My husband tries to speak without a southern accent!

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ステファン : "A+" for effort.

Lonely Nights : But I bet he can say "nigger" just fine with or without the accent

Stephen Kaplan : Ha! I saw this via Of note, I went to high school with your husband. His nickname (whether he liked it or not) was "Georgia". Now you should ask him to say the phase in spanish with and without a southern accent.

Wei Chen : lmao, got to give it to him, hes a good sport for letting the wife laugh at his accent like this...

Ham DenSeje : Why does everyone laugh because the dog licked the oil

N&N : Oyul

Jane Doria : His accent is so sexy even his voice

Open Eye : Instantly sounds 10x smarter

Jaz Simone : What a great problem to have... lucky lady. :p

Lucas Savelli : hahah, we need more of this! Claps to your husband!!

donovan cruz : "Oiyul"

Cynthia Rutt : I have the same trouble with oil - my whole family busts on me.

JC Leeson : " dog licked the oil and everyone laughed." - now it's stuck in my head.

Troy Baker : Hes a twcist inbred hick white supremacist.

Bettina Csipai : That's the most dramatic "oil" I've heard :D

Rene V : Hilarious 👍 West coast hearing southern!

Nikki F : Damn that is really good

Shalenah Stephens : This is so cute.

NoSchleepTill BROOKLYN : Tha dawg lick'd tha 'ol and errbody laughed.

MaiHead : Your husband is so cute!!! If only he was gay... You're a lucky girl! :)

im Batman : Im from southern Ky ....wifes from Ny ...been married 2 years almost she still picks on me about it


Jaime : Wow she sounds about 100 yrs older than him. Lol

Alma Verde : you are so racist. that is his southern accent. so are yoy saying that african americans dont speak english? scottish people dont speak english? so oil in english is oyol and in non english is ole. well youre racist n retarded. bye!

Gooblah redneck : Naw naw. He said it right the first time. Is oohl. Not oh-ee-ohl.

Duck Jones : I've always loved the southern accent! A lot of people I've met with it have been racist piece of shits but the majority had good values and respected me :)

Orangeheadjulio : So cute! What a good sport.

James Matthews : Lol he sounds gay without the accent. 😂 God bless him for doing this on camera. Lord knows I can't get rid of my Cuban Miami accent.

Ray Mars : The 🐕👌🏼 dog licked👅💯 the owl 🦉🔥👉🏼👌🏼and everyone 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👨‍👧‍👦🤰🏻🔥👌🏼 laughed 😩🔥👌🏼💯😂

Pratik Vyas : i am a guy and am not gay but THAT HUSBAND IS CUTE FKIN ADORABLE GUY.....LOOK AT THAT FACE HAHAAAA

lolfeg : TYT thinks you are a white supremacist


Kolby Benthin : *“Ooiill”*

I am the original : Great couple

Ashton Evalu : He sounds like forest gump lol

carissa Carissas : I make my husband do this too he is from Alabama our main argument is how to say salmon. I'm from C.A. I also say speak English. Love this so much.

MuvoTX : That was funny!!! Your hubby is cool to do that, and get a good laugh out of it himself.

Jackson Carrillo : why is this so entertaining lol

Spaghetti Master : "The dog licked the OOOOOUUUUUYYYYAAAAAALLL"

kate c : Your husband should have made a video called "my wife tries to shoot a youtube video without turning the phone the right way"

Russ LaFrance : Stumbled upon this little gem. Thanks for the upload!!

Bronson Trevino OutdoorsMan : Southerners learned it all from the Blacks. Infatuated with the culture, just like rap music does to people now a days. Dumbs everything down and eventually the culture will spiral into nothing but retards

Chelo Mejias : Son bitch pile-uh monkey nuts!!

Nandi Guhan : Very cute guy

Michael RS : This is really funny to me because my father's people are from Tennessee and my mother was from San Francisco, so they settled in Southern California when they got married in the fifties. And he pretty much lost his accent . but when he would go back to Tennessee every couple years for two or three weeks, he would come back at talking like that for weeks (or maybe I should say, FUR weeks) until it eventually slipped away again. But then I grew up learning certain Southern idioms like saying y'all or tote, for carry, but without the southern accent to it. And some of my friends thought that was funny as all get-out

Christian Prepper : *IT's CUTE NOW...* but if this is her attempt to change who he is or becomes a habit of correcting him there may be trouble. I think he did great!

Amalika Fau : Your husband is fucking handsome!

NotAsian : up here in the pnw we have an accent, we say 'baygs' (bags) 'laygs' (legs) 'paincakes' (pancakes) kinda lazy talk i think its funny when in aware of it lol

cutiekazoe10 : Accents are fascinating.

Ms.G : His accent isn't even tha