CATE 2016 God Knows Where I Am Trailer 2016

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God Knows Where I Am - a documentary featured in CATE 2016. Screening Saturday May 21st at 1pm. For tickets and more information please visit the official website.


Benjamin Williams : That shattering noise was excessively loud and hurt my ears and my phone was at a low volume(note that it wasn't through earbuds or anything)

av3maria : This movie broke my tear ducts. Also can someone please explain the Florida footage in the doc of women swimming underwater like mermaids?? I didn’t get that.

Michael : That guys eyelids at 0:20 is the real story here

Benjamin Zidel : where can i see this?

Lori Rogers : The women who experience the onset of mental illness at midlife, or after surgical menopause need to be treated with HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY, which has a protective effect on the brain. The fact that NO ONE MENTIONED THIS COULD BE PERI MENOPAUSE OR MENOPAUSE IS A CRIME. I am a menopause psychosis survivor who was cured after just a few hours on estrogen replacement. Linda was 43 when her illness started. I was 41. I was post-menopausal at 46 and was given HRT which literally saved my life. How many women are being misdiagnosed as psych patients? One of the biggest tragedies for women in the history of medicine.

Way Out West : 10 sec. then buffers. then no connection. CENSORSHIP!

Alex Hutter : John 3.16

mesmerizineyez : So basically she was a squatter

Backgammon : Darwin scores again