This Is My Rifle. This Is My Gun

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This is for fighting. This is for fun. *UPLOADED WITH PERMISSION*

Comments from Youtube

Rizing Madness : This is my rifle this my gun don't ever talk to me or my son

kelerews : Who are we kidding, both are fun.

starwarzfan71 : I've been walking around my house doing this

Zach Lang : For Homecoming week I dressed up as Private Joker on "Dress like a movie character day." In Latin class, I picked up a meter stick and used it as a rifle and grabbed myself, and did the march. Class laughed, and then I got detention. :-)

Twinrehz : There's something weirdly hypnotic about the way his chant goes....

Seviexe : Finally found my ringtone.

Casimus Prime : This is my arrow  This my bow This is for shooting This is for show

genom27 : Fun Fact: Marines never refer to their rifle as a "gun." I suspect this was a disciplinary exercise because someone in their squad couldn't stop called their rifle a gun.

Doug M : I remember a guy having to chant this in front of the whole company during training when he incorrectly called the M-16 a gun. It's an Army thing too, not just Marines. Only a couple of weapons are referred to as guns.

vm Banana Derek : RIP R Lee Ermey

Henk Jaspers : I muttered this in class and I'm a girl someone behind me heard it and asked if I was trans XD

/ XXMarioMario3312XX \ : 30 second advertisement you can't skip. 26 second video. As much as I love the Walking Dead, not that much.

Isabel Smith : I thought some of the troops were rubbing more than required ;-)

art carney : my wife did not believe me when I told her they did this. But when we went to see the movie she leaned over and said" I believe you now."


Wanderlust 12 : This is my comment. This is my post. This is for talking. This is to boast.

zxKAOS1 : Female trainees don't go through this too do they?

hydnt main : this is my rifle this is my gun don't ever talk to me or my son

Lenin Vladimir : This is my comment

ッd r e a m s : *legend says that they still do it*


Dimon35478 : This is my rifle This is my gun This is for fighting This is for fun

Project-6 : I sing this when playing DOOM

O C E A N M A N : This is my rifle, this is my gun Talk to my daughter, and you'll begone

Stefan Travis : Which would you rather be shot with?

john osborne : best scene in the film

RGEMadeIt : stewie griffin brought me here

Victor Paine : Bet they had a lot of fun filming that

Devon Hague : lol! both the canadian army and us marine corps do the same this is my rife this is my gun thing cause the canadian army and us marine corps are ready to keep canada and keep the united states of america safe from terrorisum and comunism!

sevan grigoryan : How Americans train for war 😂

sw0rdz : RIP R. Lee Ermey

#JustaChannel : Angerfist - Full Gentle Racket

Matt Hanf : R.I.P. Sir and God Bless the Marine Corps! Thank You to all you guys serving out thoughts and prayers sent to you all 🙏 HOOORAH!!!

Uncle #1 : When my dad was in the Marine Corps basic training in 1970, they made do this naked if you called your rifle a gun.

mr hamburger : I always thought the boys in the hood held their balls like that

tthomaselli2 : I remember doing this in my 5th grade year.; I was only 11, at the time & I felt the smartest kid in school because I was the only one who got the reference as far as what movie it was first heard in & understood what it means. Great times...

s.s swaggings ! : That is me when I finish a lego gun.

Gail K : I fondly remember my days in Basic training back in 1981....woe to the person who referred their rifle as a "gun..." watched many a person get dropped for push ups as a way to "apologize" to one's rifle for insulting it by calling it a gun.....

Josh Whitaker : R.I.P. Gunny

Stańczyk : Rest in peace Sgt. Ermey

Ttocs Naes : Such a memorable scene from this movie. Rest in peace R Lee Ermey

Butta Luv : Family Guy brought me here...

yabadabado 123 : For the people that don't know what they say that chant goes Gunny sgt:"This is my rifle this is my gun" The whole plt:"This is for fighting this is for fun"

Matthew Illian : Most women would say “which one they both fire blanks!” 😳🤷‍♂️🤣

Gage Williams : At my local Walmart (in Fort Stockton) I picked up a pool noodle (a blue one) and used it as a rifle, grabbed myself, and did the march. My mom told me “don’t do that” and I said I’m sorry and she said, “That’s ok, just don’t do it in public”.

Richard Black : This Is My Sniper! This Is My Round! This Is My Target! This Is My Kill!

Just Talk : Imagine the process of explaining this drill. "You recruits will form an orderly line and march around your bunks! You will hold your rifle in one hand and grope your testicles with the other and uniformly shake them up and down! I will say this is my rifle this is my gun, you will answer this is for fighting this is for fun. We will do this for an hour! On my count, 1, 2, 3, 4, (video begins)"

Bernard Kim : R.I.P. Gunny! You've been doing the Corps proud

Peter Puck : Family Guy brought me here