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Wiff Wiff : Here from Shane?

chrisa dn : Who else came here from Shane?

Ashley ASMR : I don't see how someone who commits a non violent robbery can serve more time than a monster who has robbed children Delete repeated word of their innocence.

Muirmaiden : Christopher Pettiet (1976-2000) who appeared in such films as "Point Break" (1991) and "Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead" (1991), was managed by Bob Villard, who is mentioned often throughout this documentary. Pettiet's drug problems started when he was a teenager and he died of an overdose. After his death, Bob Villard made a statement about how he had tried to help Chris and it makes me absolutely sick in retrospect because Villard is a registered sex offender. Connect the dots. Bryan Singer directed Brad Renfro (1982-2008) in "Apt Pupil" (1998) and there is a photo of Brock Pierce with Renfro on the set of that film. Renfro was very vulnerable as is family wasn't really around and he wasn't properly supervised when he was working as a child actor. Even the Menendez brothers, who killed their parents in 1989, claimed that their father molested and abused them for years and their mother did nothing to stop it. Their father, Jose Menendez, was a Hollywood executive, who, since his death, has been accused of molesting members of the Latin boy band Menudo, whom he signed to a record deal when he was an executive at RCA.

Leonard Bailey : I was molested as a child it did not matter if the person was gay , bisexuals or straight he was a dirty child molester

AFatalPapercut : Buckle up folks..... Things are going to get very interesting for Hollywood pedophiles in the coming weeks. Weinstein is only the intro to the coming chaos. Starting with Dan Schneider.



Christopher Howard : all of these parents really let down their kids by being morons

New World : Watching this hit so close to home. The things I went through growing up are exactly the same except a woman abused me. I think their is a certain stigma that boys can't be raped.

damb : Anyone else come from Shane's twitter

Minarose SF : Are these mothers that stupid to have zero suspicions of these men? Wow I would never let my child go off with some man without me there watching him like a hawk. Shame on these mothers

Mayamiko Hara : So in America you can serve a couple of years for being in possession of weed, but you can get out in 6 months for abusing kids. Sickening.

J Scho : Around 1:28:50: "...God can take me then. But not until then." The whole film was hard to watch, but THAT moment... Never has a father so perfectly summed up for me the way I feel about being fiercely protective of my children and making sure they are ok. I hope all of these brave individuals have found some peace.

Chris Stone : At around @1:21:00 That pedo Michael is actually kinda doing a solid and giving a bunch of great clues and a spirit-realm confession in a way. He details exactly how "these things happen." It's dead-on. I think he's actually come out here as a pedo, but has done so in a way just this side of legally binding confession. He even says straight out that older men trying sexual things with him wasn't at all uncommon. He gives a very lucid view into the psychology of a pedophile. How it's only wrong if the child comes out later and says they didn't like it. If they can convince the kid they like it with enough drugs and Stockholm syndrome, then it's ok as far as they're concerned. This documentary is brilliant, and should be seen by every parent.

_ GreyBones : And regular people wonder why people like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan etc.....flip their shit and the Corey Haims are dead.

Carmella Breedlove : Barbara Walters made me mad talking about you're damaging an entire industry when he was telling the truth about what was going on they'd rather hide it than to let the truth out and let innocent kids get hurt that stuff makes me mad

Molly Wolverton : "Are you attracted to little boys?" "Not particularly." There is so much wrong going on that my eyes are crossing.

Courtney Watkins : Maybe this is why all child stars go crazy because they were molested as kids...

Donna Mcdonald : Barbara Walters' comment, "You're damaging an entire industry," shows where her sympathies lie. She and many care only about 'poor Hollywood' rather than the innocent children these evil pedophiles are molesting. There is no retribution, no justice for the many boys and young men being preyed on.

KoshkaLubov : This documentary hits so close to home. It's a reminder i MUST step up and have my own abuse story heard. Not for me, but for other children my father could potentially be abusing. I can't get peace of mind, i cannot stop losing sleep until i do so. It's time to stand up, be brave.

KurryRice : Horrifying. You think acting being really only one of the professions in which children can legally "work," there would be heavy regulations and oversight to ensure children are absolutely protected and never, never abused.

Moises Avila : reddit ? no

algblessed 1 : No more XMan movies for me

SlimmyshankCoC - clash Of Clans : Now with this conspiracy theory...

Tee Talks the Real : What gets me is the rest of Hollywood acting as if they don't know or it doesn't exist. All of them are the problem.

Jeremy Stigt, van : Don't blame the childeren or the parents! In this world it's not possible to raise a child without entrusting your child to other adults. There are teachers, Doctors, Priesters, Vollunteers, Coaches, Trainers, Baby sitters and even Familie members that have molested childeren. Like the docu said, these people are predetors. They do their best to earn the trust of the child and the parent. These parents have no idea how Hollywood works, they can't be at every production and don't have any special knowledge on raising an actor child. They believe they are helping their child with making their dreams come true. There are a lot of famous child actors and it's not like it was wildley known that hollywood was filled with molesters. We shouldn't be blaming the victems in cases like these. There should be a better system to warn childeren and parents better, to have more sever punishments for the molesters and rapers and to assist those that have urges in supressing/over comming them so they can still be functional members lf society.

Um am God : the human race is actually terrible.

Free Tacos : America, we'll put you away for 10 years for weed, but only 6 months for molesting a kid.

John Gidding : Amazing how Brock Pierce's Wikipedia page has been scrubbed clean of all but the briefest mention of this nightmare.

EmperorCalebtine : The most asinine thing about this is that even with the mountains of evidence against these animals, virtually nothing has happened to them. Hollywood is run by devils. It just makes me shudder to think of the high rollers Feldman spoke of but didn't name. You never truly know anyone. God, please cleanse this earth with fire.

BettinaBalser : I always wonder what in God's name was done to "The Coreys." God bless both of them.

Christopher Howard : hmmm lets send our son away for money and hope for the best

TheFaceMangler : They should have a Stalin like purge of Hollywood.

FalkoJ89 : This is so damn slow and boring. I really don't care about those people's lives. Where can I find actual documentation about the subject?!

masoe : this made me sick.

Chamala Jordan : I can not believe what M. Harrah is saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Being a "star" is not worth it. It is not.

tcakes68 : I believe you Corey Feldman, I believe you Todd Bridges, I believe you Evan, I believe you Mike. Im sorry that this has happened and is still happening in Hollywood!!! Im disgusted by the fact that the voices of 100's of aspiring boys and girls are still being muffled by the short prison terms and light consequences. The nonchalant attitudes of the people in the industry....Where is the mass outrage where is the public cry for accountability. where is the people (the village) that are suppose to be tightening up ranks and circling the wagons to protect our children in this town!! You all matter!! What you are saying matters! We hear you!! What i find even more disturbing is that these men are still working in Hollywood and everyone knows whats going on!! By the acceptance of employment of these people you all (the industry bigwigs) are condoning this violation to children openly!!! Those of you that choose to minimize the offenses, entertain the denials, employ, socialize accept phone calls, money, or in anyway have contact knowingly are guilty of the ongoing abuse of these now adults and present children in the industry. You are just as guilty as the predators in this REAL LIFE DOCUMENTARY. Your sick evil and should be exiled from this planet. Most obviously Hollywood and the industry. I AM ASKING THAT EVERYONE IN HOLLYWOOD TO GROW A BACKBONE AND GET ANGRY, SHUN, AND EXPOSE THESE PREDATORS IMMEDIATELY,. These kids now adults should feel safe to return to Hollywood to continue if they want and reclaim their careers. We need to stop this now!!! There is power in truth and in numbers and we have both. Assemble, Organize, and FIGHT. I send my love and support to all of you that fell victim to these calculating sick nasty sub humans. We have to do something, NOW!!!! love and peace from a fellow victim of these kinds of predators. Is there some way I can get the names and affiliations of the people still working in Hollywood guilty of victimizing or perpetuating this issue.

QpIsBetterThanYou : 55:05 Soooooo you send your kid across the country to go live with some guy. He gets molested and comes back home traumatized. He tells you that, so you tell him to get help from alcoholism or YOURE GOING TO KICK HIM OUT? THATS HOW YOU HANDLE IT?

Matt Nguyen : uhm. look at that hug more closely at 44:58

Rick DM : Hi reddit

rob roberts : kind of explains why Cory haims ended up the way he was.

krystal : i hope bryan singer gets publicly exposed now that harvey weinstein has been. he doesn't deserve to keep working.

Technicolor Snail : Those poor children, it's infuriating to see the people that caused them so much pain getting slaps on the wrist and continue to get work.

Maddy C : Evan is a brave man.

Shawnpaul Richards : shane dawson sent me

Chimfish : Wasn't Kevin Spacey once rumored to be among the frequent guests at those Bryan Singer pool parties? Strange that the parties were full of Hollywood notables yet so few have been identified. It makes me wonder how many hush-money settlements were involved.

Jose Torres : The crazy part is we still support these Industry by watching and buying their products knowing what they do we only have us to blame unless we come together and humans and stop this

The Real Evvonne : Krisha said once you are 8 you are responsible for your career. Wtf?!!!

Michael Anderson : they have a mental condition that only a bullet can solve