Red neck Tries cheap dog food vs expensive dog !!!!!

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Aquatic Plant Savage : this guy is classy as fuck

DeathWish808 : Can't Stop Laughing...........

Kevin aka CVObservatory : Holy shit that was gross!! But I laughed my ass off!! You must be able to puke at will? lol....

CT Movies : Best video ever

Grant Hubbard : That's my Dawg!!!!

Joshua Taylor : Start cooking your dogs some eggs, man that is some funny stuff.

Brian Ridenour : Funniest shit I've ever seen by far man good work

coleworld : Your videos was talked about on one of the biggest morning radio shows that sub count is about to rocket

Billy Ricky : Fucking hilarious catfish! ahahhaaa

Brianne Hart : Fucking Gus. Thanks asshole!

Holly : They are talking about you on the radio, lol. You're about to get a lot of views

fre wil : Lmao son u crazy as fuck... I'm rolling on the floor over here... Hahaha

Clowers Hiball : Can't even handle a little dog food but can chug a fifth of whiskey!!!

youshoodjump : Watched like 10 times, cried laughing every time!😂😂😂

Sheisty : this shit was funny as a mf

Frew the Looking Glass : RT Podcast

Joey S : Lmaoooo!!! Holy shit I was dyin man!! " I knew it! They both taste like shit!! Cook them dogs some eggs or make em a steak or sumthn."

R Carmisin : Dogs are nasty, I moved into a new place and wondering why the litter box never needed changing. One day i'm walking by the box and the dog is eating some fresh cat tirds. He looks over at me chewing away with litter falling from his mouth, like he was gonna ask me if I wanted some. lol :)

headof turtle : >D HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

AF Twice : Bam Margera gained alot of weight.

buggy bones : Who's here from the RT podcast?

Hunter Gault : damn that'd grross do u have a Instagram catfish

Ulo Magyar : On behalf of humanity I thank you for clearing that issue!

A G : Always classy!

Dr Fisto : I haven't laughed like that in fun yrs !!!! Thank you very goddamn much !

lilly darcey : this killed me I couldnt stop laughing

Pineapple4life : LoL funniest video ever

Raul Lopez : funny shit LMFAO

TURST67 : "It tastes like shit", I'm not even surprised you know how shit taste like.

Nick Hajec : I'd like to take this guy to an NHL game

Carson Ogden : The little gag at :25 before he even starts eating 😂 god that's hilarious

SpanishLittleBird ZAPATA : Catfish is awesome!!! Lmao!!! 😂 🤢

Melina Mueller : whos here from the rt podcast?

Brandon Donovan : RT podcast anyone?

Josh Pryor : RT podcast brought me here.

Brock Wade : Rooster Teeth brought me here

NoNotTheBees : Gus Sorola sent me. Or should I say Esther Sorola.. haha


Joseph Gomez : he didn't even chew the first bit of the good dog food before he threw up all over it...😆😆😆😂😂😂...dying of laughter. I'm like I really like this dumbass...jk..he just does some stupid stuff..

Samuel Dormervil : Elvis duran brought me here

Martin Harvancik : hahaha Rooster Teeth brought me. Fucking gold man. This, the fat kid falling in the stream and the crow saying "fuck you" are my favorite videos on YT

Cristian Castro : Gus from RoosterTeeth brought me here, hey guys nice to see your late

PtiPingouin : "I knew it!"

Andrew Ryan : Heard about this video on Rooster Teeth podcast. You sir, Catfish Cooley, are my favorite YouTube personality now. my wife and I watched at least a dozen more videos and you are the real fxckin deal, dude. No fake shxt here. You brought us genuine enjoyment and entertainment. At first I was like "how's he gonna survive this" but after 4-5 videos I said "This guy's unkillable!" Keep it up Catfish! *snarl/snort/catfish-sound*

The pancake That you killed : You got talked about on the rooster teeth podcast, view boost mabye?

GoobersGaming : Who came to this from rooster teeth?

thegoodbadmusic : Gus sent me

Honeybunnybabiii : Elvis Duran brought me here 😂😩

Izayah Luna-Goddard : Haha you'd think after the first can tastes foul, he wouldn't even open the second one. But then he's got to see which can is better for his dog. . . That's love and determination right there folks.

over it : 😂😂😂😂.... I am fuckin' cryin' from laughing so hard.... 😂😂😂😂 YOU ARE THE FUCKIN' MAN.... Now go get cha self some tail.... brush ya teeth first....