When Someone Requests a Piano Song from a Guitar Player

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DØVYDAS : If you like this 'song' you can get it here: Amazon - http://amzn.to/2jcVI8T Google Play store - http://bit.ly/2pvAFEf iTunes - http://apple.co/2C4XDHs Spotify - http://spoti.fi/2C0jTSw I'd like to thank everyone for such a great response and kind words! Although I played this song for about seven people that day, this video has more views than I could have ever expected! As a full time musician I take any gig I can get and opportunities are often limited. But thanks to an amazing YouTube community something amazing is happening! With daily growing subscribers and new fans from all around the world this is a beginning of something really special. I am truly thankful for your support and encouragement! I will continue on posting daily videos of my music, and with my new album on it's way, my music career is taking a new unexpected and exciting turns, all thanks to you!!! If you haven't already, please consider subscribing! Thank you!

Andyrfa : Great band jam session, and you alone is the whole band.

lifeisgoodenjoydaryd : Got some serious talent my man. Keep up the great work.

il2xbox : Playing piano with one hand and guitar with the other deserves a "Like"

Mike Llerena : He can shake your hand with one hand and steal your girl with the other at the same time.

SarcastTM : Your audience went from being some people to 4.1 Million people.

Stephen Ward : Damn I bet that receptionist was having a good time while you were there lol

Terrence Davis : Bro is going hard to a Wii beat

Bob Of All Trades : My favorite of the day!! Wow!

Tom Abila : This kinda pisses me off. There are guys becoming millionaires from autotuned mumbling while this level of talent and skill is left playing in a fucking hotel lobby to a half dozen people? What the hell is wrong with the world? He's playing a guitar and piano simul-effing-taneously! I can't even chew gum while driving without biting a hole in my lip. This isn't even my preferred style of music, but I'd pay money to see it live. This is awesome. You, sir, are awesome.

Daniel Romero : I think that caution wet floor sign really put everything together

Mister Apple : Awesome! Being able to improvise is already an impressive skill, and making a full song with all those instruments on the fly is even more so.

Jonathan Cruz : At this point, guy goes douche for taste preference when he ASKS a guitarist to play a PIANO song and he goes, "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED LIL BOI". Then delivers full win. Love it lol

CRUSTYDOGTAlNT : And Jake Paul has millions of fans, but such little talent Life is so unfair

Ckylaurie : I don't know how I got here....but I needed this today. Thank you.

AutumnOnFire : Guitar Player: Any songs you want to hear? Guy: Know any good piano songs? * Proceeds to play piano, percussion, guitar, and synth* Guitar Player: Your move. ಠ_ಠ

David Stein : Wow! Talk about an underwhelming response for such and amazing display of musicianship. Great Job Man!

Tisa : Meanwhile... my fingers slipped tried to play Do Re Mi Fa So La Si Do.

AequitasVeritas : Youtube blessed me with this gem, now im subbed. As a mediocre musician myself, this gives me inspiration to keep on progressing.

Luis Bártolo : You just wrecked that guy. "Oh look at me im gonna feel so important because im gonna ask a guitar player for a piano song, look at me feeling so important" you just go like, sure dude, have it *REKT* great job, you're a true musician, able to grab your bag of knowledge and pull an ace from your sleeve, i loved it!

a guy : And they say men can't do multitasking...

whitehotwater : This is where I picture myself in the next five seconds. Edit: damn it.

Rigel Sinco : Hello good sir, may I ask, how much do you earn by playing in hotels because I'd say you deserve to be performing on grand stages with thousands if not millions of people watching you?

augustineliu : Are you alien ? F you deserve more and more and more applause not only a few people! I clap my hands in front of computer hope you can see it!

Tim diersing : Damn I wish he had just been like well ur in luck and pulled a violin out of his bag

Lemoncycle : I can't get over how good 4:22 is

Daniel Draghici : If this was subtitled it would say "smattering of applause". The f is guy doing playing in front of 7 people when other "live looping" guys do concerts? I'm glad this video did well and that he's at least making some of that Youtube money!

Logic Seeker : It's like he's painting, but with instruments, really creative.

CashlessProductions : Honestly I'm most impressed that you have crypto donations... Might have to send some ETH your way hahaha

Jesus M Gonzalez : So, I work at an office cubicle. And I pretty much lost my shit at 7:28 Now I'm facing the stares of all my coworkers, Keep up the great work man!

Emelie Widingsjö : I thought it was gonna be more like... "play für Elise" or something but this is way cooler

Johnny Woodstock : Life goals

Nicolas Guerra : That yellow sign should've said "Caution, genius dude playing"

lijhie 008 : he is neither a guitarist or a pianist.. he is a true musician :)

Patrick Keller : I didn't even know you could play Guitar with one hand...

Andrew Gallagher : It's funny but like, idk. I feel like people aren't taking this guy seriously, he's really talented. Kind of a shame, shitty crowd.

Politics : Impressive

d35p0 : Caution sign: mind blower ahead

who knows : Having watched this 3 times, 7:28 still blows my mind. Fantastic video, man!

MisterBardfast's Random Shenanigans! : This dude would be awesome. For making an ost

Nihar Nayak : Sir we clearly see you're not just a guitar player 😂 Inspiring

CheesecakeLasagna : Way to go, Jason Segel!

YaBoyBillson : this is dope. improvising is impressive on its own, much less playing multiple instruments at once, as well as experimenting with different sounds as you go. great stuff.

Tio Clotildo : funny thing is that i hardly can split my attention between watchin this video and eat a muffin .

BurnRoddy : It's 4.6 million views already! Keep in mind this video has only been up since Nov 2017 and its barely March 2018. Finally a video that gets the amounts of views ratio it deserves, I hope it gets many many more as it truly deserves it. Its there's an example of Musical Intelligence this is it! It may not be much will do my part and share this inspiring moment on FB and hope it keeps on gaining views for decades to come. Really great talent... and tune!

Grey Void : He really got in the groove at 6:30

Carol Sloanes : u shocked them and us good on you.

CapijuanHarlock99 : Respect

Zeta9966 : Couldn’t help but notice the Hufschmidt string mute

Pocho Nieves : I wish people understood how many years of endless practice it took this musician to be able to do this. People don't even know that to play one instrument at this level it takes over a decade and then a few and then learning the technology... mad props to D0VYDAS.