Amy Schumer Joke Stealing Compilation - All Examples

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Amy Schumer Joke Stealing Compilation: All Examples ( as of April 2017) I have 4 separate videos, so I thought I would combine them all for the sake of convenience. Here are the 4 others. Featuring Amy "parallel thinking jokes" from Daniel Tosh, Patrice O'Neal, Louis CK, Dave Chappelle, Dave Attell, Ellen DeGeneres, John Mulaney, and many more.

Comments from Youtube

Submersed24 : I would write something funny here, but I don't want Amy Schumer to steal it.

Friedrich Nietzsche : How much time did you spend watching Amy Schumer to find all this? That's really taking one for the team, respect.

Carrie Peach : Wow. She's really crazy. When she stole Ellen's joke. And then told Ellen HER stolen joke.. On air. Psycho

Uncanny X-Clan : the only time I laughed at Amy Schumar was at the end when she said "I would never do anything that was even similar to anyone else"

Señor Star : Seriously, you guys need to stop doing this Amy schumer hate videos, you guys are harassing her Said no one ever

WaffleCat : Amy: "Do you eat popcorn like that?" Ellen: "Yeah, I eat it *exactly* like that" Well, talk about passive aggressiveness.

Emmett LaFave : it's amazing because I found her obnoxious and unfunny before I knew this so she somehow managed to take good material, rip it off 100% and fumble it so hard it's not at all funny anymore.

Petrifiedgrunt _ : Amy Schumer is that kid that would get told a joke from someone in class and say the joke but louder as if it was hers

ertyui wertyui : You know you’ve made it when Amy Schumer steals ur jokes

Serene creenne : She explains the joke while making a joke.. she truly knows how to destroy a joke for herself and also for the actual comic. She is like comedy kleptomaniac

Stoic Club : 2 cannibals are eating Amy Schumer. One asks "Does this taste funny to you?" The other cannibal replies "No, not at all"

adam harp : I've always hated Amy Schumer...I never knew she ripped off other people's jokes. Now I hate her even more.

Shang Tsung : The fact you can make almost 30 minutes of this is depressing. Why is she rich and famous??? Tf???

cute alibi : I kept smiling and chuckling at the the other comedians and then amy talks and my smile just goes away


Bill Farrand : I would write something funny here but I don't want Amy Schumer to steal it.

Ethan Bates : You must’ve watched a lot of Amy Schumer. How do I pay my respects to a true soldier

1,000,000 subs with no videos : Amy schumers funny That's a joke I stole that Like someone we know

dez lucas : Ladies and gentlemen, the woman who thinks she deserves the same amount of pay as Dave Chappelle..

Tupac 23337 : Id prolly give her the benefit of the doubt if the video wasnt 26 minutes of evidence😂

SylenDraws : Not only does Amy steal her Jokes, but she somehow manages to make ALL of them less Funny. It requires a Special kind of Talent to be this Horrible at Comedy.

Moss Patch : 12:06 ok the fact that she said the same thing in the *same* *order* pretty much just flat out tells you she stole it

Donald the Tiger : Its so fascinating how unfunny she makes these jokes

Textured : She went from stealing from stores to stealing from people

Cannon Hall : The balls that she has to have to tell one of Ellen’s jokes... TO ELLEN

sweaty guy steve : What I can't understand is how Amy Schumer got big in the first place? Also how did she become famous? Like who the hell listened to her jokes and was like "Yup, this one has lots of potential, so hilarious!"

Mehmet Türkoğlu : Jesus I didnt know it was this bad.

Linger : She doesn’t even say it in a funny way

Nitin Singh : Every fourth word of hers is "like". So cringey.

Nultari : Guy took one for the team to watch all her material to make this video. Wow

rey alexis : Amy schumer is a joke... She probably stole that from someone else

Andy Vidal : It's sad how many examples of this there are.

Jangus : Regardless of her stolen content, her delivery is so robotic and uncomfortable. I've never seen such a human being who has literally nothing going for them in life.

J-Pocket : I never thought she was funny. Turns out it's because I've heard the jokes before.

Tucent : 9:53 She did Ellen, on Ellen, TO Ellen, and then asked Ellen if she ever Ellen'd, & Ellen said YES! I can't believe this is my reality.

Tegan 5112 : Don’t you _ever_ steal from John Mulaney ever again

natedeezyfrost : Stealing jokes from a dead man... Does she not have any shame? RIP Patrice O'Neal, a comedian with real talent

Guccicurry : Amy schumer is the only woman i can not imagine as a sexual being, like imagine that thing spreading her cheeks

no no : It was cringey watching the Ellen bit

Convicuous : Can women be funny? Yes just not Amy Schumer

Denholm Andrews : it hurts to hear people laughing and clapping at her stolen jokes

Susanna M : ok, but that kevin ck guy was awful

Saif Chowdhury : She said the joke the person she stole it from? 10:30 😂 epic fail

zexna : You could make an Amy Schumer best jokes compilation made entirely from other people’s content

Vlone Thug : "Can I copy your home work?" "•yeah just change it up a bit so nobody notices•"

Marie Carlsen : Gonna be honest - i did not watch it to the end. Somehow she managed to male me cringe even though she stole some actual funny jokes

The Beat Vandal : How does she have a career? (Seriously)

Somali pirate who's actually somali : How is it possible to say the same joke and make it unfunny? Oh yeah you have to be some kind of amy Schumer

ASDF Gamer : I love how when putting this in the search bar I only had to type ‘Amy Schumer’ and the auto fill had joke steal compilation