Peanut Butter | How It's Made

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SHADOWFIRE659 : Its 3 am and I'm watching this.

NSEW 22 : Why was there no explanation to how there are millions of peanuts unshelled in the beginning? Is there a sweatshop of peanut cracking kids out in India or is the government trying to hide modern peanut cracking technology from us because they don’t want us to make peanut butter?

Taser Tag : Can't spell nutrition without nut.

Finn : im allergic to peanut butter, and to know yourself you must first know your enemy.

Don't Read My Profile Picture : Someone will find this comment one day.

After mi je drazi od matere : Im so high right now

Skinny Legend : The real question is creamy or chunky?

Tasty Taco RVA : That scientist was......George Washington Carver. They Don’t give black people no credit.

Chef Brokeardee : Life Hack: To stop the oil from floating to the top, put the jar upside down

Victor Lee : Am I the only one triggered by the peanut-butter residue on the side of the lid ....

Freddie Mercury : 3:30 when you drink too much milk

Christopher P : 3:43 imagine having a peanut butter tap like that in your house.

Phil Fry : Stay away from that standard crap. Most of the peanut butters out there have lots of sugar and hydrogenated oil. Hydrogenated oil is actually a TRANS FAT and is NOT good for you. Get a peanut butter that literally only lists ''Peanuts" and sometimes "Salt" that are the ONLY ingredients. Gotta spend a bit more for it but extremely healthy compared to that Jiff or Skippy crap.

Scott Raynor : How you just gonna jump immediately to the paste at 2:37 show us the process

Rick Koehler : How many innocent peanuts died to make this video?

Jenny Grace Bodejas : My mom knows how to make homemade peanut butter. It tastes so gooood

Max Moore : Why am I watching this, I am deathly allergic to peanuts lol

Farhan Ahmed : THAT'S *NUTS* !

David Carruthers : I love peanut butter.

paperluigi12345 : 0:13 they used it as a substitute for people who cant eat meat, noice

HI 123 : Narrator: sugar...vegtible oil... (A few seconds later) Peanut butter doesn't have artificial sweeteners

James Yorizzo : I worship Peanut Butter

Milo Clesham : Why am I watching this, I’m allergic to peanuts! Know thy enemy...

Anson Hu : I eat them by the jar, 10 spoonfuls a day

I maybe a stinky loser, but : So where's the butter? Get ready for a lawsuit

Im A Stegasaurus-rex : Ok so this Is a true story On Christmas eve my friend ate a full jay of peanut butter he fell asleep feeling drunk (probably not a good thing) the next day he went to me and said that he had a dream where my girlfriend span really fast (sorta like a power ranger morph thing) and became a guy, We (the rest of my friends) were very confused and began to wondering If i was then gay. From there we went on to get on a boat (not a very big boat) to go to Africa to find out if i was gay (we started in Chicago, we also live no where near Chicago) once we got to Africa we ran far into a nearby field looked into the sky and my gay friend appeared from the clouds (naked in a poncho, body like the macho man from that hot sauce with a rainbow gun, gay gun) shot me with the gun which had just exploded on contact with me, i had not died but we just began to leave as tho nothing had happened, we never found out why or how my girlfriend turned male right on the spot, never found out if that made me gay. As we were leaving the tallest of my friends turned into a giraffe and ran away into a group of nearby giraffes. We did nothing about that or anything else that had happened, and then the dream ended Moral of the story don't eat a full jar of peanut butter at 2am, or do i cant stop ya (may be fun after it) may not feel all to well after tho

Vanessa God : A black man invented peanut butter.

Phantomstein : I am gonna like my own comment Cause nobody else does

Im A Stegasaurus-rex : Nut butter as I call it Or sticky nut cream

Kayla edwards : I like how he put his hand in the nuts and then just put them all back

Xotaic : Legend has it, if someone with a peanut allergy even LOOKS at this, they will die.

Paul Briffett : This is what people with nut allergies have nightmares about

Rafael Busilacan : But the question is "Will it blend?"

gasbaroni : Calling saturated fats unhealthy in 2017... The amount of misinformation on diet in todays world never ceases to amaze me.

Christopher Goodman : *put the nut in ur but*

Marcos Hernandez : They might as well do a video on how orange juice is made.

David Blaceri : Got a paper due, instead Im watching how peanut butter is made. SIIGHH

Victor Nguyen : The video I never thought I needed

spin ME : "NOISE"

Autumn R : Just get peanuts and chew them up.... BOOM DIY!!!!

Michael Bryant : One time I crushed up a bunch of peanuts and added butter but it didn’t really work out.

Gordan Ramsay poos him self : *may contain traces of nuts*

LSB : Its doo doo.

Kizuna 絆 : Its 1am and im watching this Its 2am and im watching this Its 3am and im watching this Its 4am and im watching this Its 5am and im watching this Its 6am and im watching this Its 7am and im watching this Im not watching this at 8am tho

Andrew F : I climaxed at 3:43

toby tobster jr : I want peanut butter now 🥜🥜🥜

ŚpÅż : I did not see mid process of the peanuts being turned into butter I am *mad*

Lyanna Cong : I don’t know why I find this interesting

Ero Senin : OK......enough YouTube for today

the beauty of me is that i`m very rich : A black man inverted peanut butter ☻