Everything GREAT About Fantastic Mr. Fox!

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PowWow Animations : Also, notice how Ash was the only one drinking grape juice at the end.

Mr AA : unlike CinemaSins Cinema wins actually reads the books

PowWow Animations : I love this movie so much!

theGAMEgeek Cosplay and more : I cussing love this film

Lewex : I love this movie so much...

jevan king : 11:32 a wonderful little attention to detail here with him having a grape juice box instead of apple, to show that he is *weird hand gestures* different

Jonathan Marsden : I don't say this often about movies, but I absolutely adore this one... If only we could get a Wes Anderson 'Wind in the Willows".

Jordan K Sweet : My first Anderson film. Strange but creative and interesting. Really enjoyable, albeit cliche and slow at times. 9/10.

Aldi Yo : you should do The Grand Budapest Hotel

dannybob42 : The film is certainly an acquired taste, there’s bits I like about the film and things I just feel meh about, I cannot show disrespect for stop-motion especially at this detail. I’m not much of an Anderson fan, I’ve only watched this and Grand Budapest Hotel, but I can see that he has his style nonetheless Might not be Anderson, but give Rango a try, the fact that the actors acted the scenes and the devs cgi the same movements is seamless, and it’s a great Western plot.

Kyle Fluharty : This was one of my favorite stop motion movies in my childhood, and is still probably one of my favorite movies ever (partially because of the memories I have connected to it) and looking back on it I feel a lot of nostalgia. I had no idea who Wes Anderson was before watching this, but if the rest of his movies have a vibe like this one, I definitely look forward to experiencing them. Thank you, once again, for your optimistic and entertaining videos!

『Alt-F4』 : I loved watching this movie when I was a kid (god it feels like so long ago) because it felt like a wild crazy adventure wrapped around a mid-life crisis surrounded with themes of insecurity and acceptance... I loved the book and I feel the movie took Roald Dahl's original work and did a great job at adapting the story as well as expanding/extending it, I'm sad that more people disliked the movie (including my dad that still doesn't understand why I love this so much haha)

Mr. Mark : I chose option four: "OH BOY!!! EGA FANTASTIC MR. FOX!! Forget the other thing I was going to watch, I need to see this NOW!!!"

Soarin Knight : I humbly request that you do a review on The Grand Budapest Hotel. It's another Wes Anderson movie that is very amazing. (But there's like 6 other films that are amazing cause Wes Anderson. Haven't seen them just...yeah) Guys frickin Ralph Fiennes is in it. Such an odd but sheer delight.

hey now productions : Still one of my favorite movies of all time

WizardofOMG : I'm still waiting for "Everything Great about Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs"!

Mayonnaise Sandwich : THIS IS MY FAVORITE MOVIE

Sandy Racela : I loved this movie so much as a child, and this video makes me want to go back and watch it :) Edit: I went back and watched it again, and it’s even more amazing then I remember. I’ve had the “Boggis, Bunce, and Bean” song stuck in my head for days, I watched it that many times over again! All in all, thanks Cinemawins. I’m definitely going to see more Wes Anderson movies because of you. And Isle of Dogs was amazing. Go see it if you haven’t already.

ethan hatcher : Hey mr voice, can you do apollo 13 please

Bryan Egelhoff's Animation Tech Nation : Me and my dad always bond over this movie. And we're both freaking adults! 40 year old father and 18 year old son. Bonding over an animated children's film. Hell, my dad does the whistle and click thing all the time.

Zarina A113 : THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are AWESOEMTACULER!!! Keep up the AWESOEMTACULER work!!! 1) The Princess Bride 2) The Circle 3) Tropic Thunder 4) National Treasure 1 and 2 5) The Huntsmen Winters War 6) Brave 7) Kung fu panda 3 8) Air Force 1 9) Aladdin 10) HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2!!!!!!!

CalebRichards : Wow - literally just watched this movie yesterday

National Sarcastic Society : Actually, Kylie is probably Didelphis virginiana (the Virginia Opposum), as Didelphis marsupialis is only found in Latin America, which the movie clearly does not take place in based off of the English speaking, and the season of autumn. (and winter (and spring))

mads_in_zero : I love this movie so much.

Jeremy Poe : Fantastic Mr. Fox is easily in top six of my favorite films! I absolutely love this movie!

Ahnaf Azim : So Wes Anderson makes your wife feel *all* the things?

Dorge Dungle : Yesss! And please do ISLE OF DOGS when it comes out!!

Lucy Roberts : I watched this movie when I was seven because I loved Roald Dahl, but I hated this film. I was too young, I suppose. I didn't like how it looked and the film making style. Maybe now that I'm older I'll like it. It's an acquired taste.

Perci Constance : I’ve been waiting for this for so long! I love this film so much! Could you do moonrise kingdom next?

꧁༺꧂ Nate Higgers ꧁༻꧂ : Ahhh I remembered fapping to this <3 good old days... :)

Tigerfire75 : Ash and Kristofferson should of hooked up they make a cute couple. If there wasn't a girl in the triangle the way they end up at the end of the movie would make me think they did hook up.

D. J. : Next week is Thor: Ragnarok! :D Afterwards, do The Last Jedi, too! :D

Graham Joseph : My all time favorite animated-movie no question

Maren93300 : I loved this movie and I can not wait to see Isle of Dogs!!!!

Andrew Woodruff : Top 5 favourite movies ever

Jesus Ibarra : 1 of my favorite movies

BestNickNameEver : Still waitting for every thing great about MegaMind

moorebear1 : 5:24 if you listen closely, you can hear a firing squad loading their guns

Slyless : Same thing this is one of my favorite movies of all time and would love to own it

jacobsammartin : Watched it for the first time yesterday. Truly wonderful.

National Sarcastic Society : I love how Ash is holding a grape juice box while everyone else holds apple juice boxes. He's just 'different.'

Picky Dariellasღ : O wow my grandpa and grandma are watching this movie rn xd

Josiah Spencer : Will we ever see Mrs. CinemaWins?

Julian's stuff : Do pacific rim 2 and Ready player one when they come out

Cherry Pie : "Ash, I'm so glad it was you. And that's not your fault, it's mine." (I have no favorite line but if I had to pick it's this one. I love this movie thank you)

Tirilu : People dislike this movie because it doesn't follow the book too closely? Kids, let me tell you something. I love and honor Roald Dahls books beyond everything but even I know that "Fantastic Mr. Fox" is only 81 pages long and that includes all the awesome drawings from Sir Quentin. What were they supposed to do? Make a ten minutes-film? Let's all just kick back and relish in the fact that Roald Dahl's books are still relevant and people still love the stories enough to be creative and try to find a studio that will finance the thing and flipping build all those flipping sets and create those characters and cast great actors and stuff. Rant over. I just have a lot of feelings about Roald Dahl, okay?

DAHONEYGUY : Best movie by Wes Anderson

Jannick Boschmans : I love Fantastic Mr. Fox and Wes Anderson

josiah jenks : Just do _Oz The Great and Powerful_ already. Seriously underrated

Timothy Cox : u should win piolet episodes of tv shows...like stranger things