Amy Schumer Joke Stealing Compilation - All Examples

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Brandon Farley (MischiefMaker37) : I have 4 separate videos, so I thought I would combine them all for the sake of convenience and context. Here are the 4 others.

Little Cripple : It would have been quicker just to show the jokes she doesn't steal

Little Cripple : ❤️ Carlos Mencia's soulmate ❤️

ashley lorden : Netflix paid her 13M for stealing other comedians jokes...? Makes sense.

AnonRanGER01 : Why did I just watch half an hour of Amy Schumer making funnier people's jokes worse? I need to rethink my life.

SylenDraws : Not only does Amy steal her Jokes, but she somehow manages to make ALL of them less Funny. It requires a Special kind of Talent to be this Horrible at Comedy.

eddie julian : This just shows the difference between a real comedic genius and a joke stealing hack. I didn't even crack a smile this whole video but as soon as Dave Chappelle opened his mouth I was rolling and I've seen that special a ton of times. That dude is funny as hell.

Aisling McCloskey : I love how amy told ellen's joke to ELLEN

Prajal Rai : When amy told everyone she wanted to be a comedian everybody used to laugh, but now she is a comedian nobody laughs.

Trevbot77 : She admitted she loves the thrill of stealing so she most likely loves the thrill of lying to everyone too. She has a problem

Nultari : Guy took one for the team to watch all her material to make this video. Wow

PBR Streetgang : The schadenfreude in watching Ellen listening to Amy tell HER joke on HER show is just too rich. Wish Ellen would have called her out on it; surely she still remembers the joke.

Freikorps11/11 : Damn miss piggy steals more jokes than carlos manstealia

Chad : If you can have a 30 minute video made of just you stealing someone’s jokes then it’s time to find a new job...

Spud : They all sound quite similar, but that MADTV comparison could not have been a coincidence. That was straight up ctrl+c/ctrl+v.

Tim Gantumur : What a fake fruad

Rogue Seraph : She even stole Miss Piggy's look. (Btw, I stole this joke from a guy below on the comment section...please love me)

the twin towers is a lie : Have you noticed that Amy Schumer looks like Mrs Piggy

Kirby Brown : It's so weird she stole that joke from Ellen Degeneres and she said the joke to Ellen

Thorsannie : Twenty six minutes long

OfficeHanchoBoxing : Damn man she stole from Patrice O'neal to ! Thats messed up, she lucky Patrice isnt here right now. RIP

FirmGrip DownWithTheShip : THIS 26 minutes should be a Netflix special. Brutal. I knew she sucked...but this is a whole new level of bad.

Spencer robertson : Holy shit this guy put so much work into this video

ELSGaming : Stealing Ellen's joke, then saying it on her own show... Amy, no no no

Christain Rodrigues : Oh my god, the video has 26 minutes!

Averybindups : the worst part is that every joke she steals is so much worse than the original one

Cracker : *Amy Schumer stealing jokes for 26 minutes straight*

Todd Walker : Jesus Christ, you know you are a talentless hack when it takes this long of a video to show all the material you have stolen.


Huh-Aoaoh Humphrey Ward : Amy Schumer stole Ellen’s joke and told it to Ellen

Slippy S. : Ellen straight up laughed to her own joke hahaha

ilker sönmez : This is way, way worse than I thought.

Mayyur Sudarsan : She probably watches lots of comedy shows and gets influenced subconsciously And write those jokes in different versions in less funny way and didn't even realise it, probably like a 16 year old amateur writer.

dustmart84 : I used to think amy was a solid female comic. Fuck her.

aztecr7 : Fake it til you make it I guess

CabinDoor : It's absurd. What a fraud.

Fansee 13 : That last joke was hilarious, how can she fuck it up so bad?

GenoShell 2 & Knuckles : MY V A G I N A

AllAboardTheDankMemeTrain : It's impressive that she can steal jokes and manage to make them less funny by ruining the punchline every time in order to sound different from the original.

donni febianto : These joke is not even funny ??

gabzy : This is so cringey!!! Why the fuck r there so manyyyy of these!!!!!!!!!

stirfryhomicide : amy shuemer mom gay

gb box : Joe Rogan is the only 1 who can do something about it

Amanda Holleran : She is so unoriginal

OfDeadDestruction : I love that she is telling Ellen's joke to Ellen

Rohanjeet Das : Who the heck even goes for a Schumer show?

Daniel Parache : I didn't know pigs did comedy

Website guy : Man she has stole aaaaaalot.

MR Muffin Man420 : Curb your jokes

SjFc_tommyboy : Amy schumer has two kind of jokes. Gross ones that aren`t funny. Funny jokes she stole and made unfunny.