wehn.


sfshinz : "Well, you know what it sometimes is like, isn't it…like, uh…well, I can't quite think of anything…" Henning, Kevin Bridges, Bob Mortimer, Rhod Gilbert, and Greg Davies have the ability to make the truth sound entirely unconvincing.

Jamie Krukowski : Lee Mack is incredibly quick witted, I'm not as keen on his general stand-up, but when he's on panel shows he's incredibly sharp. Also, this Henning Wehn, I've never heard of him, but he's also excellent. 

Peadar Films : Henning Wehn is great.

please god anything but that : Germany. With that kind of humour and also: "He disobeyed your orders!?"

Warren Cash : I always knew the German accent was perfect for comedy. Who would have thought we would see the day.

magicgalexy : Henning's story at the beginning!! That has to be one of the funniest stories ever to be on this show!! :D

Jamriko : I can't get enough of Henning Wehn! He's fantastic.

Rentfree : 6:00... The bike rides in Spain, happen mainly on the train.

maxdecphoenix : "He disobeyed your orders???" -- dead. Henning Wehn is the truth.

ketmaniac : Iss now goot ringing ya lowcal bobby.

Sampurna Ganguly : 'What's the worst that can happen?'

bchimself : Ich liebe Henning.

Capbyrd : I wish they had been able to find "Mohammad" from Henning's missing person story for the "This is my..." segment.

Duo Studios : Henning Wehn is a comedic genius. I mean seriously, the man is fucking hilarious. I've been watching 8 out of 10 cats and Would I lie to you, non stop over the past few weeks and everytime Henning is on I know its going to be a great episode. 

jsorro : Love the German dude

Joey Ayoub : Henning is the best

DoGlowy : the rain in Spain falls mainly on the train also German sense of humour = Schadenfreude

maddie obrien : “you were in a bike ride in spain in morocco on a train”

mumof3 : Henning never fails to disappoint, Great stuff, real good fun...

Stuart J.A. : "He wasn't actually arrested..." "GET HIM NOW!!"

Lvl58DeathKnight : Seriously?? that story about Henning was true? if he gets up to that sober what happens when he's drunk? love to have a drink with him.

wolftone69 : Henning Wehn underrated.

Mitch Weiner : Kirsty's voice is so soothing !

Jalvir McJohanee : Henning is awesome xD

TheBrujah87 : Lets hope Henning never needs to buy a pair of glasses.

Charlotte Stanley : Henning Wehn is the funniest guy alive!

Ann Nee : Oh they're all so cute! The way Kirsty laughed her arse off at the Vienna incident, Greg (otherwise so posh) "Was you invited" and Henning "he disobeyed you orders?". This was a great episode 😂

Paul Illidge : its the german sense of humour love it

BabeRainbow59 : I completely adore Henning Wehn xXx

Tee Carr : For guests Bob Mortimer and Henning Wehn can't be beat!!

wratched : I love it when Kirsty does innuendo!

Cyrusislikeawsome : We love you Henning!

spiritfired : I can't get enough of Henning Wehn's talking.

Gcat3000 : LMAO at Rob's face at 25:03 when Henning starts interrogating him about the "bouncident".

Chris Morris : ''You were on a bike ride in Spain in Morocco?'' xD

schradeya : Oooh, David Mitchell almost looks hot with that beard!

David : The problem with this is I will use the word bouncident in my everyday life and no one will have a clue what i'm talking about.

Von Dor : Holy crap I’m in love with Kirsty. That voice, that sultry personality. Oh, and she’s gorgeous.

Kori : Didn't they have the 5 newsreader chickens clue in an earlier episode?  Obviously it was false the first time.


Hapworth 1926 : Omg Lily is super cute! She's feelin it lol 💔

artofvoice : The guest Andy has ridiculous cheek bones...goodness. 

James Elliott : ha ha ha love it

John von Horn : Am I allowed to comment or not?

SlashBat : I always thought they came up with the lies during 'this is my' on the fly. So they should have thought "Why did Rob have ribs?" That must be the true one bam done

Neferi Waenre : Here for Henning Wehn and them German jokes! Also, Andy is quite an eye candy iykwim ;)

megatwingo : Is Kirsty Young still single? If yes: I will marry her. She has more sex in her voice than a thousand young girls have altogether. :)

Faye Sarsfield : You REALLY don't understand how this works do you?

Fuck you Google Give me my account back : Why waste your time?....you're on the Youtube, you're not doing anything important.