My husband tries to speak without a southern accent!

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They call me Alphabet : Meanwhile this guy speaks without an accent and everybody laughed

Bob Didlboc : To talk without an accent is an accent within itself 🤯

sadiebaby : *_quality content, this is what youtube needs_*

Kasia Wesołek : *The dog licked the oil and everyone laughed*

EPM 101 : He actually does pretty well, except on the word “laughed.”

LikeMikeSIKE : Meanwhile the dog is throwing up from poisoning.

Lilly Newsom : Cute

Twixie : "That's about as smooth as you gone get from my ass!" 😆😆

Griffin Aasen : “The dawg liccked the oool and ehveryone lauughffed”

2k GOD : I hear laurel

shoutout to all the PEAR : oiyel

Sumukh : How's the dog ? 😳

Dagg : I like the accent better

Y U : People with accent are kinda more attractive tbh... Or is it just me?

Andrew Taylor : America is about to invade that dog

Lia : i love his accent tho, it's funny how he tries to say oil

Bonwook Koo : Technically, "no accent" is still an accent. I think it's a mid-western (General American) accent. Although, it's been heavily popularized due to broadcasting companies.

Alfredo Rivas : "How old are you?" "Idk between 14 and 45"

Isa : I just have one question Why the heck the dog licked the oil

flyguy905 : guy- The dog licked the *oil* US Army- *We're coming in!*

Ducking Around : I should be getting ready for school. Instead I'm watching this....

Vinthie Vinthie : the dog licked the *oil*

Mega Pelotes : I find it weird when people have accents idk I've learned 2 foreign languages and haven't had an accent in them

Tayler Daye : Maybe it's a bias but I'd rather hear my Tennessee accent over a neutral, nonspecific dialect any day. Where's the personality in sounding so plain, colorless and neutral?

Band Trash : I live in a small town in Texas and everyone speaks like this😂

Sharlele Tea Room : Oul 😂

Spencer Watson : Ugh why would you wanna change that beautiful accent for a wife?

Sofia Flores : Gal gadot should try this

Freddy 5 : Sometimes I can't tell if I have a southern accent or just a speech impediment.

Mr Sir : Lmao now in French

hope : laura lee is quaking

Brumel's Parakeet : Such a strong accent should be preserved!

sedona03 : 😂😂😂 sounds like it pains him

Amanda Haase : Aww y'all are cute hahah

Soup N Crackers : I don’t know what’s harder to understand. Him speaking without the southern accent or why you decided to film this vertically.

lil trn : D dawg leekd d aol aend errybode laeft

Nutella Flavor : I'm not gonna laugh at this because I'm sure my french accent is as obvious as his 😂😂

Shermeka G.1983 : .😂😂😂 Funny. I like his southern voice.

Wesley Lopez : OL!

Oh Waker : You two must have such an adorable relationship. Especially if this is to help with acting and mastering accents.

Colin Beirne : That reminds me I have to get my Oyel change

sooz lecter : I'm not native English speaker so I don't understand when he speaks in his accent lol

James Votava : But why is everyone laughing at a dog licking oil??

Call me Debbie : He's hot 🔥

Kuuru Arashi : What my ears say he's saying "Dee dawg likt dee OYOL and everyone laughed"

Sad Panda : the dog licked the oil, and America took the dog

Rocco Hilly : Is the poor dog still alive ?

Alex Lopez : Wtf is up with my phone’s video screen??

Kluge00 : How high were you guys 1/10

maya : w/o his accent he just forgot how to talk lmao