Let's Make a BABY PRANK on Boyfriend!!!

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Nanoo : "my mom will walk in and it is going to be the end of me"😂😂😂


Dobby Maltese : If he said yes, this is going on pornhub

Slime Addict : *My mom will walk in and it is going to be the end of me* 😂😂😂

Alaska Cowell : I can´t imagine their daily lives lol. they probably can´t talk seriously, can´t take anything serious or trust each other when they're home alone lol

snaik_ 14 : I'll buy you a puppy instead okay? Lmfaooo

Hector Barbosa : If he had said yes, would you have uploaded the whole video on yt? Ps: I'm not a pervert, I need it for research purpose.

RISHIKA AGARWAL : @3:48 slaps him to take her seriously

Noobtastic : I would of said "OK" then laid on my back

محمد الجبوري : العرب لايك 🤣🤣

Larrell Carroll : Imagine Slaiman Jr watching this like "Dad didn't want me"😂😂😭😭

yan pascal : Plot twist: he sad yes

Smvf13 : 3:49 the slap heard around the world lmfao good prank Kate KATE: "i want u to put ur baby inside of me" SLAIMAN: "Oh my GOSH, Don't say tht, tht just sound's retarted" LMFAO

iiAngelaCupcake : Slaiman’s sarcasm tho lol

Mineral Sisters Gacha : “We’re not having a frickin baby” I love this vid! 😂

Steve : KATE WTF!!!!!! I thought we had something special!!!!

Princess Taiann : I would accept the puppy option

steven cellugi : My parents are completely different. They want me to get my gf pregnant and they can't wait. Then they call me they ask if I done "my job" even though I have a nice real job.

Brooke B : Why at the parents house!?😅😂

Chunky Soup : Post it on PORNHUB!!

Call me A : Slaiman: What do you mean, "Why"? Me: Give me at least 13 Reasons.

Lol Usucker : I loved it how Kate slapped his face and then said I love you with a nice smile 😂 😂 😂

Jade Lao : "YESSSSSSSSS WERE HAVING A BABY" *lies down* "get offf!!!!!!"

Sleepy Eric : When your girlfriend wants a baby *knocks boyfriend out* And this is the part kids should not see what did you learn to day kids?

A1BadBoy 105 : Fine ass tho🤤😍💦😍

Coloured Last : " What's the word for 8 babies at once?" Me: death

Gucci Snake : Slaimans face when he got pushed down xD 1:13

Meghadoot coolD : Am I looking at Redtube? :D

Suman Shrestha Joshi : They are just making us fool. And prank with us

DJ.W : That would be one awkward dinner table... 😂😂😂

PfEMP1 : 5:29 "You want a child?! You _are_ a child!" ouch buuuurn

Knee Bot : can i make this child with the kate?;)

Barkerwithamarker : 6:00 when you know you ran out of ideas

OnESeconDGame : Бля я бы ёбнул

Jocelyn Estuita : I know he sees the camera infront of him😉😉😉

John Taboas : Kate: I want to make a baby with u Slaiman: Of coarse u do BEST PART EVER!!!!!

Fredgamer145 : That ass tho

Lorenzo p1 : I am hungry Last night I ate KFC I wish I am the MAN I wonder who's gonna win world cup My phone is on 73℅ I am lazy I am not currently hungry I am lying on my bed I watch RUSSIA VS EGYPT Sooooo....

ABHAY KAPSE : I like you video

SK Edit : i want 4K video in *_Brazzers_*

KayLee Lovett : Never seen a guy resist sex😂

Daniel Ordorica : Take me seriously!!

Tristan Fortin : Her mood changed from 0/100 real quick

:L : Let's make a cake

Kylie Parker : “Do u mind?” -Kate 😂

Ness P : "You want a child? You ARE a child!" OMFG

Flip Dude And his Awesome Family : She about thick as hell!!!!

Captain Sar : They dont even live together how is that a good relationship??

Corek BleedingHollow : If they've been together for so long, why don't they get married?

Atomic Person : *We’re not having a baby right now*