My husband tries to speak without a southern accent!

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hope : laura lee is quaking

They call me Alphabet : Meanwhile this guy speaks without an accent and everybody laughed

maya : w/o his accent he just forgot how to talk lmao

branden8045 theultramangofighter : *That's bout of smooth you gonna get from my ass from this point XD*

Olivia Wellman : "That's choppy"😂😂 Such motivational

Jamie Slays : His accent is cool though! Appreciate it 😊

Strüdle : Lmao she is bustin his balls so hard. This vid is so funny

Grachtnakk : Oy-Ya'll!

Mr. Voicecrack : *Aah Cayen't.* No, it's can't. *That's what i said!* No, it's can't. *Cayen't!!*

LikeMikeSIKE : Meanwhile the dog is throwing up from poisoning.

NitroCorn : Oieal

I Need Healing : Let the wife read that in southern accent, lets see her struggle

DavisfromThomas : This is good clean humor people of all ages can enjoy. Good Stuff.

TheDoubleDinger : Ahh cain't

Its Sharlele : Oul 😂

Prettyboyvocalz Music : So dogs be licking oil now


RandomObed : the dawg licked the ole n erbody laughed

DannyMann 9/11 : Your brother is Hilarious.

shoutout to all the PEAR : oiyel

Maia : this was 4 years ago! why is it on my recommended??

Max Rod : Why would you let the dagg lick the oil? That's mean!

WEIRDESTNOOB GAMER : Dang I have that same southern accent

ULTRA KA : let burn all southern accent ppl so this video can get shut down

Ducking Around : I should be getting ready for school. Instead I'm watching this....

omartheodd : Lieutenant Dan!

MercyonTwick _YT : So since they are southern and married are they brothers and sisters

Wooshy : Anyone gonna mention the vertical video?

galiathen : why they letting dogs luck oil tho ???????

Alan Torres : Thee Man read the sentence and errbody laughed.

Im Velxity : "The dog licked the OOO-... GOD I HATE SAYIN THIS"

Gengar Jones : Ur husband is run of the mill where I'm from.

Anoushka : Oyul

Kannabis : Your cousin has a nice accent

Lia : i love his accent tho, it's funny how he tries to say oil

David Bobowski : Never realized how hard "oil" was to pronounce. Oyioll

NitroCorn : Hahahah love it! x)

thicc : Cousins having fun

Toxin Shadow : Ant averi ohne leaughed

Brextyn Titty : Every northerner when I meet them their like what did you say 😂😂 I can't understand you

international hater : Ur persuasion techniques were not on point . should have offered hiym a cahn of grizzly chew and some buck hunting cow strangling night vision hunting goggles.

theOGwelshman : *its OIL not OEEL* haha yes

7ony 2 : KKona

ihavesomanysubscriberscauseofmylongchannelname : why oh why was this recommend to me

King Of Darkness : I really like the southern accent.

rock432 : Ohl and flahr are used to make a roux.

Victor Gutierrez : He sounds like Andy Griffith 😂

chloe : that poor dog😢😢

Nola Girl : This is great! Why am I just seeing this in 2017??!!

Michael Sandy : Oil not ol