Joe Rogan - The Tweet that Got Gal Gadot to Block Marques Brownlee

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Labour Law Advisor : It feels weird to watch mkbhd in a resolution other than 8k scaled down to 4k :P

Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central : She unblocked him in fear of being labeled a racist.

chefboyarleezy : He’s too smart for Joe the elite stoner Rogan

s a m p l e t e x t : I like MKB, and i'm aware that he's basically just a tech guy... But i feel like there's more to him than that. Wish he'd talk about other things as well.

Boris Müller : Gadot is Israeli. Of course she overreacted 😂

bullzeye1423 : So she can't even act on Twitter

Bryan Sith'ari : Next you'll tell me Mathew McConaughey doesn't drive a Lincoln...

Quidz : Gal Gadot isn't a very good actress

Gamebred Masvidal : She didnt block you, it was her team.

Asher Millstone : Joe "Gal would make me bust a nut" Rogan

edward6000 : (Unless there's harassment) blocking usually means you've lost the argument

diabolic sabobel : He got a chill Aura about him 😊

Rubmeet Off : Joe - "and my friend patty is actually directing that movie" Um, wierd flex but ok

Rubmeet Off : MKBHD scaled down to MKB

Robb holmes : Marques is the future.. such an intelligent ,chilled guy

juan twotree : Gal is a total babe

thehorrorhotel : Gal Gadot that guy from wonder woman. I really loved him in wonder woman .

Corey Chatelain : People who make believe for a living engage in make believe for advertisers? I'm shocked!

Pol Innocent : Huwawei is spying for the totalitarian communist chinese government but nobody will ever call out wonder woman for profiting off their tyranny.

Diver 77 : Ive noticed almost all of Hollywood is fake including Rogan.

100MPH Selfies : Marquez is in different league. I basically watch others YouTube "tech reviewers" to kill time. But Brownlee is the opinion to go with 99% of the time. The guy don't even need to heart every single comment to double the views. He's legit.

Ricky Gutierre : Gal Gadot is one of the shttiest actresses I've ever seen in a big budget movie

theylied1776 : You do realize Huawei is controlled by the Chinese military, right? This is one of the reasons why the Australian government refused to let Huawei be one of the Builders of their G5 Network.

DaReoCharmer : Joe "my friend Patty" Rogan

Cryptic Wintermoon : The real question is what if marcus was white? Will he still be called Marcus Brownie?

Red H : An Israeli being quick to be over-defensive. Name a more iconic duo lol For the record: I do not consider any hateful thoughts or actions towards Jews. Just that the modern nation of Israel has a reputation which is somewhat understood given their neighbors.

TheSmilodon85 : I crack up when ppl block ppl

Paul Little : Waway.

Brent P : I <3 when zionist frauds are exposed.

Amin K : What do you expect from a soulless Fake Israhelli pagan

O Ryan : Here come the closet bigots !!!! With the weird comments !!! 😂😂😂 wow he sounds smart or wow his voice doesn’t match his face 😂😂😂

Factz 100 : His voice doesn't match his face

Ben Is The best : dude i feel like I've seen this before, I'm getting mad deja vu

Elias Håkansson : Huawei is really good tho, and they're a great alternative for people who are fed up with Apple.

Truth Seeker : Shes hot, you're not, im choosing her side.

Mike Hunt : Gal Gadot is from Israel. she uses an Uzi

trippplefive : 2:10 " oh, that wonderwoman lady?" Then two minutes later he's like, " my friend directed wonder woman." Why is Joey boy acting like he didn't know who she was and then two seconds later name drops a "director friend" who has worked with her? Seems kinda shady.

Daniel Yim : They say “She has a team thats tweets...” then “she blocked me.” So her team blocked him then unblocked him. Right? But whatever. Lol

Avi Ben Shushan : I don't think that it was Gal Gadot personally that blocked him... i think it's her social media publishers team that blocked him for spreading it...

potlovingchef14 : Gal was like oh my tall black man yes unblock lol

X. Y. : Like lol she blocked him because he outted her. Haha. She got roasted. Haha. Imagine the smell.

MAMADUCK : God, Wonder Woman was an awful film. Total cheesefest. Terrible writing, dire acting. Was so disappointed cos a friend was stuntwoman on the film so was really looking forward to seeing it, but God it's awful. Don't mind Gadot in the ensemble films of the franchise, but my God, Wonder Woman is an awful film. They're really going to use the same director? Amazing what performs well commercially and what doesn't. I dunno why people watch the Kardashians, but they do, maybe Wonder Woman has the same audience.

Hallodusch123 : Why is the link in the description pointing to a kanye song?

Jigs87 Merts : youre a fake too joe...but its all good brahh...

Rian Coman : He seems like a black version of Jaime

karl jonson : This dude is whiter then me. Jk he's very millenial though

TheBeofox : I almost hated Gal Gadot until she unblocked him.

Aboghanima Blade : gal gado more like gal the hoe

DanLiveOnUTube : “She prob has a team tweeting for her” and then “she blocked me”. No bro, her team prob blocked you.

Zescaflowne : marques +50 gal -100