Amy Schumer Joke Stealing Compilation - All Examples

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Brandon Farley (MischiefMaker37) : I have 4 separate videos, so I thought I would combine them all for the sake of convenience and context. Here are the 4 others.

SylenDraws : Not only does Amy steal her Jokes, but she somehow manages to make ALL of them less Funny. It requires a Special kind of Talent to be this Horrible at Comedy.

make it so, number one : Ive never known a (and i use this term losley) comedian to steal so much material before.

Elinia Tollea : The audacity and bravery it took for Amy to tell Ellen her own joke is unparalleled.

Average Joe Films : Amy Schumer is like the kidz bop of comedy... bad covers of better comedians

Max Rockatansky : No hate, she just isn't funny. Her delivery, her mannerisms...everything. Not funny.

Little Cripple : It would have been quicker just to show the jokes she doesn't steal

Andrew's Theories : You missed the part where she stole miss piggy’s look.

Mustardeer M : I just tried uploading Amy's original jokes but youtube wouldn't accept a vid with a 0 sec running time.

Andreas Von Maier : "Can I copy your homework" "Sure just change it up a bit so no one knows" *Results:*

Leather Neck : She has 0 comedic timing. ZERO.

Aurora Sparks : What kind of balls do you have to have to tell Ellen her own joke on her own show

Piss BeUponHim : Why hasn't she been sued for this ? This is literally stealing

eliaswolf77 : 10:49 Ellen knew her joke was stolen but she chose to just laugh and pretend that Schumer wasn't a unimaginative fraud. Sadly being a host she had no choice, calling out Schumer on air could have lost her, her job. Ellen really is an incredible and original comedian.

Sam Schell : She takes other people's jokes.... And makes them worse

inquizative44 : Ellen was a sport for tolerating that...but did you see the last look on her face😏😠😠

L Shawn : When Amy said she wanted to become a comedian, everyone laughed, now no one is laughing(stolen)

Neil Yaremchuk : I always thought everyone was just hating on her because of her rise in popularity. Total joke thief.

Ma Hobgood : She isn't even funny delivering other people's jokes

Mario Ordaz : How TF does a person have the audacity to steal a joke from the person that they're telling it front of a live audience?

Frankie Presto : I’m just glad that everyone has stopped pretending like she is some figurehead of female empowerment. She’s a chubby joke thief.

CabinDoor : It's absurd. What a fraud.

Jesse Ferrer : Not only does Amy steal jokes but then she makes them worse by butchering the punchlines or by saying things out of context. She is the worst!!

Captain Mutato : The 1st one amazes me because it shows how dumb her own fans are. It's like they only laughed because she delivered "I didn't even notice" in the form of a punch line but it wasn't funny nor was it the point of the joke. "I thought you were just tired" is the punch line but she butchered it.

Dario Cyr : I didn't think it was possible to steal jokes and do it worse

inquizative44 : I GOT IT! ....Amy Schumer tells jokes like she's repeating a joke she heard last night at a comedy club .....It's never as funny as the original. Like they say....."You had to be there it was a sooo funny!"

Matt Trulock : If you ever feel bad about yourself, always remind yourself; at least you aren't the person who clapped (let alone pay money) for an Amy Schumer show

Benjamin Foster : maybe she doesn't even write her jokes and it is her thieving sister ripping them off and giving them to her. The shoplifting thing says it all.

JAB TV : what jokes of hers are original?

TRUTH FINDER : I knew she stole a lot of other comedians jokes but I never realized it was at this level. almost everything she says is stolen. take her off tv.

MasterRend4n : Amy should be blacklisted from netflix, and all other streaming and tv services

OfficeHanchoBoxing : Damn man she stole from Patrice O'neal to ! Thats messed up, she lucky Patrice isnt here right now. RIP

Noodle Doodle :3 : Ellen is laughing cause Amy delivered Ellen’s own joke horribly.

Clint Eastwood : The worst part is her whole act was stolen I mean how many videos were for the one stand up

Neh-Bih Sangbong : Thief! 😂

DMill791 : Be nice to think that (like Robin Williams) she would pay the comedians responsible after stealing their material. But I highly doubt it.

dark41969 : Wow. She str8 jacked jokes from these comedians. She owes them royalties.

Apple dumpling Gang : Schumer is the skid mark on the underpants of comedy

Mezmerized4Life Jay : Wow, can i steal some jokes & get paid millions please 🤣

Dave B : God, I can’t stand her. Just like Kathy Griffith, not...even...funny. I’d Slap Chef the shit outta both of them in the face. 🙄

Cracker : *Amy Schumer stealing jokes for 26 minutes straight*

DreTheThinker : The balls of telling Ellen's joke to Ellen's face

Croz Raven : Every comedian that got stolen should've DMCA her contents.

PeTeR piper : Okay if you're going to steal do it the way a great number of prominent successful comedians have done it. Go to The Comedy Club and see unknown comics that are working out new material and wait till the audience laughs and whenever the audience laughs write down what they said. An unknown isn't going to accuse you of plagiarism nobody will believe them anyway... now you're getting away with it and there's not a YouTube video to document it.

ccrs776 : What I find the most funny about Amy whatever her name, is that I didn't even know she existed until she started getting made fun of.

James R : wow this is alot of stolen content how can she really sit there and claim she hasnt


Ellie Bean : Amy Schumer stealing jokes from Daniel Tosh. It’s like seeing 2 retards try to trip each other up on the 100 meter dash at the special olympics.

ghost filled basement ss : Plagiarism plain and simple. Her newest one is "I feel pretty" which is pretty much " Shallow Hal" but from a different point of view.

Clive David : i actually mafe it through this pile of poo. shame on you Amy Schumer. SHAME! SHAME!