Peanut Butter | How It's Made

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Ever wondered how peanut butter is made? Now's your chance! Watch the satisfyingly hypnotic process of how they get peanut butter onto our shelves. Subscribe to Discovery TV for more great clips: Follow Discovery on Twitter:

Comments from Youtube

halsti99 : 3:31 what kind of monster would build a machine that smuges a bit on the edge of every jar made?!

Muzyka : They all had drip drops of peanut butter around the edge..unacceptable.

LaughNow CryLater : Such cruelty I can't stand to watch. Poor peanuts they had lives before this massacre. When will we put our foot down and say no more

Chris Kogos : Traditional peanut butter is made from a mixture of peanuts and butter

Finn : im allergic to peanut butter, and to know yourself you must first know your enemy.

egg : I just clicked on this video to see the peanut butter being squirt into the jar

Pete Wolanski : The crushed insect parts is what really gives it the flavor.

CONG NY : I don’t know anyone that could handle this many nuts *Mia Khalifa Walks In*

Innocent User : How to do this in 8 seconds Crunch some peanuts with your mouth. Add sugar. Done.

Neal Mistry : *may contain traces of nuts*

kay2kid : I have severe peanut butter cravings now

Diallo Hill : The Doctor who came up with peanut butters name is George Washington Carver he was not just an American but an Inventor and former slave.

Tommy Caswell : 1:49 so when I eat my birds food I really eat peanuts?

Cole Tanner : @3:42 You'll notice the dispenser dribbled some peanut butter onto the side of the jar(more so in the old dispensers in section 1 and 2 of the plant) so my job as Outer Jar Quality Controller is to lick the side of the jar rims that are contaminated with peanut butter on the outside of the jar rim before the lid goes on. So if you see a lil saliva on the inside the lid rim after you open a jar..It's mine.

Paul Briffett : This is what people with nut allergies have nightmares about

Joshua's Transport Videos : You should try Meridian peanut butter. It's 99% peanuts 1% salt

c0rvo : I like this video, it's hella informative. Peanut butter tastes really nice, and this adds a whole new level to my knowledge of the peanut butter production. Thanks to everyone who helped make this amazing informative video.

Nex Nemith : 3:43- feel the satisfaction. You can thank me later.

Stephen Parkinson : Put a scoop in your protein smoothy. Unbelievable 👌

Victor Lee : Am I the only one triggered by the peanut-butter residue on the side of the lid ....

Mordenkainen : spoiler : its made from peanuts.

Nevermore : Peanut butter was invented by ancient Aztecs and Incas. That's well known. The modern version is just an improvement on the original peanut butter due to advancements in machinery that can grind it ultra smooth. Even ancient China had a peanut paste similar to peanut butter.

Grace Mickelson : Can someone explain why they added sugar but it's not artificially sweetened?

atheistcable : The manufacturers wouldn't really need to add sugar, which is harmful to the body. They could easily substitute saccharine, which is totally harmless and just as sweet as cane sugar. "Cane sugar" is presented to the public as "natural" (which it is), but that doesn't mean it's healthy. Whereas saccharine (not mentioned by name in this video) is presented as an artificial sweetener and therefore, unhealthy. I have one friend who, as soon as I say "saccharine" says "Oh, for diabetics". Saccharine, much cheaper than cane sugar, is for everyone. --20 March 2019

NSEW 22 : Why was there no explanation to how there are millions of peanuts unshelled in the beginning? Is there a sweatshop of peanut cracking kids out in India or is the government trying to hide modern peanut cracking technology from us because they don’t want us to make peanut butter?

Atomic Blaze : Is it wired that I’ve never tried peanut butter? 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️

TopGun Lauren : little do they know *peanuts aren’t nuts...*

Esther Baettig : Lucky I finally found the simplest version - Peanuts/salt (Organic) To put on weight, I munch some after dinner.

David : nut level: expert

David Blaceri : Got a paper due, instead Im watching how peanut butter is made. SIIGHH

Winter Todoroki : Don't you just love Sticky Nut Juice

SonofRiggnarok : "Though with kids around, it usually last for just one week." Don't remind me. 🤦‍♂️

Kamilla Iqbal : They have little peanut butter balls by the peanut butter at Walmart. I recommend trying them.

toxic quesadilla : Who tf is hired to crack all those nuts?

Taser Tag : Can't spell nutrition without nut.

ChelseaFC !!! : Veetamins!!! Btw do all manufacturers use the goddamn vegetable oil?

D. Lawrence : "no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.." Haha, but it does, however, contains hydrogenated vegetables oils that will kill you. Good try, dude. Emphasize the positives!

Bob Ross : Used as a protein substitute for those whose teeth are too bad to chew meat. *slurp* *click* *NoICe*

Ayron Jose Hernandez Lopez : So that's how SCP-173 was born...

Milo Clesham : Why am I watching this, I’m allergic to peanuts! Know thy enemy...

SkyRim LuvR : ♥beautiful vid, I love peanut butter♥ thanks mon ami:-)

Deanna Hart : "Peanut butter has no preservatives other than salt and sugar." Maybe outside the U.S it doesn't. 😑😑

Levi Michael Child of God : I’m impressed. They got that done in a jif

AvaLil Aviator : I havnt tryed peanut butter Yet.... Beacause im *ALLERGIC*

Bofa Deez : 0:13 noice ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

kalgstol : As far as I'm concerned, adding sugar to something is artificially sweetening it

50 Pct Amused : The Aztecs and Mayans used peanut butter since around 100 AD.

dkei dkei : its 2.18 am, watching this while having a broccoli soup

John Ortmann : What he's calling the "heart" is also known as a "nib." It's actually the embryo of the seeding plant.