Off Days: Who's It Gonna Be?

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Angry Applesauce : Oh sheesh y'all, twas a dream!

SuperUnavailableName : If only he wiped before he shat he wouldve saved alot of time.

Arya Moazen : You know Will eats his own shit, right?

Daniel O'Driscoll : This is correct this is good and this is right to have this

ruthpol : "all is right in the world" "absolutely the opposite! " Hahaha

Malcom Chase : I know they moved on from College Humor and comparing the two is kinda old, but this is Hardly Working. The new guys at CH could never really capture spirit of Hardly Working sketches, these guys do. Simple premise, taken to the absurd. Simple, yet hard to replicate.

Anthony Jacob : The bugle trills, Jake!!

TriforceTK : Amir is an anal assassin of the highest calendar

Highest Calendar : Jake's face at 1:24 was great.

Tarren : These are basically badly acted Hardly Workings translated into Jake and Amir language... I am so happy about this I could cry.

Henry Kates : 0:12 "deyrn, Keniel"

Dylan Briggs : Anyone else say "VIDEO" out loud with Jake at the beginning of these? Just me?


Valter Östberg : Don't be Pat Cassles.

Cosmo : Cool beard Shmuel!

David Cummins : there is even a new will

Scaulbylausis Jim : It's not your place. Why is no one talking about the fact that he eats his own shit?

Chinese Food : I'm so glad you guys are making videos again. I look forward to these all week.

aubrey stewart : You all should stop comparing him to Will. He eats HIS OWN shit... Also, it's not your place. Amir has an anus of the highest calendar.

pauline d : I'm always so happy when a new video by them comes out

Purple Monkey : Who gives a this?

kshaffer82 : This is good and this is right to have this

Andrew Ponti : This is totally Jake and Amir after they "became adults"...and Amir can still get a crowd of people to do his bidding to Jake's amazement. Also best "shocked Jake face" ever!

tominp : There has to always be one shit eater in Jake and Amir videos lolol

pauline d : "My left hand is a... bad hombre"

Monosaccaride : Somethings very off with the editing/cinematography. I never realized how substantial the collegehumor staff were in the aesthetics of Jake and Amir videos. These feel like tributes, by comparison. And Im a huge fan! day one! I just dont want you guys to get lazy. cmon.

schlöer grape : fooking hell, the ending 😂😂😂

Ian W : Jake's brother (sorry don't know his name yet) fling his head back and opening his mouth was pure gold

Emmillyy : Oh poops they shit it again. Great episode! Looking forward to more :)

Burnout Films : Don't be surprised if a blended up fish filet comes out

nut master : Oh captain my captain, what shall we do with this *traitor?*

Subject-515 : Will?

daddy skittles : Cant believe they didn't rhyme "O' captain" with something, something crapt'in

Cedrick Rice : You guys deserve so much more attention😂 still as funny as you were when you guys got millions of view

youscrewber : I like the grittiness of these videos. CH is way too polished and produced these days, headgum feels like the Wild West

Samuel Polay : I repeat, please make an episode featuring the Game boy.

T4ke2 : When Marty opened his mouth I died

Iman Naminami : something about this feels so poetic. love it

Track Talk : 0:49

Steezboy3000 : This is one of the best ones

morbidchid : first time I dislike something from you guys

Conor Merphy : These are great

David D'Silva : You know Will eat's his own shit, right?

Bobby Martin : The strangest part is that Marty fell asleep half way through eating an ice cream sandwich

Zernium : While Geoffrey the Dumbass is kind of like the classic Jake and Amir Collegehumor sketches, these remind me more of the classic Hardly Working Sketches.

Jared Higdon : DARREN KENYEL

JBronz : "Oh captain my captain, what shall we do with this traitor?" "...Off with his head"

Let's Talk About It : Ok, this is the hardest I've laughed at one of these including all of the Jeff, the Dumbass eps.

ffitzpaty13 : Honestly, this is the first HeadGum video I enjoyed

Lachlan F : kankiel got me then 2 seconds later i hate wipe my screen with the dead oan condolences