Drawing : Join me as I take you through some of my old Disney drawings

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ambiguous : It’s such a shame that your character was never used. The designs and sketches of him are brilliant!

Ew : That's so awesome! I'm Chinese and I think your Asian faces are very on point and I love them

NicoToonZ : It's wonderful to see how good Disney was with their hand-drawn animation back in the day.

Bunda Bear Productions : Wow that was so awesome to see. Those drawings you did for Mulan were amazing!!

Amelia Seyruun : I'm an animation student and it's my dream to work for Disney as an animator or illustrator. Mulan is one of my favorite Disney movies ever.

keen-kudos : 12:34 "Does this dress make me look fat?" LOL such a good impression

Kate : Brother bear was my childhood. Wow. Thanks. That’s awesome. I learned how to draw the Disney bears by copying the cover of the dvd case over and over again. Awesome! That’s crazy.

numufu : I wish I could have seen some early drawings from The Lion King. Do you plan to upload more?

Jordan Briskin : Aside from the few *BEAUTY AND THE BEAST* and *RESCUERS DOWN UNDER* drawings, I noticed that the vast majority of these pieces were from *MULAN;* I, for one, would have appreciated seeing some of your work from *POCAHONTAS,* *ALADDIN* and *LION KING,* in addition....

Prashobh Nair : Hey. Don't know if you would come across this, but you have been an inspiration to me. Thank you

Zidders Roofurry : The fact you took the time to learn to sketch them in a non-stereotyped way is awesome. I love Mulan and really appreciate getting to see this stuff. Do you have any plans to digitize these? Even if only to save them should something unfortunate happen to them.

Big Bubba Gaming : This is probably the greatest video I've ever watched! I love Milan and learning the multiple processes an plans that were put out before the movie was even in production is fascinating! I always wanted to do Disney character designs and this video inspires me to practice more on my anatomy and facial expressions. I'll never live the dream of designing the characters but it won't stop me from trying.

Tony Music : I'll do algebra, I'll put up with calculus, I'll even push through trigonometry... But graphing is where I draw the line!

Lyn A. : I feel like I'm looking through an awesome art museum. Thanks for showing us these, sir!

Olivia Coucci : Thank you so much for showing this! I've been struggling recently with whether I want to focus on storyboarding or animating and every time I see your videos I feel that spark that I felt the first time I knew I wanted to be an animator. This video couldn't have come at a better time for me. I already have a stack of papers beside me ready to draw some characters!! Thank you for inspiring me to become an animator!

Amberfanged : It's really cool to see some of your old drawings!

Koneko Kawaii : Hi ! Amazing art ! Could you show us old drawing from the lion king ? It's my favorite disney movie :)


Aaron Welch : That is a true treasure you have right there. great work!

ArtSkullz : Hello! I have been watching your stuff for a couple years now. I am really impressed with the stuff that you created 20 years ago, and even more so your newest works. I wanted to ask you for a bit of advice. I sketch everyday, and practice everyday, and Its clear that I am improving quickly due to that. However, I cannot seem to find any projects or jobs to apply these skills to in order to further improve myself. This is local to where I live of course. I really long for the kind of projects you took part in when you were younger but i am finding that I am hitting a wall in improvement because I don't have anyone who can critique my work and mentor me on art. I don't know if you could provide me with a community or a resource where I could find a mentor? I wish there were apprenticeships these days but it doesn't seem to be a popular concept anymore. Its one thing to draw constantly but that feedback I really need is missing, and I am not able to attend an art school to find teachers. Any suggestion would be extremely appreciated and helpful. Keep up the amazing videos!

Jackeri-Jack : Anyone else feel as though Mulan would have been a far more interesting adult animated film than a kid's film? The traitorous General plus the storyboards that develope Shan Yu's character showed a lot of potential for this.

StageLined : 17:04 Disney would never have the nerve!!

Angelica : treasure!

Hassa Fausuto : I love you Aaron. I'm young and my dream is to be graphical artist or an animator and working at Dreamworks. You are my idol.

Daaver Shah : New Subscriber. Thankyou.

Edwin Nande Gutierrez : I know u posted this a long time ago, but I have a question: When do you know you reach the final design of the character you are visually searching for? I mean it just keeps kinda evolving and going from iconic to realistic, and so on° but yeah, when do you see your design and go : This is the one. ?

Rachel Lane : That was AWESOME!!!! So much work!!! God you just don't appreciate the hours and hours you guys put in!!! Especially for characters that don't even make the film!!! Full respect! ;)

Angelica Square : What an honor and great experience watching this, being an animation student at the Academy of Art

dasha : Wow, you paint very nicely.

Stephanie Wozny : Man, what a treasure trove!

Nialler 329 : That's amazing! very encouraging to see it took some trial and error even for the best of best!

Kenneth Garza : You truly are a huge inspiration to me and I would like to see more of lion kind please!! Also who did Tarzan? That's my number one film of all time.

leerag : Sorry but I laughed....this is old....as old as the camera man. Awesome to see

Buckethead Props : Love those beast drawings, incredible :D

Marc Hendry : Beautiful work Aaron. It's no wonder why you went far so early in your career

Moritz Molch : Please make sure to take good care of all of your drawings and sketches to preserve them for future generations. Maybe you can find someone to scan them in and create some kind of online gallery? Your work is a great source of inspiration and it would be a great loss if they'd get destroyed in a fire or some accident. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure after all.

Damn Daniel : 6:27 "these are a little boring im gonna jump throught these kinda quickly" *litteraly every animation student* : NO PLEASE SHOW US

Ryu Usuka : masterrrrr

Srdjan Pavlovic : Rescuers Down under :D

Big Bubba Gaming : I need to practice different cultural faces and different angles of each face and facial expressions a lot. I'm not that good at anatomical drawings unless I physically see an image or person in the pose I'm wanting for the drawing.

yogissjKaio : Awesomely amazing ! superb art works, nothing beats hand drawn animation :)

Samuel Read Art : Awesome! I love hearing you talk through your thinking and the processes when designing the characters. Gives great insight into the industry back then, as well as great ideas for when I'm creating my own characters for work and personal projects! Thanks guys. Inspiring as always.

Jake Darin : Rough Beast would be pretty much everyone on this channels finals. When you say rough, did she actually change/warp proportions or is she like an inker? Aladdin was my favourite!

minru : Those are amazing drawings! It'd be great if you can share more of such sketch drawings in the future videos, and maybe explain your thoughts when you're designing those characters, what you take note of, how you'd go about create diff characters but that looks diff but fit in the same world, etc. Nevertheless, thanks for sharing!!

Hamstrung Harry : I love these, your work and design philsophy reminds me of what Chien Yi was talking about in that character design lecture he had what I believe was over 15 years ago, where he mentioned to know and respect your subject. Just the amount of studies to capture Chinese faces shows that philosophy in what it seems to be the Disney philosophy of really getting to know your subject and/or a given culture.

Detalle : Wish you’d put the drawing seen to the side instead of holding them while going thru them... can’t enjoy or see them clearly when covering them.

LZRD. : sometimes I wonder who dislikes videos like these.

Richard Harpe : Your work is EPIC! Absolutely love your style(s) and always wanted to be a Disney animator like yourself. But alas, life took me in different direction. ;)

SketchArtOfSanchez : Enjoyable to watch some more behind the scenes of Mulan here. Thanks for that Aaron & Dustin!

Saurischian Designer : Wow! Mulan is my favorite Disney animated film. Seeing these sketches for it was really inspiring!