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sire mixalot : buck's channel got deleted

AFatalPapercut : Buckle up folks..... Things are going to get very interesting for Hollywood pedophiles in the coming weeks. Weinstein is only the intro to the coming chaos. Starting with Dan Schneider.

krystal : i hope bryan singer gets publicly exposed now that harvey weinstein has been. he doesn't deserve to keep working.

tony wilson : So basically they all got away with it.

Kevin Nixon : I hope Hollywood burns to the fucking ground.

Amanda A : I always knew sexual abuse was a problem in Hollywood but I didn't realize how much of a problem it was until I heard about the Weinstein scandal and decided to watch this movie. Now that the Wesinetin scandal has been brought to light people will be more aware of Hollywood's rape problem.

Vince Bullinger : "Are you attracted to young boys?" "Not particularly, no." What an ODD way to answer that question.

Peter Stier : "You can run on for a long time... sooner or later God'll strike you down." J. Cash

Jones Jone : Of course the government is in control of the pedo porn trades Is why a man that rapes a 3 yr old can get out within a year And a black man who has a ticket is in jail for 5 years lol

Sanane Lan : One wonders if Hollywood was actually set up to enable paedophilia and general sex abuse and the entertainment industry is just incidental instead of the other way around. That is a horrific thought.

richard Kelly : I can’t even watch this,evil pedo cunts.

James Campbell : They should hunt all the scum down and gas them,so they cant hurt another family.Fucking disgusting grown men hanging with kids at parties.

Richie The Wrecker : Burn Hollywood to the ground

Lori Green : I truly hope that Bryan Singer will be the next great fall in Hollywood.

J Palm : These people need to be publicly executed.

01omensfulls : Harvey Weinstein brought me here

henry turlington : ALL JEWISH hollywood predators.

Peaches Rodriguez : Let me save you the time of watching this documentary. Lots of kids got molested by powerful men in Hollywood. Only 2 served six months or short time... They get away with it to this day. The guy at screen actors guild is still in charge of children and is possibly a pedophile other words it will just piss you off. By the way this film got rejected by all mainstream distribution companies including Netflix.... So almost like Harvey Weinstein this shit will go on forever.....literally this is here to frustrate you and piss you off. Even a high level reporter couldn't expose these pedophiles...the paper itself got bought off.. Where's Charles Bronson when you need him?

Michelle Ahrens : If you think this stops in Hollywood or the catholic church you haven't been paying attention. These sick f*cks run every major facet of our society. Sad truth is; it will never stop because too many people are content to live with their heads in the sand.

CATHY NORDAHL : If parents would watch over their kids this wouldn't happen. But instead all they care about is their child's career. Is it really worth it? I think not.

Citizen Journalists United : Excellent documentary. At times a bit slow. Thanks for posting this on You Tube so we all can see it. Fantastic piece.

LISA LYN : Is that Michael harrah not in jail?????? Wtf??

Olenna Tyrell : Jimmy Saville was protected by everybody from the royal family to the monsters at the BBC, Esther Rantzan a supposed investigative reporter knew and kept her mouth shut she later went on to open her own charity Childline, what better way to route out vunerable children than have them phone you, makes you think.

Stacy M : It only takes one time to mess up a kid. I speak from experience. We need to make the prison sentences MUCH longer. I hope these perverts are exposed to the entire world.

Sara : 6 months for sexually abusing a child repeatedly. This system is broken. If ur kid comes to u and says this lowlife raped them/sexually assaulted them y even talk to the police? Just kill them. That's the only real justice you'll get.

Joseph Gross : This is Sick! Lord help our world. I pray for these poor children.

PillCosby : We're supposed to believe Bryan Singer's not involved in any of this, right?

Kayla Kunkel : has anyone noticed that Ben Savage(44:57) from Boy Meets World has been to "several" parties in that house with the naked after dark rules?? Idk, but to me, it seems like, he too, could have preyed on the kids as well...idk...that's a hunch..could be wrong

Kat : Wow. I am so sad, so angry, so so disgusted by this. I honestly don't know what to say. These poor boys. My heart just is breaking for all of them. I'm so sorry you had to go through this. Justice has in no way been done. These boys deserve acknowledgment from these evil perpetrators that they did indeed do horiffic things. They need a verbal apology also and every single one of these paedophiles need to be locked up for the rest of their lives. The judiciary system also is accountable here. Not good enough!! These poor boys will never get their childhood back. They will never know what it feels like to have a normal childhood 😡

Vano Sasuntsi : Jewllywood is evil and must be exposed as the satanic jewish controlled child molesting organization that it is No one succeeds in Jewllywood until they join them

Youngman Westbrook : white boys was tossing they booty up for jobs and careers.

Brian Kelly : Thanks for putting this up.

Elite Deviance : Volume is too low, like you want to keep it secret

Dana Marie Bowman-Howard : God bless the young man Mark and his family.

C Griffin : These guys are true heroes and not the stars with their # me too trend. They still won't name the industry predators so future kids aren't victims. A counter trend  should be #closet cowards.

The3rdeyedontdie : These sick Hollywood bastards like Harvey Weinstein will all burn in eternal fire, the truth is coming out.

Ara Ara : 34:17 "the first show they produced was a show about this younger boy who comes to live with this older man" lol

Paul Fisher : How could you look at Den and see it as anything other than a pedo network wtf

Hibernia 1960 : Fuck Hollywood, it needs to all burn to the ground along with the scum that  run it.


joadhenry : Fuck Barbara Walters and her slimy old world ilk for protecting these sub human bastards from hell. Damaging a whole industry. While they...for generations...ruin and prey and feed on children. She must be one herself.

Super Trouper : Why is Brian Singer still making films?

Maggie Goff : Michael Harrah is one SICK, SICK person. The damage he has done over all of these years...The lives that he has helped to ruin....

Karen Califano : Michael Harrah needs to stop blaming the parents and admit that there are sick predators out there who are molesting and abusing children!! I'm not saying parents shouldn't take responsibility and trust any of these Hollywood types with their children, however, this Harrah is fucked up!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's another sick bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FiREFLYSerenity408 : Damn...that is one chilling documentary.

The Hidden Truth : the top of the iceberg, the showbiz industry is filled with criminals .... and only few of them are sold as scapegoats .... the tree which hides the forest

Helios Marzal : Wow... and what about justice ?

Scissor Hanz : Gay-pedo mafia runs Hollyweird. It's no joke.

Dennis Whitman : Why is this not getting more views? Especially after what a happening lately with Harvey Weinstein . This should blow the lid off the pedophilia ring that runs rampant in Hollywood.

Ezra Pound : Watch this about the Vegas shooting, all the usual suspects