Gorillaz Songwriting Experiment

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NotOrdinaryInGames : Gorillaz is really a way for Damon to declare proudly that he likes hip-hop. He always had, even before Blur.

totally not bill cosby : This is so beautiful! You completely nailed it!

Bob Coltrain Kennedy : Wow Ben! You blew this ole'country boy's mind. Your song is uniquely great. I don't get the opportunity to stop by often, but have always enjoyed your channel. So much talent and so entertaining. That scratching the bass string was ingenious.

Adibarum : Wow Ben turns his hand to Rap..excellent Job my friend..i enjoyed you song in the style of Gorillaz

Agameperson : Perfect

Aubrey Sertic : I love the chill way you sing this. Great song! Very reminiscent of Gorillaz.

Bruno Outlaw : Wow this is probably my fav vid from you. Thank for telling us about gorillaz. Didn’t know there were so many musicians behind gorillaz. Yip west world is awesome. Awesome original song!!!

KalalProductions : That rap verse is outstanding! Nailed it!

MrSteJ : Fantastic as always Ben!

eatonjohnrobert : Didn’t see this comin!

Charlie's Piano Show : Awesome!

DomiTHICCa kek : The ehehehehe part made me cringe, but other than that its good

CrawfishParish : Absolutely outstanding!

Ashley Inferno : This is a b o p

rockingphil58 : That was totally awesome Ben I loved it my friend

Violin Dragoness : Love this series so much! A Gorillaz song inspired by Westworld? Amazing. Could you do U2 next??

rhymesauce : Very creative, Ben. That effect you got scratching the bass strings was cool!

Cursi : I have heard the name but not sure am familiar with their music. your original was cool

Queen & David Bowie Chat Shows : Good track bud with a definite Gorillaz flavour 😀

Max Nishida : Different then most of your other work, but great nonetheless. Looking forward to the next video.

thunderthecovers : Your channel is great, keep it going. Interesting idea!

Brad Carl : Great hook, Ben. Only 2 lines and combined with the out of place E Major - I think we've got a hit song here! :)