The 1960s Idea of "The Home of 1999" | Flashback | History

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Falah Alifandi : 1960 : I bet there will be flying cars in the future 2018: Eating tide pods challenge

Finn Ross : They got some stuff right

80sruler : Mother spends father pays - this never changes 🤬

c0c0andc0 : Thats how you realize how technological advances are much easier to predict than social ones 😂

Robert Howard : The predictions were quite good from a technological point of view, the casual sexism was sort of funny (in an ironic way, as they made all these predictions of the future, but assumed that women would still be housewives and their husbands would earn the money and approve purchases)

Joe Anthony : seems we should have stayed bounded in the 60s

cochiselol1232 : Mr Brown and I got along famously...

jakep1979 : The car at the beginning looks like "The Homer".

Justin Esposito : Some say he is still counting for lunch

Gianni Ian Gianan : Most of their computers are all in our smartphones lmao

Bob Silver : One thing about the 60's, some of the coolest car were made...GTO Chevelle Cuda Roadrunner Firebird 442 Cutlass Lemans GS Charger Challenger Mustang Nova LeMans Tempest etc etc

Imperial Guard #28 : Heck, The Jetsons cartoon series in the 60s predicted we'd have video chat. We were off to such a good start. What happened?

KeySwordArt : Illuminati Confirmed

thaddeus mcgrath : The 1967 Idea of "The Home of 1999" had a flying type car parked on the beach and Jr. studying by computer correct but why didn't they not think of we would be having Tide Pod challenges and safe places for snow flakes to hide?

Richard Poynton : Further to my first comment. They used quite a bit of imagination for this, but missed some of the more obvious changes to come. For instance, he was looking at his bank details on his computer which showed him a picture of a hand written sheet. Banks are still using humans to ‘compute’ the figures, not a spreadsheet programme. Also, the underlying sexism is still there. The ‘little woman’ is still in the kitchen. She might not be slaving over an oven, but she’s still in the kitchen preparing food - so equality of the sexes hadn’t been postulated - that’s quite a glaring error to our modern eyes, but was totally invisible to people in the 1960s, apparently. It makes you wonder how parochial and primitive some of our present day ideas which are so prevalent and widely accepted in our society will appear in 60 years.

Kaynos : Fake news ;p

Massive Branflake : What the wife buys will be paid for on by the husband... I guess they didn’t predict equality then

Eddie Suarez : I regret not going to the army back in 2010

Richard Poynton : Quite prescient

Joshua Traffanstedt : Well just think.. This is the generation that put man on the moon. If we'd have stayed with the same way of thinking, there's no telling what life would be like now.

Willie Scheiderer : My Pc has never made dinner for me..

G1 Smokescreen : I lived the 90s, & for the life of me, don't remember having ANYTHING like all! lol

ModelosPR : Narrator: "And here we see billy, hiding from his parents, watching shota manga on his mobile device."

MMMike : These predictions weren't even bad. Most of them were quite accurate.

Steve Smith : what the guy says at the end is bs. he forgot to mention one vital thing. MONEY!

katusili : True, kids are getting all from their computer nowadays. False, they're not doing it for knowledge on science, but just for consumerist rubbish.

Zach Lutz : That’s kit from night rider

David Brown : I can't wait till 1999 gets here.

Emilia Chorosz : LOL wasn’t smart house on Disney channel made around 1999?. Hahaha

Fábio Rodrigues : 10 yrs later Alien came out with a much closer aproach , women and men working together, AI, pets, and computers without being a scan of an image but a electronic dislplay

It dont have money Pls send the money : Maybe this is the root idea of the online shopping today.... sometimes we can get product ideas in some future expectation of them

PEPEdela110 : And who knew that in our "Magnificent Future/Present" issues of race and status would dominate society.

Dominique Sigouin Roy : Anonyme saw this, kid on computer. Believed the eart was flat. The world is flat. Better start waking up people. Still 95% of people think it round. = We are all going to die. Good bless

Paul Jamieson : this is the family computer speaking. (broot-broot)

Sarah Gray : We sure don't have cars like that one...and why is Mom still the one who has to make dinner?

Coin Hunter : coolest video clip ever!

mensa517 : not far off as they used us as an unwilling focus group====as you can see everything is/was pre-planned only to be rolled out decades later per their agenda

Stamatis Stabos : i made an album music trailer with that video lol

Marcus Cochrane : Honestly it’s not that far off at all

vintage 29 : wow

fiachraswaz : and in 1999 women will still cook the dinner and leech off their husbands money. obviously independant women was far too ridiculous to comprehend in the 60s

skipstalforce : "All the information about this family is stored in the central home computer" LOL!

Chadi Aboueid : The 1960s will always have the best furniture

Crystal Elk : This was so insightful for the 60's. But as a child watching the Jetson's I seen all these thing's we have today! Very cool to see none the less!

Kim Jong Chong ling ling : Lol no

the gigaboo ass nig : The history channel lift out the mark of the beast

Mr. X : Interesting.

Anthony Durant : Not to shabby

The Copper Miner : Wow

Shenaz Treasurywala 風扇 : Thanks to share with us and we are going with us and