Gorillaz Songwriting Experiment

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Charlie's Piano Show : Awesome!

CrawfishParish : Absolutely outstanding!

rockingphil58 : That was totally awesome Ben I loved it my friend

Bob Coltrain Kennedy : Wow Ben! You blew this ole'country boy's mind. Your song is uniquely great. I don't get the opportunity to stop by often, but have always enjoyed your channel. So much talent and so entertaining. That scratching the bass string was ingenious.

Adibarum : Wow Ben turns his hand to Rap..excellent Job my friend..i enjoyed you song in the style of Gorillaz

Cursi : I have heard the name but not sure am familiar with their music. your original was cool

rhymesauce : Very creative, Ben. That effect you got scratching the bass strings was cool!

eatonjohnrobert : Didn’t see this comin!

Violin Dragoness : Love this series so much! A Gorillaz song inspired by Westworld? Amazing. Could you do U2 next??

Brad Carl : Great hook, Ben. Only 2 lines and combined with the out of place E Major - I think we've got a hit song here! :)

Max Nishida : Different then most of your other work, but great nonetheless. Looking forward to the next video.

KalalProductions : That rap verse is outstanding! Nailed it!

Aubrey Sertic : I love the chill way you sing this. Great song! Very reminiscent of Gorillaz.

Michael Sertic : Gorillas great, like the rap! Pass the Bananas.

Mr Bear Lee There - BearRon : I guess they are between monkeys and bigfeet.