Joe Rogan - The Tweet that Got Gal Gadot to Block Marques Brownlee
Huawei paid Gal Gadot to tweet about their phones She did it from an iphone

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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1186:


Labour Law Advisor : It feels weird to watch mkbhd in a resolution other than 8k scaled down to 4k :P

s a m p l e t e x t : I like MKB, and i'm aware that he's basically just a tech guy... But i feel like there's more to him than that. Wish he'd talk about other things as well.

Bryan Sith'ari : Next you'll tell me Mathew McConaughey doesn't drive a Lincoln...

Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central : She unblocked him in fear of being labeled a racist.

Asher Millstone : Joe "Gal would make me bust a nut" Rogan

bullzeye1423 : So she can't even act on Twitter

Daksh Pat : 90% of the comments: *MARKASS BROWNIE*

Rubmeet Off : MKBHD scaled down to MKB

Rubmeet Off : Joe - "and my friend patty is actually directing that movie" Um, wierd flex but ok

Matt S : It likely wasn't Gal who personally blocked him but rather the idiot who handled her social media.

Left Hand : I'm shocked to hear celebrities are paid for endorsements and don't actually use the products!

100MPH Selfies : Marquez is in different league. I basically watch others YouTube "tech reviewers" to kill time. But Brownlee is the opinion to go with 99% of the time. The guy don't even need to heart every single comment to double the views. He's legit.

Winstxn music : This guy is chilled AF

Jeffery Danquah : 1:42 was he dying? 💀

sunkid86 : This video made me actually like Marques.

diabolic sabobel : He got a chill Aura about him 😊

Ian._002 : 3:10 *uh oh Joe* I think you leaked something you were not supposed to...

black guy : I just come to see the nicknames they give joe 🤣

Rebel : I can't express how much I love a few bong rips with some cold Preworkout 😑

Alvin of Lys : "Gal Gadot definitely doesn't tweet. She has a team and they fucked up. But then she blocked me!" "She blocked you?" "yeah she blocked me" but you know it was her team

Drk Nyt : Samsung for life baby. We can do it all and more so fuck apple lol I message.. facetime...pleeease Wonder woman blocked me...that's awesome lol

vivek sharma : Same with Anushka Sharma 😂😂

Joe Buczkowski : I watch this homies reviews all the time on YouTube and I just picked up a Motorola X4.

Daniel Yim : They say “She has a team thats tweets...” then “she blocked me.” So her team blocked him then unblocked him. Right? But whatever. Lol

javith3on3 Lopez : Yo joe put Logic on your podcast. How you gonna wear WU TANG now... Loser

robertbslee : Does Gal Gadot even use her account? She would have a dedicated PR team manage her account.

Rhey : Well like he said about her team probably resending out tweets via androids phones, it was probably her team that blocked him and not Gal Gadot herself. But I get it, the better headline and story here is Gal took time out of her busy day to block this dude when she probably never did..

Diego Rojas Sebastian : I will never understand social media popularity / clout. Some of these people, including Marques, seem so dull in real life. Great story about a tweet, bro.

Eduardo Gutierrez : Internet never forgets xD

TheRealFrodoBaggins : I just noticed they had headphones on

Otto Renner : Mark Ass Brownlee 2018: “jumping music?”

Avaldemon : I love you, Marques. Such a chill guy.

BuggTee103 : No proud boys on the platform huh Joe? Great choice 💪🏾

b07rivera : Joe “Patti Jenkins is my friend” Rogan lmao 🤣

Hector Domino : Unfortunately... In real life, Beauty doesn't come with Brain. Its Movies, that get our heads in our ass.

Nikita Yudin : Hua is still awesome mobile

chefboyarleezy : He’s too smart for Joe the elite stoner Rogan

KaiserViking : This little story was hilarious 😂

nortika : Mark-ASS Brownlee

TropicIslandpopartist : Her team blocked you, she was off saving the universe bruh

Cryptic Wintermoon : The real question is what if marcus was white? Will he still be called Marcus Brownie?

edward6000 : (Unless there's harassment) blocking usually means you've lost the argument

Da Trick Yo : Joe’s gotta bring him back on to talk about YouTube rewind!

N1kola : joe's reaction when he told him via twitter from iphone... :D

ArthropodSpidey : Damn This guy’s videos are PG, but he’s a straight savage.

Xouki Long : celebrities have a team who tweet or post for them. that person should be fired!! **edited** Nevermind... Marques mentioned that at the end of the video.

Ahmed Jama : Ex IDF can't handle free speech, wow 😂

Amol M : Her team would have blocked u🤣🤣

zaiwen3 : Well she can simply beat da shh outta MKB with a simple Krav Maga move