Super Mario Sunshine in 4K HD 60FPS (With 480p vs 4K Comparison)

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Keita Smith : This game was too advanced for its time.

Last Stand : every time you jumped with the jet nozzle firing up on a small ass platform, it gave me a heart attack.

Sapphire Bullet Bill : Just give us Super Mario Sunshine HD already Nintendo.

TheVividYoshi : Your fidgetting on the cube and platforms took at least a year off my life

DyllonStej Gaming : The 4K Setting will appear anywhere between a couple of hours to a couple of days, so stay tuned!


Crescelius Lunarus : Watching the TAS miss the one ups and then doing all that crazy shit over pits gave me post-war flashbacks and several near-heart attacks. Super Mario Sunshine was not good to me.

The Jrr : Except for the hud, this looks really good.

Garlic OS : I'm so early, the 4K hasn't even processed yet

rndnjimenez4 : Watching the way this guy handles platfprming gave me anxiety

Watrmelun : I dunno, I kinda like the base game. It feels more warm.

5persondude : When you realize you'll never have half the skills or PC as this guy .-.

Ness in Pajamas : This honestly looks like a Wii U remaster.

Flariz : I dont understand you people. 720P60FPS is perfect for me. I dont really notice much of a difference in higher settings. I understand 1080P60FPS as the utmost Optimal setting for people who want the very optimal... but further than that its absolutely useless!

NRobbi42 : Oh, I thought there was a 15th anniversary release for the Wii U.

TheBitBlock : The texture / HUD updates are pretty fugly.

Green Tees : Can you do one on Sonic Heroes?

Explosivebarrelsman : My computer is having trouble playing a prerendered 4k video jesus

Krasen Makes Content : *sets setting at 144p*

Your Boy Leo : A E S T H E T I C

Anus Mongrel : somehow, i had no idea that you could do that with the leaves. i just tanked through the lake.

NPC420187692018 : It looks like mario odyssei...makes you really realize how much this game was ahead of its Time.

Will Shutts : 4k looks worse, honestly

Physical Manifestation of Cancer : Doesn't have as strong of a"warm" feeling, but looks great, nonetheless.

Moe's : Of course it looks great, but I would hate of this is what Sunshine actually looked like.

Dalton Maine : Now this would be the remastered version on the Nintendo switch if there ever was one

Papple Fag : 4k isn't as good, looks to harsh

Jam Dub : everytime i see this i just want to kill m'y self. That is too good for me.

Alberto Productions : 2:26 lol

Mick : Godlike platforming skills..!

Meezus Walks : *cockiest Mario player ever 😒🖕*

CV Anims : And the award for biggest showoff goes to... xD

neoMelee : Beautiful

FlikYFlak : Original's still better

Chevar : love the game

Random Konong : Specs?

Josh Luciano : I came

Aniplup 32 : Wow! It's amazing! How do you play it in 60FPS 4K?

KC Clark : I still hate the GUI for the HD/4K version that everyone uses. Could somebody PLEASE design a more faithful (or just not terrible) UI for it? My #1 example of this will always be the freaking FLUDD art - just look at 2:53. I could probably whip up something better than that myself. A quick (and likely incomplete) list of the multitude of problems with that piece of crap: The pieces don't look attached together at all (compare the middle piece on the official/hd version - while it still has the problem somewhat, Nintendo was smart enough to help alleviate the issue by adding a little shadow, as well as having proper perspective on the metal connectors so it doesn't just look like they pasted the spheres over them). The perspective on the nozzles makes no sense. The middle metal piece is supposed to be in the center of the top of the tank. The little connectors seem to come straight out from the sides of it, but the spheres are somehow in front of them. Then, the nozzles are BEHIND those, which should put them INSIDE of the sides of the water tank! The reflections and lighting are completely uneven. The two spheres aren't mirrored - the light is clearly coming from the top left - but the metal part of the nozzles is, not to mention the lighting on them is coming more from toward the camera than from above; the metal looks like generic metal shading with no clear source, they made the little highlight on the top of the tank way too sharp so it looks like they just used the default line tool, the screws on the spheres are far duller than anything else, and the connectors look more like they're being lit from the bottom (oh, and don't even get me STARTED on that freaking X-Button - did you notice that Nintendo even had that lit consistently?). The outlines are inconsistent - look at the sides of the metal on the nozzles and compare it to the rest of the image. They also added a completely unnecessary line to the top of the tank, which becomes even more of a problem when the tank starts draining and you notice that the lines appear on whatever part of the tank is empty, even though such a line would CLEARLY show over the water. There's also simply the fact that they put outlines on everything, which creates gaps that don't actually exist between pieces (the official version is much smarter about this - overlapping pieces only have outlines if there's actually a spacial gap between them). Several edges need some serious anti-aliasing (the edges of the blue back-swirl on the right side look like you cut them out with the magic wand tool). Finally, they couldn't even get their own unnecessary stylistic details right - why does the middle metal piece have that stupid bright inner outline and the other metal pieces don't? To put it shortly - it looks like they just made all the separate little pieces and randomly layered them over each other in Photoshop.

Ultima : I once tried TAS, still don't know how it works.

R Y A N A N A R C H Y S C A P E L L I : Super Mario Sunshine HD 1.5 ReMIX

Pause Unpause : I think I got a few gray hairs from you messing around on the cube

MrYutbe57 : Godlike

Martell Tha Cool : Looking amazing in 1440p 60 fps

EvenØdds : the hud fonts are awful in the hd wtf


Bacon : Beatiful

Master Creepy : The original graphics were already ahead of its time xD

Danniy Chase : Looks gorgeous

Longoria 1 : So beautyful