5 Games You Never Knew Contained Actual Viruses & Malware | Fact Hunt

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Moving Parts : *"Do you remember **_Minecraft?"_* Is a phrase I never thought I'd hear.

Cameron Goode : Wait I noticed Fifa wasn't on the list. If you put the disc in it installs the malware known as the latest Fifa game.

WelloBello : “Completely obscure game no one has ever heard of.” “Touhou” I don’t know if Japanese influence is lighter in the U.K but Touhou is pretty well known.

MegaMilo 95 : Sorry, but that blue screen didn't got me... *I'm using Android.*

The Creeper King : “That LEGO building game!” *just no. no.* Wait when could you get skins from Minecraft.net?

Aosha : Not sure the Touhou example is really applicable, since it had nothing to do with the official release. The Minecraft one at least was through the official domain. Also "no one has heard of Touhou" WHAAT?

FluffyroxGames : *Talking about Minecraft for PC* *Shows Xbox footage*

SmegPod : >touhou >obscure >pronounces it "toe-hoo" larry please

Ragheed Bahnam : Wheres plague Inc that game has a virus If you know what I mean

Bonezee : Joke's on you, Larry. Real 90s kids don't even upgrade past windows 7 if they can avoid it.

Kitnighty : I'm surprised more people haven't heard of this one Sonic fangame- Sonic Gather Battle- that essentially was programmed out the ass with viruses because the developer was hyper-defensive about people stealing his sprites. The game logs the players IP address and sends it to the developer, and if it detects the player using a cheat engine, or the player *typing the games name in the search engine along with the words "hack" or "cheat"* , the game makes itself virtually unplayable until you contact the developer and prove your innocence, after which he remotely fixes the game. All this to, again, keep people from stealing sprites...that he didn't even legally own. Which people found a way to do anyway, lol. Further details here: http://malware.wikia.com/wiki/Sonic_Gather_Battle

ARMY : 1:11 joke on you im still using window XP hahaha haha.... hah *sob* *sob*


Super Sophisticated : The blue screen thing actually scared me a bit for a second until I realized I’m on an iPad Pro

Kagami Hiiragi : 6:17 Oh, so that's why YouTube recommended this video to me.

ShibaKai : 1:11 Joke's on you, I'm on linux.

Lion O Cyborg : The windows 10 blue screen joke was just priceless. XD

GameGuru : *Implying Touhou is obscure.

Umatsu Obossa : Cordyceps is not a virus, it's a parasitic FUNGUS.

Zaidia : Consoles can't get Viruses? Alright then, what about when modders soft-lock your consoles? Not a virus but still very inconvenient.

TheDarkNinja YT : EA is a virus. It's called ransomware to play the game

Three-Toed Sloth Gaming : All 5 of these WEAK VIRUSES Why not SUPER-HOT DESKTOP

Kaguya Houraisan : I have no respect to this idiot(cuz of putting a non-game-bundled virus to this list) anymore

wearle87 : Capcom uploaded a rootkit for PC during an update to Street Fighter 5. They did it on purpose in hopes to stop modding but took it out almost instantly when people flipped out.

Tela Moshtlodo : What noob can't do lunatic mode in Touhou? Hah.

Christopher Sadlowski : Cordyceps is a fungus...yeah, I'm being that guy right now and I'm not going to apologize.

Ogamis : Obscure game no one has ever heard of > *Touhou* What is this heresy?

The Dinklevoss Twins : Definitely a contender for most effective jumpscare of the year.

Kaguya Houraisan : I Bet your game alike thing contains some viruses

Doom Guy : Ha! I'm on mobile! You can't fool me Larry!

Kaguya Houraisan : Unofficial Viruses Don't Count

Nick Armor : You missed StarForce. It was a literal rootkit masquerading as DRM software.

Noah I. : 1:11 haha, I was watching this on my phone.

TVG Philippines : "Your PC ran into a problem" Me: Checkmate. I'm using a phone.

Elisabeth Heiman : Apparently, the Japanese version of Cross Days, an erotic visual novel, combated piracy by tricking pirates into downloading what they though was the game installer was actually a virus. So FSL aren't the first ones to intentionally put a virus in their game, but the way they handed it was just terrible even though I don't think that anyone should do that to their game in the first place even as a way to fight pirates. There are much better ways to troll pirates rather than ruining their computers that ends up affecting legit copies too.

Chamber Hawking : Offering Norton to fix your virus infected computer is like asking someone if they want gasoline to help put out their house fire.

shutupliam : you do know its mo-JANG not mo-an okay?

leo lets plays and more : what game is that at 0:49?

Samuffert : Well Touhou 12 is one of my favorite Shoot em ups/ bullet hell ever so... I could try.

jason tjandra : That blue screen got me........ And I'm in an Android

Jenny Scott : "Remember Minecraft?" I was literally just playing it before watching this video. I find it relaxing.

Jack : >touhou >"unheard of obscure game" yea theres an mistake

MaddieMJD : Welp, wasn't expecting Touhou to be on this list

Leonikki Johni : >Touhou is obscure Oh man. :^) But ayyy my favorite 2hu game~

Cameron West : If no one has never heard of Touhou then how come I have so much porn of the characters on my PC then, huh, Larry?


Zekeram12 : Expected Sonic Gather Battle to be on the list

Emo Squiddy : yay for dannoct1 video shown him love that guy

Squigglefang :3 : “Completely obscure game no-one’s ever heard of before” >Shows Touhou Project Oh honey...