dying 2

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LA Turtle : your moves are weak https://represent.com/evanbreen

JustJoe - shlapshtick on twitter : this was better than Split

Unknown Truth : Oscars here he comes

zicks : lol im from Algeria this is so funny yo 😂😂

LA Turtle : HMU https://www.bookcameo.com/laturtle

Jacob H. : I think my favorite thing about these videos is that they're always filmed in one shot.

Nerdforge : holy shit there were no moves

John North : When you get famous for recording your own acid trip

Warband Gaming Network : This could actually be fleshed out to be a pretty astounding psychological thriller about a grown man who at first, appears to be suffering from a Jack (Robin Williams) disorder. The audience is tricked into thinking he is a 9 year old boy trapped in an older man's body from the start. Then as the short film goes on, the fabric of what we perceive as reality begins to unwind. Simply by adding more scenes this could be even more of a masterpiece. Perhaps have a scene in the beginning where son and dad/mom are arguing and dad/mom stops mid argument, looks around shocked, and storms out the room. Then later when son is going through his different psychosis episodes, he realizes he actually is mom/dad, stops arguing, looks around shocked, and storms out the room in confusion. The scene where son has finally broken down mentally and is wandering the streets trying desperately to make sense of things, when the car drives by, that could be the same family car that drove by in an earlier established scene where the family was happy and civil, perhaps going to Mark's for dinner. An infinite loop of self aware psychotic deterioration that ultimately leads to his mind finally coming to realization that "The Moves" was the last thing Son remembered before an incident where his family was visiting Algeria as part of a European road trip. Dad driving faster, infuriated at Mom for accusing him of putting the moves on the woman in the hotel lobby. This obviously not being the case as we come to eventually find out that Dad is gay with Mark in a later scene. The argument heats up over time. Insults are cast back and forth from the front seat with Son cowering in the back. It boils down to a breaking point where Dad looks over to Mom and screams to her, "THERE WERE NO MOVES." just before the car loses control, colliding into a playground where a swing set splits the car in half.

Luna Dashy Olexandro : Give this man an oscar already

shant07 : This guy is a genius.

Buff Boba : No offense to the actors but the book was better.

Ness Bo : this is better than split and fight club combined

Predicament : I think when he says there were no moves and they tell him he doesn't have the moves they're really talking about the ability to escape the loop they're experiencing. so when the dad says "you dont have the moves, you never had the moves" he's actually berating himself for his inability to escape, so really he's saying 'you can't escape, you could never escape'.

Owen Evans : This was genuinely emotional

Cyranek : make living

Captain Kekeriki : Who else is here to find Garret Estep's comment??

Russell Larry : There has to be a dying 3 I would pay top dollar for that

psychopath666 : i usually don't like this kind of videos, but this one and dying 1 is a fucking masterpiece, all the facial expressions and everything is so good! so many emotions i don't know what to do !

Joe Spirit : You need make to a full on movie called "dying" It would seriously be a huge psychological thriller of masterpiece.

Sam Hansen TV : The more insane these videos get the more i realize how much a genius he really is

Legendary Ben : 0:33 when ur friends parents are fighting in front of u

Billy Russell : this guys got a lot of maps

FallenQuasar : i'm sexually offended as an algerian.

Yoyojojomojo : "How do you know the only you is you?"

Zach Coombs : if this was an actual tv show i would probably watch it

Havoc Faction : Did anyone else watch this, go back and watch dying 1 again and then come back and watch this again and just have a whole new perspective on life?

william gjelsten : *Top 10 saddest anime endings*

Fancy Food Fight : I'm glad they finally released Silent Hills, it's even better then I expected.

NeverEatenChestnut : THIS IS GENIUS!!! 😭😭

ChocoKaylaRobin : *BRAIN PUZZELERS*

MacKenzie Larsen-Wright : Well... Kid Rock finally lost it.

Jonathan Pijuan : Where's his nobel prize

Jimmy Conroy : 0:27.... there were no moves...

Texas Torres : I love how well you do your characters each one has a style to them and can tell who's who, and feel connected to. The little back story you give still gets me a connection with the characters on a deep level.

Chromaura : Best sequel ever 😂😂

Jacob B : This is the alternate ending to Inception.

Astrotist : well this got deep/dark quick

T_Tales : More plot twist here than the whole Black Mirror episodes

How To Pinup : But like why is this the most life shattering real video I’ve ever seen in my life making me question my decisions and self being.

Pete-Pete Johnson : A little part of me will always wonder how big Mark's penis really is

lone mazter : I was laughing after 1st part and crying after 2nd...

Rick M : I honestly think Evan is seriously some kind of low key genius

Raven Raven : Yo my Grandad walked in on 0:45 he just looked at me and shakes his head

Matthew Cupelli : New season of black mirror looks great

Learning how to see : BRAIN PUZZLERS

yourturningpoint777 : Like on a real note. This makes me want to cry. This acting is so good and it's probably the best plot twist I have ever seen in my life.

FlintSparked : A man, in some bizarre twist of cosmic fate, is linked to alternate versions of himself across the multiverse. To cope, he believes they are his family. As his mind starts to break, he tries to flee this strange place where time and reality have lost meaning, but he's only running to different versions of the same location. Infinitely trapped.

Cola BotelsOVA : Holy shit what have I stumbled into?

Seth Frazer : Does anybody know what the background music is?