All Star but it's played on the Nintendo Labo Piano in a mediocre fashion

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MayroSMM : I take it back. I now care about Labo.

Stickfab : This had to be done didn't it.

2 legged giraffe : i,, this was just released. you are already a god for this

YerkDiff : The first of many!

I Think I Animate : this video just came on my phone with no explanation and i feel blessed

Lucent Shadow : *W E  H A V E  A S C E N D E D .*

Jump On Everything : Can't wait for the entirety of Shrek played on a Labo piano.

Angry : Not even a day since Labo has been out, and we have stuff like this. Beautiful.

Jump On Everything : There are gonna be so many good Labo memes!

Edward Smith : This hasn't even been out a week and you're already doing gods work. God speed you magnificent bastard. God speed

Wimpyapple : Labo memes already? Fantastic.

Carlos : "I only listen to true music"


WantedAsylum : You weren't kidding when you said Mediocre.

WAR X ILUSION : this is what the labo was designed for

Leaf Coon : Woah! I just realized... This is the first cover on a Nintendo labo

Carlos Flare : Let the memes begin.

HyperSonicNation45 : Quality content I asked for

ThatCubeGamer : What a beautiful way to start my morning.


Smelly Arpit : I ain’t the sharpest piano in the instrument room.

Mitchell : Guess this is my go-to daw now

Blobbyfish : Somebody once told me that Nintendo Labo was a great way to spend my money... I can't wait to see all the old memes like We Are Number One get played on the Toy Con piano. XD

Cutts Kevorkian : Wish I knew about this before I bought Ableton and 3 MIDI controllers

Hal 9000 : Why the hell do people make fun of labo? This is awesome


Carlos Gonzalez : Definitely worth the $70 gamers

MrPato5671 : Beautiful!

MOIST : This....This is art

JorWat25 : I was on the fence about Labo, but I think you just sold it to me.

Jairo Velasquez : Shrek confirmed for smash switch

Miaw_s : New ringtone.

FABULOG : Now for someone to play Beethoven's fifth on the labo piano

Generic Username : i've been waiting three months for this

Mark 20934 : The clicking of the keyboard made me want to buy all the cardboard in the world

Chris P. Kreme : I'm holding back tears.................... this video is so powerful.

skull kid : This guy deserves his own play button for this

Marco The Taco : This is amazing "sobs"

EL HASSANEITOR : can you play we are number one on the labo piano please

Patrick Dell : happy 420

EeveeTube MC : This is really nice to listen to. What the hell.

SlimesDoesStuff : play never gonna give you up on toycon piano

Plub 64 : God has been reborn.

RedMooMoo : Why does the melody sound like "Somebody once told me the world ain't gunna roll me, I ain't the sharpest tool in the forehead"

Nathaniel Jones : you boght it

Sampai64 : Somebody once sang me A overrated song And I got the tune stuck in my head So I said "I've had enough" And bought myself a gun And I'm holding it right in my hand. When the chorus starts coming That's when I start gunning Anyone who hears it will surely start running... *HEY NOW, YOU'RE AN-*

Nexamate ZA WARUDO : And this is the reason God created us

Spook Y : I bought the switch just to play with the box Best $400 dollars I’ve ever spent

NetBoy : Wow! It’s actually really good.

fight_and_die 157 : I’m still waiting for that one smartass ‘It’s just cardboard’ comment, after watching this.