My husband tries to speak without a southern accent!

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Ivan Gomez : On what level of boredom do you have to be on to watch this video?

Alan Torres : Thee Man read the sentence and errbody laughed.

Oscar Armstrong : why is this blowing right now? Lol it's like 4 years old and all the comments are from a day ago.

Terrance Wonderful : Da duk may swim on da lake but ma daddie owns da lake

Nola Girl : This is great! Why am I just seeing this in 2017??!!

DoubleU Gamer : The nigga stole the oil and everyone got mad

Funny Comp : Cousins having a great time

Sam Campbell : Sounds like AJ Styles

crazeddd : All the Northerners dissing Southern folk. There are soldiers getting killed, countries threatening America, economies collapsing, terrorist attacks weekly, and ISIS killing innocents. However, in America, our worst enemy is ourself.

Frisk _ : I'm just reading those comments and thinking where tf humanity goes

Genryusai Yama : Omg your brother is so funny!! 😂

Alex Holden : Sibling goals 😍

TheBombShhh : where the fuck did they get this sentence from??? everyone laughing at a dog licking some oil???

Your Likes Make Me Moist : *fixed the title* My husband tries to speak without a RACIST accent!

Berleezy thirsty ass on IG : Southern accents are the nastiest fucking accents ever...

Pressa : i'm guessing he's a trump supporter

Mayleen x Gaytan : Is anyone else getting recommendations from videos made years ago?

Cruzions : speak English or get out of my country you cousin fucker

Glenda : now say black lives matter

Joseph Harding : All these city folk or hood rats bashing this guy for talking different 😂😂

Killa Craigs : My cat is baking a cake while I drink hamburgers and my mom is 64 turning 21 and is going to dance with skittles

Jeff : He goes perfect until oil and then he sorta drifts back lol

Lolololol :V : "Without an accent" bitch gtfo everyone has an accent she can't really be that ignorant right?

Ciel Vert : Sounds like a totally different person gotta admit :D

JHADEN GORDON : Is it that hard to say oil😂

daniel romero : It's not an accent , it a draw it's a southern draw.

chiggins : What a cute cousin❤️

Ade rollers : Probably me when I become a wife lmaooo Adorable video btw!

Nathan Sanchez : I have soccer game at 11:00Am and it's 5:00am I can't go to sleep

Katherine Perez : Your cousin is so adorable ♥️♥️

OnlyMichaelJackson (Angel) : I like his accent though

SingForAbsolution 01 : Why are people laughing at this dog licking oil?

Xavier Jones : close your eyes and just listen 1:16 - 1:24

don rob777 : Dog licked the ohl and air a body laughed

Adel Moussa : Even his laugh has an accent

EM zee : The Dixie said oyal and everyone laughed :)

taj obrien : Ole

CatNabber Plays : i see so many southerners trying to defend being in the South and having a southern accent but as someone who has an accent, was born, and raised in the South-the South sucks ass. we have the most bigoted, racists, pieces of shit you'll ever meet in america. both my parents voted for trump and still highly support him. my own mother condemned the protesters at Charlottesville and thought that it was bad too "remove history" by taking down the statue. she didn't even care that someone fucking died. in total, the South sucks, i hate my accent, i REALLY hate texas, and other Southerners need to start listening.

B.Lindsey : So glad to be raised in the south! Good foods, great people and lots of guns :) ...perfection!

Tony Martinez : retards are funny.

FLEAm8 : coming soon to your next audible book

Royhan : Sounds like Joe bang from Logan Lucky

Alex K : So hes also your brother right

Liam Bradley : He sounds like T-bag from prison break when speaking without a accent

Ragin Pooh : No, see... my American buddies laugh at my Canadian ass because I have a funny accent. But I show them this and I laugh my ass off now.

This Is So Meme : That's about as smooth as you gonna get from my ass haha

Aplebutoms goria : Southern accent is so redneck yuck

LokiDoodles : This is me. I’m so southern, I can’t even pretend to tone down my accent.

CAPTAIN CANADA : I live in Texas and we all sound like that

Tony Crony : That's a weird fucking dog