5 Games You Never Knew Contained Actual Viruses & Malware | Fact Hunt

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Matt : Consoles can't get viruses *Laughs in Sony PlayStation December demo disc*

TanukiShy : 1:11 Joke's on you, I didn't watch on fullscreen.

MegaMilo 95 : Sorry, but that blue screen didn't got me... *I'm using Android.*

1 man 1 comment : i literally jumped out of bed when you flashed the error screen. bravo.

GameGuru : *Implying Touhou is obscure.

Cameron Goode : Wait I noticed Fifa wasn't on the list. If you put the disc in it installs the malware known as the latest Fifa game.

For the Record : Any bloody game with SecuROM, if you ask me.

Kitnighty : I'm surprised more people haven't heard of this one Sonic fangame- Sonic Gather Battle- that essentially was programmed out the ass with viruses because the developer was hyper-defensive about people stealing his sprites. The game logs the players IP address and sends it to the developer, and if it detects the player using a cheat engine, or the player *typing the games name in the search engine along with the words "hack" or "cheat"* , the game makes itself virtually unplayable until you contact the developer and prove your innocence, after which he remotely fixes the game. All this to, again, keep people from stealing sprites...that he didn't even legally own. Which people found a way to do anyway, lol. Further details here: http://malware.wikia.com/wiki/Sonic_Gather_Battle

Graysongdl : Did this guy do any research? A. Minecraft wasn't even the thing that contained the virus. B. You realize that Touhou ransomware wasn't packaged WITH the actual game, right? It may be interesting to hear about this stuff, but claiming stuff that isn't true ruins the whole point. For all I know, you lied about everything else on the list, too. Had the video title been something like "5 Game-Related Pieces of Malware", Minecraft and Touhou would have fit on the list just fine.

Daniel Staples : Warning: The Peter Molyneux virus Effects include making something terrible and promising to make a better version of it in the future

Super Sophisticated : The blue screen thing actually scared me a bit for a second until I realized I’m on an iPad Pro

Sundaydish1 : A virus can delete your porn collection? <- Turns off router.

WelloBello : “Completely obscure game no one has ever heard of.” “Touhou” I don’t know if Japanese influence is lighter in the U.K but Touhou is pretty well known.

Kagami Hiiragi : 6:17 Oh, so that's why YouTube recommended this video to me.

im salt : 7:06 "Something borderline impossible on the games easy setting" *Shows gameplay of score nearing 3 billion on lunatic difficulty*

Big Dog Mcgee : So half of the list doesn't actually "Contain actual viruses & Malwares" as the clickbait title claims.

Lion O Cyborg : The windows 10 blue screen joke was just priceless. XD

ARMY : 1:11 joke on you im still using window XP hahaha haha.... hah *sob* *sob*

sc : Incoming waves of butthurt weebs REEEEing at the fact that you called Touhou obscure.

Bryce McKenzie : 1:10 Only works on Windows PCs. The rest of us just look on confused

Captain Bongwater : >games nobody's ever heard of >touhou Someone hasn't been to sadpanda.

Andrew cohen : You bastard, Larry! I thought that BSOD was an actual BSOD on my PC then. You got me good!

Pixie Panda Plush : (5:20) I _assume_ it was titled something like "skin.png.exe", and as the file extension is hidden by default, it appears to say "skin.png", and if opened, will run as an executable. – It should already be a red flag that you see the ".png" extension on this file and no other files. But by default, Windows should not hide the file extensions. If they want reduce the clutter, make the file extension grey, like parts of the address is in web browsers. – (5:50) Ah, so it was a "skin.png.bat" file.

Ceri Tsujimura : *hOw daRe yOu saY tOuhOu iS oBscuRE* No seriously though how did you ever come to that conclusion

MegamanNG : Fact Hunt is back and I so am excited for more of these. Good work Larry.

Zekeram12 : Expected Sonic Gather Battle to be on the list

Ragheed Bahnam : Wheres plague Inc that game has a virus If you know what I mean

Gigaboom _ : Everyone is saying touhou isn't obscure... I have no idea what touhou is.

Flux_Time : I moved youtube between monitors and that blue screen popped up and i was so confused

Justin Y. : Bubsy 3D is so bad that it transcends gaming and becomes a virus

The Dinklevoss Twins : Definitely a contender for most effective jumpscare of the year.

ShibaKai : dOnT CoPy ThaT FloOpy

Moving Parts Gaming : *"Do you remember **_Minecraft?"_* Is a phrase I never thought I'd hear.

Nick Johnson : Lol that blue screen was great. It’s been done before but genuinely caught me off guard this time. Then I remembered that I’m on an iPad.

cartmann94 : 1:10 Must have been that complimentary Peter Molyneux reference that crashed the video.

ShibaKai : 1:11 Joke's on you, I'm on linux.

MafiousBJ : You need to put what games you get your footage from for the intros!. I´m a fan of side scrolling beat them ups and you show some really cool ones in your intro!!!

MCRodriguez 1989 : Joke's on you and the BSOD gag. I'm currently on my Windows 7 laptop that doesn't have such a crappy BSOD design as the W10 one.

TheUnbeatableSquad : I hope Street Fighter 5 PC version is on here

Bonezee : Joke's on you, Larry. Real 90s kids don't even upgrade past windows 7 if they can avoid it.

Ahanix : ah you son of a, you got me with that fakeout

Christopher Sadlowski : Cordyceps is a fungus...yeah, I'm being that guy right now and I'm not going to apologize.

Tom Eastwood : 1:11 im so happy i wasnt in full screen lmao

Bryce McKenzie : Wow. This is Fucked. I can't believe some games were sold with Viruses.

Xkylyr Rauh : Glad to hear the Interstate '76 soundtrack is still making the rounds. :)

Da Kat : "Contained actual vir-" Well played

Ignacio Raglianti : So... Am I the only one who wants to know the name of that super funky song from the intro?

Pakistani Mario : Larry is the type of guy you want to come around for a chat and tea and biscuits.

SmegPod : >touhou >obscure >pronounces it "toe-hoo" larry please