We met the world’s first domesticated foxes

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Verge Science : Should we be domesticating wild animals?

Mutantcy1992 : Time to domesticate humans

Taste : God: *Creates an ecosystem of multiple dangerous creatures chasing each other* Humans: *TURN ALL OF THEM INTO PETTING BOIS*

S. S. : Will there ever be hyper-social cats?

Devils 19 : The one Russian experiment that isn’t terrifying

budemawa : furries: *heavy breathing*

PowahSlap Entertainmint : SWIPER, NO SWIPING.

Shoshitake Takeyani : But Foxes aren't like Wolves. Wolves are pack animals & Foxes are solitary animals, like cats. So you'll end up with an exotic feline in a Vulpix body. You can't make an animal something it's not, but you can improve on what it lacks

Ω † GamerX † Ω : *3018* : World's first domesticated Alien!

Milan xDD : 6:16 weird flex but ok

Life's Wild Adventures : This was a great video I have a rescue fox, and people always say “O, so he’s domesticated?” I say “No, he’s tamed. Pretty much still wild, but he’s used to me, and kinda likes me” This confuses most people

Lady Gaga's ARTPOP Shiny Blue Ball : "They greet and move on." So they took foxes and made cats, seems like progress, I guess

SpyC : 0:37 charge your phone dude

EinsamPibroch278 : "Sociable, but never socialised," so these Foxes are autistic? Just like me! I'll tame two companions.

owo number 1 : But foxes are on a completely different branch from dogs, they're vulpines, not canines

Obviously : 1:39 _Russian science experiment._ These three words give me chills after I read that scarring creepypasta

brick wall : I want a domesticated bear ,save me a fortune on security 😂😂

Can We Get To 10,000 Subcribers With No Videos? : Once while in my school I saw a small bird in an outdoor walkway full of people, bound to be stepped on at some point. I applied pressure to it’s under belly, and it hopped on to my finger. It seemed completely friendly, then I left it in a tree.

Grace : In cages that tear their paws up? No natural environment? F'ing CRUEL, selfish people!

RealLoader : Can he wavedash though?

Practicing appreciation channel : 2:35 The less friendly foxes didn't get any sex! 😂😂😂

Skipperino Kripperino : Why the dude look like a fox

PotatoDoggo : Who else thought their screen was cracked?

Peter Bound : Very interesting documentary about foxes. I didn't know anything about it. thanks for posting it. I have one question tho, why don't the semi-domesticated foxes have a name? I noticed they just say 'Hey fox, come here fox, good fox'. Wouldn't that help the domestication process if they got a name?

chicken stripper : Even wild street foxes are friendly we have a local one we named Jerry with one leg and he comes to our door every night and we give him some dog food and he’s very friendly and he got hit by a car one night and he came to our door and started shouting until we came to check on him

joe T : Foxes secrete an Odour from their scent glands (a bit like skunks). Domesticating a fox is really not for the faint hearted.

Goose : Honestly domestication could be a saving grace for some species. As humans expand, we could be finding ways to incorporate animals into our world rather than crowding them out. This obviously won't work for every species but it's something to consider in preperation for the future and maintaining genetic diversity

Kyro : They’re like catdogs

Samira Mathis : In some decades we’ll have domesticated lions 🦁.

Lissie Foxx : They are cats, THEY ARE CATS

Anam GGSS : So, anyone up for domesticated snakes? :)

Benito Llan Matos : I love how each time he says "Belyaev" (or other Russian NAME) the subtitles say "(speaks foreign language)" XD

One Random Guy : *What does the fox say*

Lauren Eliza Art : I love foxes, when I grow up I’m adopting one of these 🤣

Brainlet Johnson : do this with a bear please!!

BA Phoenix : Yes... Let's add to the pet problem. 😒

miss strawberry : Me: guys I’m just gonna get my fox Them: oh so you named you pet “fox” ? Me: **shows them an actual fox** Them: whAT

Andre Menor : Soviet union, truly a lost civilization. Creating new pet bois for humanity

Kat DEL : If people could stop hunting foxes that would be great !

tvh479 : Next: Domesticated Aliens

fish mann : Without constant human interaction a dog will develop wild traits. You see this in the outskirts of cities that are rundown. They take to packs and become aggressive towards humans. Interesting stuff.

KingSkyLord : If I ever get a domesticated fox, I'm going to teach it how to short-hop double laser.

Tobias Nick : 1:47 That's one of the wierdest rendition of the lick i've ever head

Rainbow Phoenix : This is where furries came from?

apocalypse 819 : Stop locking them in cages😢😢

Sideways Luke : “They were tame... just not friendly...” “They barely socialized as youngsters” Did you just describe my life

de0509 : I believe the correct question is, should we be domesticating human? E.g. removing narcissism, uncontrolled greed, pedophilia, etc.

Czech mate : *LAUGHS IN RACOON*

Dragonslayer987 : Wait domesticated pets are a glimpse into an ulternate universe? I knew my cat was hiding something!

Prasanna Payne : 4.5k chromes disliked the firefox