Photographer Saves female suicide jumper Golden Gate

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GamingDischarge : Am I the only one who is wondering why this guy is just casually filming this random photographer before the girl was even about to jump?

Bill Anthony : This guy took a chance, leaning over the rail like he did. I'm terrified of heights, so I don't know if I could have done that. I'd like to think I would, but I don't know. This guy is definitely what constitutes being a hero. He put himself at risk to save the life of a total stranger. He could have taken a great picture of her jumping. Maybe it would have won him an award. Instead, he directly involved himself in a life or death situation... ... And by doing so, displayed the best possible side of his own humanity. Well done, brother!

amihan99 : he is lucky the girl did not brought him down

Leighsrodshop 24 : Thank God for people like you. You could have only caught that money shot. The human in you took over.

Viviane Dorsey : Thank you sir.

sajid Saiad : god bless you man you did your job and saved a life

Tneesha P : So sad to see why people want to take there lives, 😭 everyone has been threw Thort a of this, that man was did a good job saving her,

Donest Pheurst : God bless you man!!!

Mike m5959 : Her guardian angel... i know I'm going to get clobbered for saying that, but i wept as he reached over, pulled her back and gave her at least another day of life to at least think about her issues...

Lea Tucker : Suicide jumping is a NO NO.

Ericka : Why did they arrest her?

baby vamp : 2:57 she didn't really want to jump. she was def second guessing and realized in that moment she didn't, because she put her legs up on the edge to make it easier for herself and the guy to pick her up.

High Noon : Your a true hero. Cheers!

renegade1644 : Thanks brother!!! Great job!!!

GSS : The majority of people who jump to commit suicide regret it immediately (from those who were saved like this)

I Likes Icecream : Have you ever had thoughts where no one cares? Like you reach out but no one stops to check on you?

Deivisson Gretzinger : congratulations brother, god bless!

denzavs33 : Good job man

Mitchell Hook : I'm sorry, but the music at the beginning doesn't match up with the situation at all. Lol

Michael Silvey : Bless your heart.

Amiira Abdulle : The way he pulled her up made her look like she was a ragdoll.

Pokemon Trainer Blue : I love how people say he is a hero, sometimes, people want to go, why take that last little bit of freedom and will they have. They may have lost everything. To everyone else he is considered a hero, but to me, this guy took away the last power she had, he isn't a hero.

soul sorrow : My only question about this is... Why were they recording them!?!

Rayghan Carroll : Thank God for you.. if it wasn’t for you I would’ve never tried to help 😪

WoahHeyGuys : I know this is suppose to be a good video but why would you film some random guy on the bridge

Josh Berina : Damn he just yanked her😂😂

Ra.G.E TheDutchDude : did he realy save her tho?

Darshan Lambert : Why do people get arrested and cuffed when they're suicidal? It anything they need fucking help, not the police

Debra Williams : He's a true hero.... Thank you for intervening on this young girls part

S Caring : Why was a high quality filming available on this? Is this a staged video?

Ct trynnajustlive : they guard all around that bitch cause when ur depress or god knows what n u just don't care u will do the most

Sam Gritzke : uts all cheery music and happiness until someone jumps of a bridge

Red_Jacket : Later that day, he was sued for harassment, and attempted rape...

Bulgaria B.G. : I'm poor. .....I'm divorce. ....I'm week. .......I'm sick..........I'm 60 old man. ........but I BELIEVE and LOVE LIVING live is a great give from🌷☝🌷 GOD. I LOVE YOU FUCKING PEOPLE. .......😆👍🍀🎲🍀

HZStudio : This is the dark side of YouTube

Jesse James L : Donald Trump is the President of the United States???...((jumps off Golden Gate bridge)).😁

Christian Arriaga : this man did what he had to do

Gabriela Alderman : He had no right to stop her. He didn't know anything about her. To grab her and pull her over the rail. IF SHE WANTS TO DIE LET HER. And then he had the nerve to film her. Smdh

David Rodrigues : Even if the girl would drag him down he would survive because he's "Richard Waters"!

Jose Sanchez : I was a combat photographer/videographer myself when I was in the US Army so, I can relate what he's talking about sometimes detaching from reality while taking pictures or documenting. It is really dangerous because that detachment from reality could get you hurt or even kill while documenting dramatic events. I went through many instances where I had to snapped back and tell myself, "maybe I shouldn't be in the open like this". Good for him that he actually realized what was going on and saved that woman's life.

Paul Johnston : Damn good thing the pig pushed her down and handcuffed her. That's all you can do with suicidal people, eh.

ambe t : What the fuck kind of music is this?

phill0329 : Fake.

Trash Console : All the feminists be like 'save rape!'

Sasafras : why was this being recorded????? I assume because its fake af

The Oklahoma Photobooth Company, Inc. : Obviously this is fake

Dabbin Don : The stuff that is on YouTube

Dadogecake [Chomp Jr.] : Right place at the right time

Young Baller : if your gonna commit suicide don't life will throw punches at you if you fall down get back up AND KEEP FIGHTING no matter what life is testing you never give up your life over what others say this is your world people care for you don't EVER think other wise no matter what someone cares for you

CLUMSYTOMBOYLOVE$ : 3:03 I started laughing right here I'm sorry but😂 the way she flipped lol