We met the world’s first domesticated foxes

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Verge Science : Should we be domesticating wild animals?

Mutantcy1992 : Time to domesticate humans

Ya boi God : Best description of having a fox as a pet that I’ve heard was cat software on dog hardware

Deorman Robey : Wolves are pack oriented, foxes are not.

Shardul Rawat : 60 year genetic experiment turned foxes into cats

Winkinger : "Ok guys we have domesticated dogs to the point where we can do literally anything with them. We have succeeded after generations of breeding work!" ... "And now? .... " ... ... *looks at fox ... ...  "Now we hit prestiege mode!"

Lady Gaga's ARTPOP Shiny Blue Ball : "They greet and move on." So they took foxes and made cats, seems like progress, I guess

Elcrypto : When I was growing up in the Yukon...I remember one winter..I was about 6yo and it was very cold.There was a den of foxes living close to our house .The Foxes were very hungry due to the extreme cold and they actually came rite up to our door and we would feed them. It's a memory that stuck in my head still 52 year later.

Darryl Alagdon : Maybe we should start domesticating polar bears..

pieruperä : You forgot to mention that in the same experiment the most aggressive foxes were also bred togehter, creating super-aggressive foxes.

Anji B : They forgot to mention that a lot of these domesticated foxes from Russia are sold to the fur trade where they have cruel deaths for their fur. They are sold to the fur trade for money to continue to support their research in Russia. It's extremely heartbreaking.

PowahSlap Entertainmint : SWIPER, NO SWIPING.

jokone1 : And we still don't know what the fox says..

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : The first guy who domesticated them is definitely a furry

Spooky Temporium : Bruh I thought the crack on his phone was on my screen

Queen Tori 0.0 : I had a baby wild fox n trained him to be nice by putting him with dogs n letting him Socialize

Skipperino Kripperino : Why the dude look like a fox

Edy Madrid : I think they shouldn't be in cages they actually want love

Symphuzic Bey : One of them better be named Swiper.

Layput : My theory is that a person, probably a boy, took care of an injured wild wolf, and a relationship evolved from there. The boy returned to his village and the wild wolf went along with him.

MeZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ : 60 years isn't NEARLY long enough to consider a wild animal "domesticated".

Benito Llan Matos : I love how each time he says "Belyaev" (or other Russian NAME) the subtitles say "(speaks foreign language)" XD

7.3B Views : *_Foxes domesticated in Sovient Russia since years ago_* ... Why am I not surprised?

E N : Worlds first? Bollocks

INX : time to domesticate fish

Blood Rose : If you need a good animal for security get a skunk I had one she was very curious and usual she scared them all away because ya it's a skunk she also had her sent glands removed she got taken by animal control officers because apparently she sprayed the neighbors even thou she had no sent glands currently in process of getting her back!!!

Megumi Goose : Honestly domestication could be a saving grace for some species. As humans expand, we could be finding ways to incorporate animals into our world rather than crowding them out. This obviously won't work for every species but it's something to consider in preperation for the future and maintaining genetic diversity

Jodh Turka : 0:23 proof that “Verge” doesn’t pay em well🧐😢

Feynstein 100 : Eh what happens when these foxes breed with dogs? Would the offspring be fertile as well? Would we create custom hybrids?

Temjen Jmr : Domesticate unicorns next

I yank your panda : (speaks foreign language)

brick wall : I want a domesticated bear ,save me a fortune on security 😂😂

IWonByDefault : Imagine doing this with every single animal we have in the world, and then recreating cities to be more inviting to animals, and basically live among us, without attacking or fearing us

Ggdivhjkjl : @2:40, that is INCORRECT! The most violent and aggressive foxes were also selected to breed with each other. After several generations, this resulted in pups so fierce that their keepers were afraid to feed them because of the wounds they inflicted through biting and scratching anyone who so much as touched their cages.

Gwen Porter : They're kinda like less affectionate cats

Kasia L : “When you domesticate a fox you don’t make a dog. You make a domesticated fox” ok haha 🙄

miss strawberry : Me: guys I’m just gonna get my fox Them: oh so you named you pet “fox” ? Me: **shows them an actual fox** Them: whAT

Derek Tweedie : Wolves are pack animals...foxes are not.. That's why the fox isn't intrested after it's initial introduction to a Human.

Trent Cooper : man id hate to have a cage floor that would be annoying to walk on

Roma Channel : *lets domesticate apes*

Lazy Beyondcompare : Will they have these in my lifetime? Because I want one....

KingSkyLord : If I ever get a domesticated fox, I'm going to teach it how to short-hop double laser.

Dark Spyro : one of these years we're all going to have a fox for a pet <3 keep at it guys,but it needs to be fully legal to own a pet fox so you guys should work on that to,cause I want a pet fox

paolo de pablo : Give me a FOX! damn it

Rambo the shiba inu K : Just get a shiba inu !

Imnotpickle95 Valveahrt - Chevroblyat : >Video's about Foxes >Ad for cat food ok

de0509 : I believe the correct question is, should we be domesticating human? E.g. removing narcissism, uncontrolled greed, pedophilia, etc.

Creamy Avocado : 0:23 that cracked iPhone screen tho

HellfireBlaze : And Theresa May still shoots them for fun... I love our prime minister...

Tetrahydrocannibinol : T A K E M Y M O N E Y