When Someone Requests a Piano Song from a Guitar Player

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Andyrfa : Great band jam session, and you alone is the whole band.

Евгений Смагин : Это шедевр👍👍👍

Aqueiz : You are not what people call unique, you are simply unreal. You have great talent and music. Really impressive, beautiful and amazing at the same time!

Tinto2 : not sure how i stumbled across this video, you sir are an incredibly talented individual! you should be playing in huge arenas, not hotel lobbys! :D

Tomek : Wow... this is amazing! I don’t know how you can play two instruments at a time but it’s awesome

David Stein : Wow! Talk about an underwhelming response for such and amazing display of musicianship. Great Job Man!

morgan riddiford : At this moment in time, one of the best creative musician I’ve ever been able to to watch on video! I don’t even wanna know how many countless hours were spent with the damn electronics haha! Without a doubt years and years. I love versatile musicians, I’m trying to learn everything I can as well

Gaspar Tiznado : The perfect one-man band doesn't exi-

GodKnightVA : Loki's taken a trip to Midgard to show the humans just what a god can do.

Scruell : You should write music for elevators and on hold calls

Largest Classifieds : Only a genius can pull that highly complicated moves by 2 hands using 2 different instruments and backed up by other programmed beats etc. Are you a God of Music?

Emanuel Frias : Fellow musician, hat's off to you.

sagarvermamusic : You are a genius, my friend. So glad the YouTube brought me across this. Much love from India ❤️

Kenneth Luedke : holy crap, this guy is out of this world O_O if there was a live performer like this in my town, i would totally follow him. reminds me a bit of ronald jenkees. insane beats! I especially loved the "drop" at 7:30!! theres nothing like hyper-skilled/talented improv

David Farmer : 9:18 FOUR people clap?

Stephen Ward : Damn I bet that receptionist was having a good time while you were there lol

sweetie89207 : my mind, when he started playing guitar and piano simultaneously *kaboom* I can't even....insane man, just insane!

B 4 : Genius

rnggalp : There's a phrase, "there is always someone better than you." But, man, you're the best I've found so far.

Charles Beau de l'Air : Good cameraman.

lifeisgoodenjoydaryd : Got some serious talent my man. Keep up the great work.

Tegar R.D : damn dude, your cool🔥 keep it up!

Renegade Show : This is hands down some of the best musicianship I have ever seen!

Fluffy Guzman : Love how much work you put in for such a small audience. Lot of respect for you brother

realcygnus : cool

TacoJim : When Elevator Music tries to be Hardcore. And Wins.

Goat the immortal : From a request that was probably a joke to an amazing performance as a reply. Just genius

Citizen Mike : Talk about talent

Bacon Sizzle : It must make you really nervous creating right on the spot like. I mean yeah I do it but never in front of a crowd. Nice job and you've earned yourself a new sub.

That Cannabis Guy : That was just unreal!! Amazing Talent!!

Daniel Draghici : If this was subtitled it would say "smattering of applause". The f is guy doing playing in front of 7 people when other "live looping" guys do concerts? I'm glad this video did well and that he's at least making some of that Youtube money!

SinisterPlotter : You sir are truly one the most impressive musicians i have even seen or heard. Simply amazing!

janini carvalho : Belíssimo som e perícia.

Sebastian Tu : the difference between being able to play the guitar, me, and actually knowing how music works, you.

EpicGamerSetzuna : I have no idea how this was recommended, but holy crap. Amazing!!

Largest Classifieds : Wow. This guy is such a genius orchestrating all that music all by himself.

JR Boyd : I couldn't even chew gum while walking; Let alone, play 2 different instruments simultaneously. This guy is a music genius.

Manasi M. : The exact moment my mind was blown was when you started playing two instruments at the same time! You're so good, so glad to have found this video 😄

wilhelmtm : The original reason for YouTube. Lovely. I'll patreon you. Thanks for share this amazing sounds.

Daniel G : Man..Despite the fact that you'd spent a short period coming up with a song, i had to admit that it was an amazing piece! Pretty sure that gentlemen was flattered by your superb performance. Loved it! Keep rocking!

whitehotwater : This is where I picture myself in the next five seconds. Edit: damn it.

MrVivekkp : Somehow stumbled on this video.. And I am speechless. I've seen many doing same as you; But when you played same notes on both guitar and keyboard.. That was breath-taking. Me as rookie guitarist; I dream of mastering guitar skills. But wait.. I realized Having add-on knowledge of Keyboard and other instruments is better. Yeah, I want to be a bad-a** guitarist but I'd love to be bad-a** in MUSIC composition. That's what I felt now. I saw future me in your video. Thanks for Inspiration.

Piyush Anand : I was ill. Your music entertained me a lot n I recovered faster. Thank you

La Baguette : wOAH WHAT GREAT TALENT YOU HAVE !! This was literally jaw dropping. So happy that this was in my recommendations. You blessed my ears, sir.

Basand : This really isn't my type of music but I watched the whole thing. You are so amazing

Johnny Woodstock : Life goals

Jang Ji Ji : You are something rare, mate. I really admire your talent very much, and I wish I'd meet you someday. Kudos.

Louie Cincinelli : I don't ever comment on YouTube videos... but holy shit that was impressive!

Leslie Nolastname : Gosh almighty! Where on earth did your mind come from?! Beyond talent. Applause! Shared.

Lucas A : I mean, i knew you were talented from the start. But at about 3:02 you took it next level doing one hand on guitar/one hand on piano.