We met the world’s first domesticated foxes

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Verge Science : Should we be domesticating wild animals?

Mutantcy1992 : Time to domesticate humans

MrRednexus : Time to domesticate a Great White shark so I can ride it

Rachel Solomon : "they greet and interact, and then they move on" soooo... they're basically cats.

onedominant : I had a 50/50 coydog (coyote-dog hybrid) for 15 years. Got him at 4 weeks by mishap. A farmer in rural TN left his golden retriever-chow in heat chained to a tree in the front yard during the coyote breeding season in an area where the coyote breeding season seems to be the coyote killing season as well. She must have been discovered by a newly-single male coyote who decided to love her rather than eat her. Two pups in the litter weren't quite right, and one of them the mother kicked out. He wandered a quarter mile to end up at my parents' home, under a car in the carport. When my parents found the owner, he didn't want the pup back, so it was gifted to me. We didn't know he was a coydog. We had to figure it out. He didn't like other dogs - very aggressive toward them. He only barked 3 or 4 times in his entire life. He never forgot anything, and I mean anything. He learned a lot of english, then learned to spell v-e-t and d-o-c-t-o-r. Every time I came home, I was greeted at the door by his bowing up and hissing as he edged forward while showing his teeth, which we later learned is typical coyote submissive behavior (seeing it on a nature program on PBS was the real a-ha moment for us). He only needed his nails trimmed once, at age 13, despite being a house pet - the rest of the time, he shed his nails like a cat. His feet weren't right either - the toes lined up 2x2 instead of forming an arc - and my oh my those legs were long. He ran on his toes... fast as lightning. It took us years and a little finalizing research into coyotes and their behavior to round out the truth. And while he didn't like dogs, he seemed to adore cats, any cats - go figure. He was the worst dog I ever met. He was the best pet I ever had - smart, smart, and then a little smarter and bonded more strongly than a dog. Seriously, my dad once took him 2 miles away to show him to some friends while I was visiting my parents, a place he hadn't been in years. He escaped my father and took off down the highway, coming straight home to his person. I lost him to cancer a few years ago. I still miss him. It wasn't like having a dog. It was more like having a kid - with ADD, OCD, and Tourette's maybe, but no less a kid. He was too good a pet and put me off dogs forever. They just don't measure up. But, then, the coyote seems the most adaptable of the canids, more so than wolves or foxes. They thrive close to humans to start with. [The farmer couldn't get rid of that other odd pup in the litter. A few years later he had to shoot it. It was attacking his cows.]

shethewriter : Foxes are not dogs. They are vulpes. They are actually quite weasel like

Lady Gaga's ARTPOP Shiny Blue Ball : "They greet and move on." So they took foxes and made cats, seems like progress, I guess

xXxA_Doge_LoverxXx : get a hedgehog and domesticated fox and you can have Sonic and Tails

D-G-A-F : Quick point: it wasn't just a "science experiment." The purpose of the program was to make the foxes more docile so they could easily be harvested for fur. The program was actually shut down by the Soviets. The foxes had to be rescued by researchers to prevent them from being destroyed. The Soviets couldn't have cared less about science.

Vethale : Partially domesticated. 60 years is nothing for nature and it takes wayyy longer to selectively breed out the fight or flight genes Wolves took thousands of years to evolve into doggos Also: why would you even want a pet fox when theres already cats and dogs? The breeding system is so cruel. Animals dont just exist to please you

Uncle Davey : In Poland if you see a fox that isn't afraid of you, you run. It means the fox has rabies.

PowahSlap Entertainmint : SWIPER, NO SWIPING.

bill gorrell : Most domesticated animals evolved in groups such as herds, packs and flocks. Cats and foxes are solitary hunters, perhaps lacking a gene complex relating to group bonding and loyalty. Cats appear to want to cuddle more than foxes along with being aloof, but they've coevolved with us for countless generations, unlike these foxes. I'm surprised that this didn't come up in the video. How about selecting for 2 traits, friendliness to humans and other foxes? I wonder if such a program would affect other traits and increase domestication syndrome?

ChefGiovanni : Not house trained is the deal breaker. I got to pet one at the taxidermist.

Kira Slith : Domesticating wild species is oddly the most humane thing we could reasonably do, it saves them from extinction. If we don't, their ancestry will inevitably come to an end due to the fact we ARE Humans, we kill or convert things that threaten us and our livelyhoods, its naturally what we do, it's how we got to and stayed atop the food chain. Unlike bugs, animals don't reproduce fast enough and are too large to adapt quickly to urban environments. The skunk and raccoon only adapted by being naturally not a threat to humans as stealthy scavengers. I can see a future where lions, tigers, panthers, and leopards are our companions and allies rather than our enemies and teetering on the brink of extinction, only kept alive by "humane" programs that create and train more of their young to only survive in the wild, who will inevitably end up dying fighting for the resources we occupy, the same thing that led to the state they're in now.

alZiiHardstylez : So many good boiz.

Skipperino Kripperino : Why the dude look like a fox

Name McNamey : BS on the first claim, In Ireland i met a guy who is locally famous in rural Kilkenny who keeps foxes and they are 100% tamed. The foxes follow this guy all around the village into the shop and even the local pub. The foxes are friendly and will act the exact same as a friendly dog when approached and petted by strangers.

The Christian boy : But what does the fox say 🤔

Ben Ellingson : We are currently experimenting with this in reverse with humans in the US...

David Pinto : If they are figuring out how to make foxes friendlier, could they not also do the same towards humans? It would make it a hell of a lot easier to control the population. That kind of scares me a little.

miss strawberry : Me: guys I’m just gonna get my fox Them: oh so you named you pet “fox” ? Me: **shows them an actual fox** Them: whAT

de0509 : I believe the correct question is, should we be domesticating human? E.g. removing narcissism, uncontrolled greed, pedophilia, etc.

Sofia Elena : If this means that we'll have to stop the fur industry that's wonderful.

Moe F. : "It's called Domestication Syndrome, and you should read about it because it's wild." This is a very good line to end the video with.

Jintian Meng : Now.....what does the fox say??

Benito Llan Matos : I love how each time he says "Belyaev" (or other Russian NAME) the subtitles say "(speaks foreign language)" XD

Root Beer : I got bit by a fox once. It didn't like kids. Smart fox lol.

Sarah Smith : I prefer to see foxes in the wild, as lovely as it would be to give one a cuddle if it was friendly. They are a beautiful animal, several foxes visit our garden every night. We never tire of watching them.

Anime heaven : SWIPER, NO SWIPING!

copycat : most humans cannot even take care of a dog and they want to domesticate more animals? what for? to make them suffer and have more in the streets? to kill them if they try to defend themselves from your abuses? sadly i believe people will still try domesticate wild animals, bc humans are like a big spoiled child

KingSkyLord : If I ever get a domesticated fox, I'm going to teach it how to short-hop double laser.

Drew : Mom! I want a fox

Sophia Geisinger : foxes are not like dogs or wolves they dont have the instinct to care for others well being except possible mates and kits. wolves are PACK hunters the well being and survival of each member is important for the pack to be efficient and because the ancestors of dogs are wolves they have cared about their pack that as well but instead seeing its care takers as its pack. foxes unlike that are mostly alone until its time to breed and often think of themselves and there survival rather than that of others. you cant expect a "domesticated" fox to act like a dog at all because they simply have very different instincts so in the video will you stop comparing the behavior of the foxes to that of a dog like its a defect!

Ethan Dienert : they're still good boys

Sal : The dogecoin dog is actually a domesticated fox.

Megumi Goose : Honestly domestication could be a saving grace for some species. As humans expand, we could be finding ways to incorporate animals into our world rather than crowding them out. This obviously won't work for every species but it's something to consider in preperation for the future and maintaining genetic diversity

Saralan Chen : Well dogs are social animals, as opposed to foxes who live, at most, in pairs. So foxes do not seek for social interactions and belonging as much as dogs do.

theagrafiotis : Evolution turned wolves to dogs, then later "we dont know how dogs became emotional". Those two contradict each other.

Arab Vegan عربي نباتي : i don't like how they kept in the cages it's stressful to them

Dennis Fischer : Yes domesticate all animals make the world friendlier place

Malena Boeva : Their behaviour is just a mix between a dog's and a cat's

Ankush Suryavanshi : Since I also have broken Screen on my phone Let's address the elephant in the room. " Broken Screen". .

Wendy Koval : Pink Floyd would say, " People --- Leave them Fox alone !!" After all, they don't want to be-- another brick in OUR WALL !

RickK RocKStar : Only by cross breeding with other dog breeds will the fox lose that jumpyness tendency.. Its like a big Chihuahua..

Mono Nonny : Where is Stamper at, I smell a lawsuit!

Shawn Marino : The SpongeBob circle.

Streams of Consciousness : Anyone here from the PSAT?

Patrick Yates : I got a walker dog that runs foxes, he sure does want to meet them

Demar Derozan : Who came from asap science