Everything GREAT About Fantastic Mr. Fox!

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dannybob42 : The film is certainly an acquired taste, there’s bits I like about the film and things I just feel meh about, I cannot show disrespect for stop-motion especially at this detail. I’m not much of an Anderson fan, I’ve only watched this and Grand Budapest Hotel, but I can see that he has his style nonetheless Might not be Anderson, but give Rango a try, the fact that the actors acted the scenes and the devs cgi the same movements is seamless, and it’s a great Western plot.

Lewex : I love this movie so much...

PowWow Animations : Also, notice how Ash was the only one drinking grape juice at the end.

BestNickNameEver : Still waitting for every thing great about MegaMind

Ronin Cruickshank : You should do Get Out soon.

Dorge Dungle : Yesss! And please do ISLE OF DOGS when it comes out!!

PowWow Animations : I love this movie so much!

Vintin : i love the quiet, rambling, and real acting in this movie. in most movies it would ruin it but in this case it just makes it so good and funny

heddersk00l : *yOU wROTE A bAD sONG pETEY*

smokey thepandit : The scene with Mr. Fox and the wolf almost made me cry. It was very powerful.

AintItJay187 : I need a Wes Anderson Animal Farm

LordVozano : You might not see this but in going to post anyway. I would love it if you would do some ETTURAMs (Early Two Thousands UnderRated Animated Movies) some if which are; -Treasure Planet -Atlanta -Prince of Egypt

Andrew Ray : Quick thing: At 11:31, when everyone is holding up the juice boxes, Ash is holding up a DIFFERENT juice box from everyone else. Thought that that was funny.

Zachary Prosser : Who in the cussing cuss gets mad at the word cuss?! Holy cuss! Cuss me!

D. J. : Next week is Thor: Ragnarok! :D Afterwards, do The Last Jedi, too! :D

Gizensha Fox : Any chance of Curse of the Wererabbit?

Betamax Flippy : I remember as a kid seeing the advertisment for it back in 2009 but the trailer was edited soooo poorly that I couldn't give less than a shit back then, Two years ago I finally decided to give a overhaul to some movies I ditched in the past and OH GOD IS THIS THE BEST FUCKING MOVIE I'VE EVER SEEN! And about the critics on the "violent scenes" and the use of "cuss" I remember loving those movies that even if they were targeted to kids and teens they weren't afraid show that kind of resemblance to raw uncensored reality. More than often kids are gonna see that tension in real life by themselves, so why lie to them by showing the "best behaviour" ever? If you keep lying to a kid he will lose confidence in what you say, imo it's better to slowly introduce him to real stuff and teach him how to deal with it.

HappiestSadGuy : I gotta check this out

Mikeydude626 : Everything you listed in the first five minutes is why I can't stand Wes Anderson movies. His style is extremely annoying to me. The thing is I want to like Wes Anderson movies. He always has a cast full of actors I really like, I will say visually he tends to be really interesting and I can see that he has a lot of talent as a filmmaker. But I get it. Tim Burton has a very distinct, which I personally love but I understand if people don't like it. I can respect there's a lot of talent and effort that went into this movie it still annoys me to no end

Sam Rawden : All this talk of Edgar Wright makes me really want an EGA for the Cornetto films. Do you think some day you could indulge me? Please?

Angelina Rodriguez : I love this movie. Everytime I watch this movie I notice something new. Like in the end, while everyone holds up an apple juice Ash holds up a grape juice, again showing how hes difference.

Zarina A113 : THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are AWESOEMTACULER!!! Keep up the AWESOEMTACULER work!!! 1) The Princess Bride 2) The Circle 3) Tropic Thunder 4) National Treasure 1 and 2 5) The Huntsmen Winters War 6) Brave 7) Kung fu panda 3 8) Air Force 1 9) Aladdin 10) HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2!!!!!!!

Mr AA : unlike CinemaSins Cinema wins actually reads the books

Korhu Draak : Well then your video was worth something

Tigerfire75 : Ash and Kristofferson should of hooked up they make a cute couple. If there wasn't a girl in the triangle the way they end up at the end of the movie would make me think they did hook up.

Jordan K Sweet : My first Anderson film. Strange but creative and interesting. Really enjoyable, albeit cliche and slow at times. 9/10.

theGAMEgeek Cosplay and more : I cussing love this film

owlstag awn : What the cuss? A new video!

Sid Biren : Please do Swiss Army Man

hey now productions : Still one of my favorite movies of all time

Aldi Yo : you should do The Grand Budapest Hotel

Dark Mountain Productions : I absolutely, positively, unashamedly adore this film. Seriously, it's one of my favorite animated features. I couldn't begin to tell you why, but it's just so off beat and (quirky hand motions) different, it's refreshing. This may be the only Wes Anderson film I've seen, but I could instantly tell you he's one of a kind, and the world of cinema needs him. I cannot wait for Isle of Dogs.

Ryan Robotham : Fantastic Mr. Fox was one of those movies that kinda caught me in a bad mood, not helped by some annoying teenage girls in my row. I think I'll give it another go.

Jackson Taylor : Please do LOTR and Children of Men!

Sirmat : I love this movie so much.

Mr. Mark : I chose option four: "OH BOY!!! EGA FANTASTIC MR. FOX!! Forget the other thing I was going to watch, I need to see this NOW!!!"

Michelle La Pointe : I want so much to see Pan's Labyrinth either here or in CinemaSins. Altho I rather see it here because I love it and I know I'm going to be pissed If the other guys say something bad

Andrew Pagliaro : When I was younger I thought this film was boring when I watched it recently, I found the slap stick on the nose and felt like it was only in it for the younger audience, although even when I was young I didn't find the slap stick very funny, I find Mr Fox's son annoying and the message certainly isn't subtle, but it is still a great film and is definitely re-watch able

CalebRichards : Wow - literally just watched this movie yesterday

『Alt-F4』 : I loved watching this movie when I was a kid (god it feels like so long ago) because it felt like a wild crazy adventure wrapped around a mid-life crisis surrounded with themes of insecurity and acceptance... I loved the book and I feel the movie took Roald Dahl's original work and did a great job at adapting the story as well as expanding/extending it, I'm sad that more people disliked the movie (including my dad that still doesn't understand why I love this so much haha)

AmyVolt 44 : I loved this movie so much as a child, and this video makes me want to go back and watch it :)

Loonatic : R.I.P Jarvis Cocker's feelings

Kyle Fluharty : This was one of my favorite stop motion movies in my childhood, and is still probably one of my favorite movies ever (partially because of the memories I have connected to it) and looking back on it I feel a lot of nostalgia. I had no idea who Wes Anderson was before watching this, but if the rest of his movies have a vibe like this one, I definitely look forward to experiencing them. Thank you, once again, for your optimistic and entertaining videos!

KtheBae : I haven't seen this movie yet, but I noticed in the clip of Mr. Fox's big speech that his expression is a really intimidating, wide grin with practically all his teeth clenched and visible. Which I thought was cool because that's what most mammals (aside from humans) do when they're trying to threaten or intimidate other animals: They "smile" and show their teeth. It seems to fit the whole "man or beast" theme that seems to be going on, judging from some bits in this review. Mr. Fox is a very humanlike animal, but he's still an animal, and you can tell when his anger comes out.


Kashan Preston : Awesome!! Saw this when it was released and had forgotten it! Can you do Shaun Of The Dead? Gotta give Edgar Wright's debut masterpiece/revitalization of horror a good once over 😁

Noblesse Obligee : I'm kinda hoping next week is Bright. I know it's not, but it would be hilarious if his "hint" was actually the title. He'd be like "What? I literally told you guys what the next one would be, what more do you want from me? It's a Bright movie, I swear"

Juice : My childhood is shaking, thank you 😊

Shaggster Man : You have to do arrival. This is my favorite movie of all time. This would not just be great for me but you will be introducing an amazing film to all your fans.

Ballivares O : Don’t let this distract you from the fact that they haven’t done Thor Ragnarok Ps: Do Thor Ragnarok