Drawing : Join me as I take you through some of my old Disney drawings

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NicoToonZ ProductionZ : It's wonderful to see how good Disney was with their hand-drawn animation back in the day.

Tripping On Tulips : It’s such a shame that your character was never used. The designs and sketches of him are brilliant!

Bunda Bear Productions : Wow that was so awesome to see. Those drawings you did for Mulan were amazing!!

Why : That's so awesome! I'm Chinese and I think your Asian faces are very on point and I love them

Nick Colvin : Brother bear was my childhood. Wow. Thanks. That’s awesome. I learned how to draw the Disney bears by copying the cover of the dvd case over and over again. Awesome! That’s crazy.

LivSkyo : You're a big inspiration to me, Aaron, it's a shame Disney doesn't really do 2D animation anymore - I would've loved to work there. Oh, and I wish we could buy some of these sketches, I would love to frame one of them lol. Thanks for sharing :)

SketchArtByMarc : Great stuff. Really appreciate your work!

Prashobh Nair : Hey. Don't know if you would come across this, but you have been an inspiration to me. Thank you

Aaron Welch : That is a true treasure you have right there. great work!

Wickednessdude : you are the best

Blake Watkins : This is probably the greatest video I've ever watched! I love Milan and learning the multiple processes an plans that were put out before the movie was even in production is fascinating! I always wanted to do Disney character designs and this video inspires me to practice more on my anatomy and facial expressions. I'll never live the dream of designing the characters but it won't stop me from trying.

Jordan Briskin : Aside from the few *BEAUTY AND THE BEAST* and *RESCUERS DOWN UNDER* drawings, I noticed that the vast majority of these pieces were from *MULAN;* I, for one, would have appreciated seeing some of your work from *POCAHONTAS,* *ALADDIN* and *LION KING,* in addition....

Arnaldo Acosta : God...if only I'd found this channel years ago! Cheers for all the knowledge Aaron

Govinda Birua : hi Aaron why you not uploading every weeks , i am always waiting for your videos.

Tinkerbellend : i could watch this dude go through every single sketch forever without getting bored

xxmanuu : I would love to see more stuff of The Lion King / Nala, which you created, is very, very special to me. I was born early 1990 and our family got a golden retriever in 1995. We named her after Nala. She died at age 15 in 2010. The Lion King is, by far, my favorite Disney movie. I'm 27 (almost 28) and I still cry at the part where Mufasa dies...

Blond Gabriel : Pure pure pure pleasing seeing these! Thank you for sharing!

SUN DISK PRINTING : Wow! You worked on my favorite two childhood movies Mulan and The Lion King! Respect!

Shelly M : Thank you so much for sharing!

DA MotoNeko : For someone who likes hand drawn Disney movies and is learning real animation. This video is about unboxing a treasure chest. Btw, Aaron. I notice you used a skull for the front of his armor. Was it to give a subconscious sense of fear for the audience or was it more for appearence within the universe?

Macey C. : This is an absolute honor to watch, I would love to see more of these beautiful drawings

Referee Gamer MCPE : Can I ask a thing ? Where do you work now after Disney ?

Cah Mass : Aaron u need an instagram to post your old drawings! i've loved to see it!. <3

Snushjälten : You are one cool cat!..

Humble Eurus : I'd pay an arm and a leg to raid your boxes of art

LAWsketches : This is fantastic. Love the drawings, and hearing about them too.

Angelica Square : We could see how Iao got lots of Ball Gan?!

KSClaw : This is all so cool! I am incredibly fascinated by the drawings and ideas about the Mulan villain (is it Bal Gong or Bai Gong? The audio made it a bit difficult to make out). The story would certainly have been different. I also love the story behind Yao's design and your bulldog puppy, it's awesome how real life can inspire things like character designs.

minru. x : Those are amazing drawings! It'd be great if you can share more of such sketch drawings in the future videos, and maybe explain your thoughts when you're designing those characters, what you take note of, how you'd go about create diff characters but that looks diff but fit in the same world, etc. Nevertheless, thanks for sharing!!

SketchArtOfSanchez : Enjoyable to watch some more behind the scenes of Mulan here. Thanks for that Aaron & Dustin!

Cristian Villavicencio : Your work is a real inspiration! It's always cool to find stuff we have created a long time ago, so thanks for sharing your creations.

jovian : I'll never be as good of an artist, but I can only hope to improve. Thanks for sharing.

Mayo taizou : Those are a treasure

Shahema Tafader : This video just made my day. Thank you so much for sharing it !

Ian Mejias : Amazing !. I could watch your drawings all day long.

Rauf Veliyev : you are a master!

shereenty alashery : amazing tour love all of them mulan is my favorite movie and mo is the most lovely character to me thanks do more videos plz

Shembre's Art : So so wonderful to see this! (You can probably guess which movie is my favorite.)

Nikhil Kumar : Aaron Blaise you are great 😊

Samuel Read Art : Awesome! I love hearing you talk through your thinking and the processes when designing the characters. Gives great insight into the industry back then, as well as great ideas for when I'm creating my own characters for work and personal projects! Thanks guys. Inspiring as always.

M A : Hey Aron. I was wondering when your next live stream is going to be. Luv all your work btw

ayypro : What type of paper did you use for these types of drawings? Super helpful!

daniel best : Brilliant! An insight into the process of drawing Disney characters

Carrotcake00 : I was in elementary school when I remember watching Mulan in theaters. After all these years it's amazing how I could see these sketches from the movie.👍Thank you for this!

Ziv Ariely : Thank you so much for sharing these! Your sketches and line work are so beautiful! I think I'll come back to this often for inspiration :)

abdool1972 : Aaron is so generous with his art - so inspiring !

Rustbucketcreative : Wow these are beautiful! I would love to own one of your original sketches one day!

Zidders Roofurry : The fact you took the time to learn to sketch them in a non-stereotyped way is awesome. I love Mulan and really appreciate getting to see this stuff. Do you have any plans to digitize these? Even if only to save them should something unfortunate happen to them.

Saurischian Designer : Wow! Mulan is my favorite Disney animated film. Seeing these sketches for it was really inspiring!

Chen Wen Yen : It'll be cool if you found other stuff you showcase them like this, these were really cool to look at!