Recipe Testing: Homemade Pretzels || Ally Bakes
How to make homemade pretzels

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You ever get that random craving for soft pretzels? I do -- and I'm showing you how to satisfy that craving from home!! Let me know what you think of these recipe testing videos! RECIPE: Ally Bakes is a channel dedicated to baking with love, making quirky cake designs, and teaching you how to make baked goods with recipes that are developed and tested by Allysa (pronounced ah-lie-zah), a trained baker and lover of all good food. Music by Jeff Kaale Don't be a stanger~~~ insta @allysaw twitter @allysasaw


Nub Zur : I enjoy your presentation

Dani Zethe : I really like this kind of videos cause I am always scare to try different recipes or change things to mines so i really love it, keep doing it ! I recently found your channel and I love it !

Jordan Lee : Yay another video