Super Mario Sunshine in 4K HD 60FPS (With 480p vs 4K Comparison)

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Last Stand : every time you jumped with the jet nozzle firing up on a small ass platform, it gave me a heart attack.

Keita Smith : This game was too advanced for its time.

DyllonStej Gaming : The 4K Setting will appear anywhere between a couple of hours to a couple of days, so stay tuned!

Sapphire Bullet Bill : Just give us Super Mario Sunshine HD already Nintendo.

TheVividYoshi : Your fidgetting on the cube and platforms took at least a year off my life


The Jrr : Except for the hud, this looks really good.

Garlic OS : I'm so early, the 4K hasn't even processed yet

Crescelius Lunarus : Watching the TAS miss the one ups and then doing all that crazy shit over pits gave me post-war flashbacks and several near-heart attacks. Super Mario Sunshine was not good to me.

rndnjimenez4 : Watching the way this guy handles platfprming gave me anxiety

Watrmelun : I dunno, I kinda like the base game. It feels more warm.

5persondude : When you realize you'll never have half the skills or PC as this guy .-.

Ness in Pajamas : This honestly looks like a Wii U remaster.

TheBitBlock : The texture / HUD updates are pretty fugly.

NRobbi42 : Oh, I thought there was a 15th anniversary release for the Wii U.

Explosivebarrelsman : My computer is having trouble playing a prerendered 4k video jesus

Flariz : I dont understand you people. 720P60FPS is perfect for me. I dont really notice much of a difference in higher settings. I understand 1080P60FPS as the utmost Optimal setting for people who want the very optimal... but further than that its absolutely useless!

Krasen Makes Content : *sets setting at 144p*

Green Tees : Can you do one on Sonic Heroes?

Robib Of Bankshire : A E S T H E T I C

Alberto Productions : 2:26 lol

Anus Mongrel : somehow, i had no idea that you could do that with the leaves. i just tanked through the lake.

NPC420187692018 : It looks like mario odyssei...makes you really realize how much this game was ahead of its Time.

Will Shutts : 4k looks worse, honestly

Physical Manifestation of Cancer : Doesn't have as strong of a"warm" feeling, but looks great, nonetheless.

Kyoya : Imagine this on the Switch

Dalton Maine : Now this would be the remastered version on the Nintendo switch if there ever was one

crab fuck Fag : 4k isn't as good, looks to harsh

Moe's : Of course it looks great, but I would hate of this is what Sunshine actually looked like.

Meezus Walks : *cockiest Mario player ever 😒🖕*

Jam Dub : everytime i see this i just want to kill m'y self. That is too good for me.

Mick : Godlike platforming skills..!

neoMelee : Beautiful

CV Anims : And the award for biggest showoff goes to... xD

Chevar : love the game

FlikYFlak : Original's still better

Random Konong : Specs?

Aniplup 32 : Wow! It's amazing! How do you play it in 60FPS 4K?

Suzu Suzuki : I came

Vapy yes : Yes not thank for hying me fot a game that inst even out

saurfan : I never knew you could use the water spiders for a huge dive jump...

Darth Praxis : A Super Mario 3D All-Stars HD collection for the Switch is LONG overdue! Imagine Super Mario 64 HD, Super Mario Sunshine HD, and Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 HD on Switch! That along with Super Mario Maker 2 would go a long way in making up for this indefinite delay of Metroid Prime 4!

Corkboard Productions : The HUD displays look a lot worse compared to the originals. They don’t seem as aesthetically pleasing.


Ultima : I once tried TAS, still don't know how it works.

Will X : oh boy. im never going to have a pc good enough for that kind of {{QUALITY}}, much less get my super mario sunshine disk to work 100% of the time in my wii sense i don't own a gamecube. yay for backwards compatibility. am i the only one who still owns a Wii in 2019?

Bacon : Beatiful

Jurob : Looks gorgeous.

MrYutbe57 : Godlike

Squirrel Country : Stunning :o