Amy Schumer Joke Stealing Compilation - All Examples

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Brandon Farley (MischiefMaker37) : I have 4 separate videos, so I thought I would combine them all for the sake of convenience and context. Here are the 4 others.

SylenDraws : Not only does Amy steal her Jokes, but she somehow manages to make ALL of them less Funny. It requires a Special kind of Talent to be this Horrible at Comedy.

But it do : Pinocchio's nose grows every time he lies. Amy Schumer's waist grows every time she steals a joke.

Jerry Nguyen : Someone give this man an applause for going through all these Amy Schumer scene to make this video!.

Adi : Every other female comedian : *ORIGINAL JOKES* Amy Schumer : *MY VAGINA.....* Vagina : am i a joke to you??

Mordicai : She's so unfunny, the laugh track won't even laugh

Little Cripple : It would have been quicker just to show the jokes she doesn't steal

astance 08 : it made me uncomfortable when she told Ellen’s joke to her

John McCarthy : i know she stole the jokes but did she have to eat the comedians too?

Max Miesen : 10:23 When you screenshot a text and accidentally send it back to the same person

Ronin Jeremy : funny thing is the originals are actually much funnier

Aurora Sparks : What kind of balls do you have to have to tell Ellen her own joke on her own show

jakob barr : "Her joke has the same punchline as mine." Amy Schumer No....your joke has the same punchline as hers, know the difference.

Jack Benton : It's amazing to me that nobody appears to have put two and two together in these comments. Schumer has admitted straight up that she is a kleptomaniac who has stolen thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from stores. Plenty of people call themselves "kleptos" in a joking or offhand manner, but she points out that she does it specifically for the rush she gets from the act itself, AND from getting away with it, which is EXACTLY what actual kleptomaniacs are looking for when they steal or shoplift. She is literally doing the EXACT SAME THING when it comes to jokes. She steals the jokes and changes them a little bit so she can tell it publicly and get the "rush" when (stupid) people laugh at her stolen jokes. The popcorn joke on the Ellen show is literally the PERFECT example of this. Not only does she steal Ellen's joke (which let's be honest, was barely a joke in the first place because it wasn't funny), but she actually tells the joke RIGHT TO THE FACE of the person she stole it from. That is not some "coincidence" where she stole the joke, forgot who she stole it from because she's stolen so many, and accidentally told it right to the person she stole it from. She deliberately did that on purpose "for the rush", because she KNEW that Ellen would be WAAY too classy to actually call out one of her guests for stealing one of her "jokes" or bits in front of millions of people...if she even remembered telling the joke at all. So in actuality it makes perfect sense that she has stolen pretty much all of her material from someone else. She has a legitimate psychological problem. And no, I don't feel sorry for her or pity or whatever because she has a legit mental problem. She's literally become a millionaire off of other people's jokes. Supposedly Netflix pays about $20 MILLION for each of those stand-up specials they have big-name comedians do for them. Hers was the worst stand-up I have EVER seen. She comes out looking like a fucking sausage with rubber skin in that tight-ass leather outfit and EVERY SINGLE ONE of her jokes BOMBED. There was barely ANY laughter for her ENTIRE "act". She has ZERO natural comedic talent...ALL of her success was built off the backs of other, harder-working comedians.

uglyduckling81 : Stealing Ellen's joke and retelling it on Ellen's show is absolutely classic.

Allah SpreadsHate : Her delivery is terrible. She's stealing funny source material and still dying on her arse... That takes a special kind of talent.

L Shawn : When Amy said she wanted to become a comedian, everyone laughed, now no one is laughing(stolen)

Scary Social : Lmao Daniel Tosh caught her with her plagiarism! 😂

ughlivia : stealing a joke from Ellen and then performing it on her (horribly) is just wrong

Thanks : I'm so sorry for the person who had to watch so much of her stuff to make this video

Mike Perry : she would be absolutely perfect casting for a live action miss piggy

Matt Trulock : If you ever feel bad about yourself, always remind yourself; at least you aren't the person who clapped (let alone pay money) for an Amy Schumer show

Thomas Schuler : Has two of her own chins, none of her own jokes. Maybe she ate her funny bone.

Finn Underwood : Some of these I could excuse as just convergent thinking. Observational comedy does that. ...but when compiled with super blatant examples that are inexcusably theft, along with an insanely large number of other "suspiciously similar" bits.. it puts the previously excusable jokes into context. ...How tf does Amy still have a job?

mateo norton : The Ellen one killed me. Ellen’s joke stolen in front of Ellen herself

Tommy Ostrowski : She’s the Fat White Chick in HighSchool who would date and get dicked by all the BlackGuys, but every so often would randomly show up to parties in HighSchool, and blow all the Drunk jocks. Before disappearing and only be seen at the mall and amusement parks holding hands with her matching outfit BlaCk BoyFriend till the next random party she showed up to and made the back of her throat a Cum dumpster for every drunk jock there.

CabinDoor : It's absurd. What a fraud.

Sock Gremlin : They should replace her Netflix special for this video and maybe it will do better...🤔

g gomez : i heard amy and carlos mencia used to to date, but they broke up because they kept stealing food off of each others plates 😏

Chelsea Anonymous : If you're gonna plagiarize at least put some work into it lmao and on top of that she literally draws attention to it by stating that all the comedians she steals from are her favorites. Face palm.

david goulding : The fact that she used the same joke on Ellen that Ellen told tells me she probably doesn't even steal the material herself. She butchers jokes so badly I'm positive she's never even seen the source material. Her sister steals the jokes and spoon-feeds them to her. It's worse than we thought. Ellen not noticing tells me she probably didn't write that bit herself either OR she's too busy kissing guest ass to react accordingly

make it so, number one : Ive never known a (and i use this term losley) comedian to steal so much material before.

Danimal1177 : I really like Wendy Liebman's jokes from the early 90's. Great material, great delivery. A true talent. Then Amy comes along and tells the same jokes with the comedic timing of someone whose first language is not English.

DAR1776 : I love how every time it’s brought up, she says something about sexism and she thinks she gets out of it

Ramses Kush : 26 min of fraud...pathetic

dark justice : Ok so assuming 20s a joke and its a 26 min video......produces ~78 jokes stolen.

OfficeHanchoBoxing : Damn man she stole from Patrice O'neal to ! Thats messed up, she lucky Patrice isnt here right now. RIP

SIR Churchill : Women can be funny .... just yell MY VAGINA!!!! South Park nailed it.

Rork, The Game Master : I’m willing to give leeway to some (keyword: some) of the jokes because they’re kinda obvious jokes or they’ been around for a while (the Jesus and Maury one and the Daniel Tosh Babe Ruth one especially after ERB used similar jokes) but come on Amy, The MadTv shopping one at 3:10 is literally almost shot for shot.

Hey It's Vayl! : Oh my god how does she just ruin the delivery what the hell

Hannah Rovente : I used to like her but this is more than just coincidence, this is blatant.

Averybindups : the worst part is that every joke she steals is so much worse than the original one

Benny Sartin : This is so blatant, it actually angers me. Big props to Tammy Pescatelli for calling her out. 👍👍

Buzzin Boi : It's funny how she loses track of the jokes she steals and who she steals them from, I wonder if Ellen remembered that it was her joke when amy was talking to her

nazi frog : Amy Schumer famous for being a whore.😎

peekaboots01 : Looks like the writers were doing the stealing. At least for the show, maybe not her stand up.

Slippy S. : Ellen straight up laughed to her own joke hahaha

Dawson Garret : Amy Schumar isn't just a joke stealer. She's a food stealer

Sloghen : I got a joke! Any Schumer makes her own material

Art Vandely : I honestly have to give her credit for spewing Ellen’s own joke right to her face so poorly that Ellen didn’t even notice. That’s special.