We met the world’s first domesticated foxes

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Verge Science : Should we be domesticating wild animals?

Mutantcy1992 : Time to domesticate humans

de0509 : I believe the correct question is, should we be domesticating human? E.g. removing narcissism, uncontrolled greed, pedophilia, etc.

stone wall : I want a domesticated bear ,save me a fortune on security 😂😂

Jawad Kabir : This is the Fox News I want to see

GET LOST!!! : In Soviet Russia, fox domesticate you

PowahSlap Entertainmint : SWIPER, NO SWIPING.

TriBe Crucial : So in 60 years I can have a pet lion?

JJ Marie : Aren't foxes characteristics more like a feline/cat than a dog? If so then it'd be far better to compare their personalities and how they react to humans to a cat instead of a dog. Cats are more independent and sometimes only want your attention when THEY want it while others want it all the time.. Even some dogs are like this but it's mostly cats

Sophia Geisinger : foxes are not like dogs or wolves they dont have the instinct to care for others well being except possible mates and kits. wolves are PACK hunters the well being and survival of each member is important for the pack to be efficient and because the ancestors of dogs are wolves they have cared about their pack that as well but instead seeing its care takers as its pack. foxes unlike that are mostly alone until its time to breed and often think of themselves and there survival rather than that of others. you cant expect a "domesticated" fox to act like a dog at all because they simply have very different instincts so in the video will you stop comparing the behavior of the foxes to that of a dog like its a defect!

Deorman Robey : Wolves are pack oriented, foxes are not.

Lady Gaga's ARTPOP Shiny Blue Ball : "They greet and move on." So they took foxes and made cats, seems like progress, I guess

David Pinto : If they are figuring out how to make foxes friendlier, could they not also do the same towards humans? It would make it a hell of a lot easier to control the population. That kind of scares me a little.

Yv R : I think we should first take our responsibility for all the 'pets' who are neglacted..or so

Tennis addict 21 : Still more domesticated than liberals

okeh : Sit GOOD FOX

Megumi Goose : Honestly domestication could be a saving grace for some species. As humans expand, we could be finding ways to incorporate animals into our world rather than crowding them out. This obviously won't work for every species but it's something to consider in preperation for the future and maintaining genetic diversity

Root Beer : I got bit by a fox once. It didn't like kids. Smart fox lol.

PotatoHippo : This is pretty incredible. There should be a seperate experiment where they take two of lab domesticated foxes and breed, then raise the kits in a home where they are cared for, petted, and loved by humans like we do with kittens, puppies, and pretty much everything else. I bet that would be insane.

Nintendo Mac : HI-YAAAH!!! *shine shine shine*

RapiDSpacE13 : So foxes got turned into cats. We will become like the ancient Egyptians, we shall worship them.

ronald fields : Nope that's not the first. When I was young for about ten years my neighbor raised fox after fox. They loved people and children. The foxes even listened to commands.

zog noty : to answer is million dollar question it happen just after human have start to build city,animal farm,vegetable field etc etc ,then the less shy of the pack have start to move near human to feed at their trash,then they pas that gene to the next generation ,so time was working for a close relation between wolf and human.domestication also do shorter nose,smaller bones structure,multiple pattern that just exist in captivity,they can even make some call that just happen in captivity .

Jodh Turka : 0:23 proof that “Verge” doesn’t pay em well🧐😢

Lance Bartosh : Personally i believe in domesticating all animals. the way i see it, either they're eventually going to be made extinct or exist solely in zoo's due to humans or domesticated by humans. realistically until mass colonization on other planets with the ability for people on earth to travel to said colonies becomes even a remotely feasible idea, I really don't see majority of the wild surviving the ever expanding population.

miss strawberry : Me: guys I’m just gonna get my fox Them: oh so you named you pet “fox” ? Me: **shows them an actual fox** Them: whAT

Ferdinand Dalida : It seems I've wandered in the misanthropic part of YouTube again. I swear I was looking at cute puppies and baby animals a minute ago...

Sal : The dogecoin dog is actually a domesticated fox.

boombadabing : I am SO READY for when foxes can become a house pet <3

Anji B : They forgot to mention that a lot of these domesticated foxes from Russia are sold to the fur trade where they have cruel deaths for their fur. They are sold to the fur trade for money to continue to support their research in Russia. It's extremely heartbreaking.

Benito Llan Matos : I love how each time he says "Belyaev" (or other Russian NAME) the subtitles say "(speaks foreign language)" XD

Tusk : Somebody doesn't understands what a domesticated animal is: First of all a domestic animal is not a home pet by definition altho it does fall in the category its not just pets for example cows are the most domestic animal of them all especially the female because unlike dogs and cats our cows cannot survive without humans to milk them every day without us they die within 2 weeks so anyways a domestic animal is indeed an animal raised by humans but also an animal who's survival depends on humans that said if the animal can feed itself just fine without human help then its not fully domesticated meaning cats are mostly wild since they can survive just fine without us but most dogs cant especially those that barks at anything unfamilly it may be useful as an alarm for humans but in the wild its a real handicap since he'd just scare the pray away - Conclusion cats are not fully domesticated

Ggdivhjkjl : @2:40, that is INCORRECT! The most violent and aggressive foxes were also selected to breed with each other. After several generations, this resulted in pups so fierce that their keepers were afraid to feed them because of the wounds they inflicted through biting and scratching anyone who so much as touched their cages.

Winkinger : "Ok guys we have domesticated dogs to the point where we can do literally anything with them. We have succeeded after generations of breeding work!" ... "And now? .... " ... ... *looks at fox ... ...  "Now we hit prestiege mode!"

Mr. Potatoes Head : People here saying foxes are more like felines/cats. What feline/cat do you know knows how to sit on command?

Skipperino Kripperino : Why the dude look like a fox

Mario Duddu : Foxes are not like wolves and dogs. Wolves and dogs are pack animals, meaning they have evolved to live and survive in groups (packs). They are genetically programmed to live in groups where animals depend on each other. They naturally recognize hierarchies and submit to the dominance of group leader. This is where man comes in. Because of his dominant role, man is seen as the "pack leader" and so it's easy to settle into a submissive role when domesticated. This is why dogs become pets readily. This is also why it's relatively easy to domesticate wolves. But foxes and other animals are are not so. They haven't evolved in groups. It may take many generations of "genetic training" to embed the program of "pack mentality" into such animals. But why meddle with nature? Rather, it would be more useful to us to start understanding how the pack mentality of human beings is being used by governments and media to manipulate people.

Blood Rose : If you need a good animal for security get a skunk I had one she was very curious and usual she scared them all away because ya it's a skunk she also had her sent glands removed she got taken by animal control officers because apparently she sprayed the neighbors even thou she had no sent glands currently in process of getting her back!!!

Spooky Temporium : Bruh I thought the crack on his phone was on my screen

Witte Artistry : This is amazing!

KingSkyLord : If I ever get a domesticated fox, I'm going to teach it how to short-hop double laser.

silverfox1234 : There's me! (The silver fox)

RickK RocKStar : Only by cross breeding with other dog breeds will the fox lose that jumpyness tendency.. Its like a big Chihuahua..

TheExtremeEvoker : Now time to domesticate an Eidolon from warframe PLS NO MORE! I DONT WANT A VOMVALYST BUKAKKE ;(((((((((

MeZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ : 60 years isn't NEARLY long enough to consider a wild animal "domesticated".

Pans Meiser : I am a fox, and I disagreeeeeeh

Delilah the Fox : Domesticate flies next

Edy Madrid : I think they shouldn't be in cages they actually want love

Brian Rivera : Science is amazing

Malena Boeva : Their behaviour is just a mix between a dog's and a cat's