Chimpanzee Ball Pit Adventure!

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roblox maniac danceand shake : What a great idea... They really loved it.....

m d : So cute. Thank you.

Dr. Zeptard : Chimps make me happy

Moonmaiden NYC : What a fun video !! Thanx for sharing!!💞Vivi💞

amazingrace1958 : Now that was a huge SUCCESS!!! Good job team 😊

Jane LaShure : So much fun! By the way, not every dog is a vicious pitbull...not every human is Charles Manson...not every chimp is going to "rip your face off"

Robyn Spiegelman : This is awesome!!! It’s so wonderful and heartwarming to see them discovering and playing.

cockroachafro : Anything to keep them from ripping peoples faces off!

Bonobo3D : The joy is palpable. Such fun watching these chimps enjoy themselves.

Laurie Cornelius : That is the best!!

Donald Dewar : What a quaint video. Have to say I'm fascinated by chimps, what they do and how their minds work.

Nereida Sims : It looks like fun 👏🏽

król SOBIESKI : I hope those chimps tidied up after they finished playing.

Andrea Zach : This is my new happy video. I can absolutely relate to their behaviour!

Jove Joved : Chuck E Cheese in Detroit.

Lord Snooty : Fake.....that's an ape wearing a Donald Trump mask.

Joany11 Swatch : I think the Chimps are having a blast playing with that. So awesome to see them enjoying themselves

TheGebs24 : Awww this is beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

cher z : Looks like you might end up with more balls out of the tub than in the tub. Oh well, lots of fun either way.

Majestic World : I bet those chimps watch The Big Bang Theory, BAZINGA!!!!!! Love the video.

Susan Solloway : Looks like they had a blast, bless them.

wittywop : Couldn't stop smiling watching these wonderful animals free to play and enjoy life. Thank you Project Chimps!

Bruce Key : Dat Ass Tho !!

Amit Mehra : Their Happiness is Visible

zaimah Begum-Diamond : My heart 💟💟💟💟

Alexa Minter : Hi! I'm a producer on the syndicated talk show Daily Blast Live. I came across this video and absolutely adored it! I'm reaching out to see if we have permission to use this video and courtesy the account on screen? This would be for our digital and broadcast platforms. Thank you!

mona ll : It is so nice to see these sweet souls out of the torture lab (research lab) and in a sanctuary with enrichment and love and care! Thank you Project Chimps for all you do!!

Rally Boyd : Why are you censoring the female’s bottom around 0:48

Deron Bennett : All Champs are bipolar and ADHD they would turn and rip your face off in a heartbeat

Super Fast : made my day thanks

Alonso Cushing : They are having a ball (pardon pun).

Szymon Starowicz : Just like my nephew...

Thomas Ager : BBBBBEEEEEENNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Victoria Ann : This makes my heart happy, thanks for sharing.

Karen Hearne : I don’t know if there are many more things as satisfying as a chimp laughing

Karen Hearne : There is something magical about chimps laughing and joy

Richard Shillington : Somebody got some balls at the Toys R Us Liquidation Sale?

dixgun : Fun 😊

Akula971 : In a far off star system, aliens are doing the same to their captive humans ')

eNaRDe : This made me sad :(

Donald E : Then they ripped her face off.....Sanctuary

Esteban Miguel : Wakandans love the balls!

Johnn Vedder : That open mouth is a smile I say. That is awesome

Rob Jones : So cool.

Sheldon Miller : it's all fun and games till you give them xanex and dress them in little suits and they eat your faces off.

thomas amberg : my best cousins

Aqua Portucalense : Bubble bath !


Trish King : That was beautiful

Travis Exe : O my god they can be sooooo naughty