Mad World: cover by Gary Jules in Major key (full)

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Nikki Chi : This is the first major one I enjoy..If anything it sounds more melancholy in a major key. Happy melody with really depressing lyrics <3

Pious : The song that plays when your existential crisis has an existential crisis.

Megumi : I was expecting a happier version, but I guess this song is just so depressing, even the major key is sad.

Kristen Abernathy : the original cover sounded like a man that had given up. this version sounds like a man who is just getting into breakdown mode and losing his grip, but is still hanging onto something. i don't know which is more depressing.

John : It's really haunting, and feels kind of dystopian. I like it.

Elizabeth Einspanier : A man smiles desperately while tears roll down his cheeks...

Andy Grilz : Sounds even more brittle than the original in terms of tone, like someone's meds are wearing off. You can't overcome those lyrics with a major key.

randomabuserofsanity : It seems both versions are depressing. But this one seems to take the cake. Like the person is literally just going through the motions of life and has essentially given up. Like, what's the point of it all. About to give up. Way more depressing, in my opinion.

HamsterMC : Oh god how is it sadder

RCT3Crashes100 : The man wanders the streets, surrounded by people living their lives, yet somehow feeling alone and isolated from it all. He seats himself upon a park bench, surrounded by nature and the sounds of children playing. He couldn't bring himself to speak. A smile grew upon his face. The threads of sanity were breaking one by one. A single tear rolled down his cheek.

Joshua Larkin : There's no making this song happy. Ever...... lol

caroline : holy shit this sounds genuinely sadder than the original

zodiark111 : I love it, less angsty, but still depressing. Reminds me of coldplay, but kind of better in a way.

Chuck boris : Most depressing major song of all times?

CINGODAX : It's strange but for me this version is much sadder than the original in minor

linguaphile : You know you made a sad song when it's just as depressing in major key.

Jon G : We took a major song that was covered in minor and made it major again. It is a great day to be alive

SheerSniper7 : It kind of sounds like this guy has very serious depression while everything around him is happy and beautiful and he just can't make himself happy.

colossalanimeeyes : This sounds like a very depressing Enya song.


John Miller : The original song is in dorian mode, that's why this doesn't quite sound happy

IAmMrDexB : Major or not, he still ruined our Christmas.

Lily Malcomb : That moment when you realize this song is still depressing even in a major key... That is when you know you made a sad song. (And yes, I understand that major does not always equal "happy.")

Pancake Lord : So I installed a mod for halflife 2...

darealleelee : Reading the comments as I'm listening to this is making me laugh so hard right now. It's like as I read the comments, I hear what is being described and it's just so hilarious lol.

bootenhoven : Songs with depressing themes with happy melodies are the best thing ever.

Phantomtress : This one sounds sadder than the original, and I didn't think that was possible. Wonderful shift, though.

Billy Cave : This modulation would fit perfectly in Bioshock

Rob Hodges : This might be one of the best reinterpretations of a song I've heard. And I don't mean just by Oleg.

Rotten : This feels like a world where people are under a vision imparing drug, and one guy finally gets the drug off. And he sees what the desolate world infront of him, where other people see everything clean, its all broken.

Xerus : this sounds like autotune that took lsd


StevenShields29 : Technically, this is a not minor to major--it is a mode shift. It's awesome!

Maeva : atleast this sounds more melancholic instead of just sad

Amy Hao : This is amazing. Well done! This demonstrates that "Major" doesn't necessarily means happy and "minor," sad. I love the eerie cloud of noise that just floods the sense also the shakiness, that seems to convey instability of mental health. "Mad World" indeed. :D

revolverswitch : I love how you turned the major parts of the song into minor.

C D'Arcy : I applaud Oleg and his daughter. It's a shame that the work they do causes all these artifacts in the audio.

Shrek is an anorexic pigeon : hey a version normies can't ruin

Johnaayyy : This is way sadder. The minor one is just unrealistically sad. This one is both happy and sad, a bit bittersweet. Like life

Daniele Maione : In Major key it's more like a Forrest Gump's song!

MrMut3r : Play this and the original at the same time. Madness ensues

johnbazy : Why is the fourth chord position of the key in minor and not in major? Aren't major keys' 1-7 chords supposed to go: Major, minor, minor, major, major, minor, minor diminished fifth? I guess this wouldn't sound so sad if it was done correctly.

oh baby : this sounds like a man that is trying to smile through the pain but is slowly falling apart

Fjæsing664 : This version sounds a bit Phil Collins

LinkMan1NeoGAF : Use this to sell antidepressants.

The Phantom Safety Pin : This is even sadder than the original... :c I need to use this for a Call of Cthulhu campaign's intro music.

Jason Wheneger : Whether or not one thinks this is happier or sadder, this version I find is much deeper.

ThecompanyofSunshine : I imagine a guy walking from place to place with nobody around. At first, it seems he's just lonely, but at the end it turns out that he's surrounded by the dead bodies of both people and animals. At that moment, a bird right flies over his head and drops. He's killed everyone with his presence alone.

Naijez Suth : i feel like this song in minor is noticing the world. its depression and listening and watching. but holy smokes, this song in major key, is acceptance. there is no more for me. its the song right before the "act".

Émilie Martin : this is the desert bluffs version of the song basically