Drawing : Join me as I take you through some of my old Disney drawings

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Bunda Bear Productions : Wow that was so awesome to see. Those drawings you did for Mulan were amazing!!

illumi - nating : It’s such a shame that your character was never used. The designs and sketches of him are brilliant!

NicoToonZ ProductionZ : It's wonderful to see how good Disney was with their hand-drawn animation back in the day.

LivSkyo : You're a big inspiration to me, Aaron, it's a shame Disney doesn't really do 2D animation anymore - I would've loved to work there. Oh, and I wish we could buy some of these sketches, I would love to frame one of them lol. Thanks for sharing :)

Blake Watkins : This is probably the greatest video I've ever watched! I love Milan and learning the multiple processes an plans that were put out before the movie was even in production is fascinating! I always wanted to do Disney character designs and this video inspires me to practice more on my anatomy and facial expressions. I'll never live the dream of designing the characters but it won't stop me from trying.

Why : That's so awesome! I'm Chinese and I think your Asian faces are very on point and I love them

Jordan Briskin : Aside from the few *BEAUTY AND THE BEAST* and *RESCUERS DOWN UNDER* drawings, I noticed that the vast majority of these pieces were from *MULAN;* I, for one, would have appreciated seeing some of your work from *POCAHONTAS,* *ALADDIN* and *LION KING,* in addition....

Amelia Seyruun : I'm an animation student and it's my dream to work for Disney as an animator or illustrator. Mulan is one of my favorite Disney movies ever.

Prashobh Nair : Hey. Don't know if you would come across this, but you have been an inspiration to me. Thank you

Koneko Kawaii : Hi ! Amazing art ! Could you show us old drawing from the lion king ? It's my favorite disney movie :)

Aaron Welch : That is a true treasure you have right there. great work!


SonderBeyondHer : 12:34 "Does this dress make me look fat?" LOL such a good impression

Amberfanged : It's really cool to see some of your old drawings!

Edwin Nande Gutierrez : I know u posted this a long time ago, but I have a question: When do you know you reach the final design of the character you are visually searching for? I mean it just keeps kinda evolving and going from iconic to realistic, and so on° but yeah, when do you see your design and go : This is the one. ?

Hassa Fausuto : I love you Aaron. I'm young and my dream is to be graphical artist or an animator and working at Dreamworks. You are my idol.

Nialler 329 : That's amazing! very encouraging to see it took some trial and error even for the best of best!

kalk : Your *simple drawings* are amazing! How can you be so good at these stuff?

Rachel Lane : That was AWESOME!!!! So much work!!! God you just don't appreciate the hours and hours you guys put in!!! Especially for characters that don't even make the film!!! Full respect! ;)

Olivia Coucci : Thank you so much for showing this! I've been struggling recently with whether I want to focus on storyboarding or animating and every time I see your videos I feel that spark that I felt the first time I knew I wanted to be an animator. This video couldn't have come at a better time for me. I already have a stack of papers beside me ready to draw some characters!! Thank you for inspiring me to become an animator!

Angelica Square : What an honor and great experience watching this, being an animation student at the Academy of Art

Stephanie Wozny : Man, what a treasure trove!

Richard Mika : the pink drawings of the beast had a neat look

leerag : Sorry but I laughed....this is old....as old as the camera man. Awesome to see

numufu : I wish I could have seen some early drawings from The Lion King. Do you plan to upload more?

Kenneth Garza : You truly are a huge inspiration to me and I would like to see more of lion kind please!! Also who did Tarzan? That's my number one film of all time.

Nick : Brother bear was my childhood. Wow. Thanks. That’s awesome. I learned how to draw the Disney bears by copying the cover of the dvd case over and over again. Awesome! That’s crazy.

Lyn A. : I feel like I'm looking through an awesome art museum. Thanks for showing us these, sir!

Picture : Wow, you paint very nicely.

Tony Music : I'll do algebra, I'll put up with calculus, I'll even push through trigonometry... But graphing is where I draw the line!

Zykieran Portis : He can be the Mulan 3 villain, but they might need to change his character.

FrizFreddy94 The Warrior : Great drawings! Sad that we didn't see Nala though. 😢

kevin3591 : You can't beat a great drawings on a page that has peg bar holes.

dreyhawk : Wow! That was awesome to see! Very very enjoyable!

Ooklyeez : I love your art!!

Collin Branscum : How much you selling those sketches for old man

Jerrison Grimminck : Fantastic, I hope to be a concept artist someday.

animelover201 animeamv : it's cool how you can make your own cherecther like thqt

Marte Arty : woahhh amazing!

Joshua Hartzler : Wow 😮! Thoes Original Disney sketches for "Mulan" are Triple Great Great Great! 😉👍 Hey? if you like to see photos of my sketch drawings and my Artwork. I would like to invite you to my Facebook Art page, Hartzler's Projects. I enjoy Drawing Animals, people, Power Rangers, Dinosaurs, Landscapes, Halloween monsters and anything that allows me to showcase my talent to delight and entertain others. https://www.facebook.com/HartzlersProjects/ Keep on being creative, hope you like my Artwork and have a Triple Great Great Great Time.

OldMushroom : really really cool men

Paloma AC : This is great!

thehb2k : As an artist myself people don’t understand that for character design one of if not THE hardest thing to do is draw surprised and/or shocked Asian faces. The other (and I’m almost ashamed to admit it being an Afro American male) is lighter skinned black people with non stereotypical features (bigger/fuller lips, etc.). It’s hard to draw a black and white picture with the traditional features gone, yet the viewing audience can still see that what you drew was a black person(s). Good stuff man!

Emma Rae : This is so amazing! If I saw these drawings in real life I think I would faint. LOL So cool

Gabbiadini : Would there be any way to make a book of your sketches/drawings like that? Or would it be under disney copyright?

World OF Art Love Artwork : So these were the characters you animated for few of the films for Disney? I never noticed! Its designs are great looking! I have a little question though... I know they haven't done hand drawn animated films for a while but I want to ask, how long does it normally take to make a hand drawn film? Or the way hand drawn is done now?

Paul G : Just amazing! My dream was to animate with you guys once I finished school... until Eisner shut down classical animation... I hope you do more of these videos. Very cool

Pole Rigdon : What idiot would give this video a thumbs down? His videos are the best thing on youtube.

SketchArtByMarc : Great stuff. Really appreciate your work!

Wickednessdude : you are the best