Red neck Tries cheap dog food vs expensive dog !!!!!

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Aquatic Plant Savage : this guy is classy as fuck

DeathWish808 : Can't Stop Laughing...........

CT Movies : Best video ever

Grant Hubbard : That's my Dawg!!!!

Joshua Taylor : Start cooking your dogs some eggs, man that is some funny stuff.

Brian Ridenour : Funniest shit I've ever seen by far man good work

Holly : They are talking about you on the radio, lol. You're about to get a lot of views

Clowers Hiball : Can't even handle a little dog food but can chug a fifth of whiskey!!!

Joey S : Lmaoooo!!! Holy shit I was dyin man!! " I knew it! They both taste like shit!! Cook them dogs some eggs or make em a steak or sumthn."

AF Twice : Bam Margera gained alot of weight.

Frew the Looking Glass : RT Podcast

headof turtle : >D HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

buggy bones : Who's here from the RT podcast?

A G : Always classy!

Dr Fisto : I haven't laughed like that in fun yrs !!!! Thank you very goddamn much !

Hunter Gault : damn that'd grross do u have a Instagram catfish

zshfnfgjf jfbdhfbf : this killed me I couldnt stop laughing

Ulo Magyar : On behalf of humanity I thank you for clearing that issue!

Pineapple4life : LoL funniest video ever

Nick Hajec : I'd like to take this guy to an NHL game

Carson Ogden : The little gag at :25 before he even starts eating 😂 god that's hilarious

PtiPingouin : "I knew it!"

SpanishLittleBird ZAPATA : Catfish is awesome!!! Lmao!!! 😂 🤢

youshoodjump : Watched like 10 times, cried laughing every time!😂😂😂

Brandon Donovan : RT podcast anyone?

Josh Pryor : RT podcast brought me here.

Brock Wade : Rooster Teeth brought me here

Joseph Gomez : he didn't even chew the first bit of the good dog food before he threw up all over it...😆😆😆😂😂😂...dying of laughter. I'm like I really like this dumbass...jk..he just does some stupid stuff..

NoNotTheBees : Gus Sorola sent me. Or should I say Esther Sorola.. haha

Andrew Ryan : Heard about this video on Rooster Teeth podcast. You sir, Catfish Cooley, are my favorite YouTube personality now. my wife and I watched at least a dozen more videos and you are the real fxckin deal, dude. No fake shxt here. You brought us genuine enjoyment and entertainment. At first I was like "how's he gonna survive this" but after 4-5 videos I said "This guy's unkillable!" Keep it up Catfish! *snarl/snort/catfish-sound*


WeAreLivingMagic : 0:44 I laughed until tears poured down my face!

Marco has a vietnam flashback : this guy is a legend in my book.

Samuel Dormervil : Elvis duran brought me here

Cristian Castro : Gus from RoosterTeeth brought me here, hey guys nice to see your late

coleworld : Your videos was talked about on one of the biggest morning radio shows that sub count is about to rocket

The pancake That you killed : You got talked about on the rooster teeth podcast, view boost mabye?

Chris Soto : Looks like he threw up a 6 pack of Natty Ice lol thats a waste of beer my friend

GoobersGaming : Who came to this from rooster teeth?

thegoodbadmusic : Gus sent me

Honeybunnybabiii : Elvis Duran brought me here 😂😩

Izayah Luna-Goddard : Haha you'd think after the first can tastes foul, he wouldn't even open the second one. But then he's got to see which can is better for his dog. . . That's love and determination right there folks.

elseptimo77 : I knu it! I knu it!! They both taste like sheeit!

taz man : I am in my mid 50's and this may be the hardest I have ever laughed.. I think my dog thought I was having a heart attack he was so worried. Showed this to my Wife she didn't even crack a smile she just closed her eyes. Thanks for making 2017 xmas so good..

GeekOUT!!!!! : rooster teeth podcast brought me here, 10/10 content.

Rhy5Lightning : Thank you 9gag for showing me this. You made my day. There are real tears

Russell Stoppel : I can't stop watching old catfish now. Funny SOB!

Whingle : This is why Trump won

Jozef SK : best accent US - you got a new sub

WeakPlayz : Best vid ever