Amy Schumer Joke Stealing Compilation - All Examples

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Brandon Farley (MischiefMaker37) : I have 4 separate videos, so I thought I would combine them all for the sake of convenience and context. Here are the 4 others.

Aurora Sparks : What kind of balls do you have to have to tell Ellen her own joke on her own show

L Shawn : When Amy said she wanted to become a comedian, everyone laughed, now no one is laughing(stolen)

Randyy1 : On the last one... "As a comic, I wanna F around..." yeah, because comics are licensed joke tellers and us mortals are not allowed to have fun.

Splat : 13:49 the only reason that original joke was so funny was the timing, and schumer managed to fail that completely lmao

ArchieGe : @26:00 "I would never do anything that is even similar to anyone else" Now That's Hilarious !

Lapse : you KNOW its bad when its 26 MINUTES

Frederick0220 : What a POS. Damn shame she achieved so much wealth and fame despite the fact she’s an unethical, talentless joke pilferer.

Sven Last Name : She's like Dee Reynolds but less funny and looks more like a bird

Christopher Kolombus : It's like cheating off your homies homework in school; you look at the general concept and just sum it up into your own sentence. That's pretty much exactly what she's, or even her writing staff, do to other comics.

Astro Bear : I don't even know who she is but I watched the entire thing and I'm upset.

Dizastermaster : Stole it from even College Humor? Damn.

Arnav Dinesh Kamath : "Yeah I do. I made a joke about *exactly* that." ~Ellen's Thoughts 2015

Maziar Mirrokni : Not only does she copy jokes, but she murders those jokes as well

CabinDoor : It's absurd. What a fraud.

Norrin Radd : I was laughing at some of the jokes, but not once did I laugh when Amy told the same joke. She stole them and ruined them.

RYAN B : I think the worst part of this whole video was the fact we had to sit through Amy Schumer’s terrible rendition of the stolen material

Josiah Sutherland : "Can I copy your homework?" "Yeah just changes some stuff so it doesn't look like you copied"

Star Lord : oh Amy i knew it was coming lol YOU ARE FOOOKED haha

SylenDraws : Not only does Amy steal her Jokes, but she somehow manages to make ALL of them less Funny. It requires a Special kind of Talent to be this Horrible at Comedy.

Vincezilla : My mom accidentally laughed at Schumer once, I had to put her in a home.

CreativeJustice : Amy is tapping into the collective unconscious of ugly people! She is not stealing jokes

Not my name : Oh my god she stole Ellen's joke, and then used it on her!!!! Like how did Ellen not call her on that.

Colton Capps : Amy Schumer is pathetic

Little Cripple : ❤️ Carlos Mencia's soulmate ❤️

Just An Edit : "I eat it exactly like that." Ellen will remember that.

Eggy Soldier : S c *h* u m *e* *r* just remove *her*

Too Shmart : Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer's niece. Enough said!

Hannibal Lecter : I’m a liberal. And I’m immensely ashamed of Amy and hate her with a passsion. I’d kill her and eat her but then I’d live with the fact that I ate Amy Schumer in a way.

Tay R-B : On Ellen’s 👏 own 👏 show 👏 how dare she

room-ten-oh-nine ! : I always thought she was a real CUNT, that's before I found out she's also a joke hack!

Kurt Freaking Cobain : This comment section is funnier than any of her standup

around Annebel : Honestly, I wonder if the examples of the jokes Amy (or her writers) stole, were also truely the first ones. Maybe they also "stole" the jokes from others. Allthough this video seems huge, lets not forget we grab very verytony parts of huge shows of Amy. Of course not every single joke is original

David Mayberry : The most creative thing about her is the way she can just slightly alter any joke to pretend that it's not the same.

OfficeHanchoBoxing : Damn man she stole from Patrice O'neal to ! Thats messed up, she lucky Patrice isnt here right now. RIP

Cory Wade : Wow, that's sad as hell. Somebody pls forward this to Joe Rogan and Stephen Crowder

nothin2pruv : The first 6 minutes of this video is twice the total time I've ever spent listening to her. Life was better before.

David Rogowski : At about 12 minutes I finally decided "ok, these can't be a coincidence". I wasn't even half way though... Wow...

Ross Holt : All these people saying she's talentless. No she isn't. Any person who can take a joke, repeat it verbatim, but make it incredibly unfunny has some serious talent.

Tim Gantumur : What a fake fruad

SlavenHarkin : I get the feeling that her shoplifting being a physical experience is part of why she steals jokes and uses them (the other reason being her lack of talent in writing any herself). I bet she gets a thrill out of it. She even did Ellen's bit on Ellen's show... That was probably the ultimate physical experience to steal someone's joke from the person whose show you are on and present the joke on that person's own show while getting away with it...

ChezDayable : What's really weird is most of these jokes weren't funny the first time around.

d silverleaf : CAN I ASK U SOMETHING, HAVE U ATTEMPTED TO READ ALL 18,394 COMMENTS,, btw kudos on the vid. amy scammer, she deserves to wash out.

KillFace4President : Dane Cook gets accused of stealing one joke and his career gets ruined. Amy steals hundreds of jokes and her career is flourishing. It makes no sense. And I actually liked Dane Cook

Little Cripple : It would have been quicker just to show the jokes she doesn't steal

Random Royce : A fraud and dishonest person just like her father.

JK : Everyone who laughs about her jokes and pay to see her should be executed on the spot. These people are a danger to our society

Jaise Panda : its sad that its 26 minutes

Jimmy lee : I can't wait until her funeral. I'll get to finally piss on someones grave.

Damn Dog Games : Stealing from Dylan Moran. Line has been crossed