Surviving a Flash Flood - Canyoneering in Behunin Canyon

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Canyoneering in Zion National Park turns deadly when four canyoneers are caught in a massive flash flood, pinning them under a 300 foot waterfall. Behunin Canyon, Utah. See more at

Comments from Youtube

You wish you were me : Irresponsibly climbs into canyon without research of dangerous flood inducing weather, even after realizing that it is raining very hard. Asks Jesus to protect them from the flash flood. Smart.

teogo : If only there was some way to be informed about what the weather might do and choose accordingly.

Daniel Dunn : So lucky. Glad they made it! That rock saved their lives.

elk hunter : Intense. I am no expert canyoneer, but I do have some experience, including a few close calls (all my fault). Why would you rope deeper into a canyon during a rainstorm? And then have your buddies follow you even after you've seen the danger? I am glad everyone came out, and the video was awesome, but man you guys broke a lot of rules.

Caver461 : Wow - wild ride - glad you all survived. Personally, if it had begun raining while I was down there I would immediately be heading for a spot where the water would not get me. Was it your intention to situate yourselves under that waterfall to watch the flood from beneath?

Dakota Belliston : Talk about lucky timing. Amazing how quick those floods come

UDT116 : Awesome.

Doughdill1 : nothing will happen to us in the name of Jesus, now that its over lets get a beer  

Stephen Muth : On behalf of all US Americans, I would like to apologize for the clueless Godbots on display here.

Recalcitrantinfidel : Never forget to carry along the ice cold coors, hiker tip #14.

Ryan Hamblin : This is ridiculous to proclaim. To think that there are no real world consequences to a death in a national park, that affect the others who do participate in recreation activities in a smart manner, is flat out ignorant and stupid. Had they died, there would have been a laundry list of back lashes, most of which would affect how you are able to spend YOUR time in our Nation's Treasures.

jscanyon : Humm.....No helmets, no care for the weather... Oh and I know for a fact Zion won't issue permits if flooding is in the forecast.... So I also wonder did you all poach the canyon as well. Not to smart on so many levels.

reconfortherecon : Amen!

B Marsh : As an experienced canyoneerer this is embarrassing to watch. It wouldn’t surprise me to hear one or all of you have been in a previous emergency situation. It’s because of people like you I have a hard time getting a permit. Get educated… these are good for that; Zion: Canyoneering, Knots & Rigging for Canyoneering, Canyoneering 101, Try not to die…

Esuper1 : Lol... these are the idiots that you hear about on the news. You know guys it a reaalllyy bad idea to go hiking in canyons when it rains. Water tends to collect there. They can tell you if it's going to rain now adays... it's called a weather forecast. Look in to it next time so you don't get to meet your maker prematurely.

Ryan Hamblin : Freaking idiots. The fact that you survived shows others that they can too. Seems like there could've been a better place than under a rock in a river bed to secure a location. This is just ridiculous, I'm glad no one was hurt though.

TaskForceSixTwoSix : What camera equipment were you using?

MrDjvaughn : Lol Fuck Your god and your Jesus it is Very fake. Now Mother Nature is the Gods that you need to obey or she will kill you.. you guys almost died that is funny shit Lol..

Beyond the Seldom Seen : I love how some people want to give advice when non is asked. Everyone is willing to risk something to be in nature and to be inspired. Some people like to bend that risk to the extreme, sometimes it breaks, sometimes you survive with an amazing youtube video. Today they survived. You don't have to mitigate all your risks, you just can't blame anyone else if you die.

bimota_rider : Almost got "Darwin-ed"

EPiXNiCROS : jefferson462, DanGaCOS is 100% right. I've been canyoneering in Zion for almost 20 years. I've done this particular canyon over 20 times. Weather reports were predicting rain in the area. These are normal conditions during monsoon season in Utah. They are lucky to be alive.

COturns : August 25th

Blake Hall : So sick! Glad you made it out alive. I wish I were with you through that. What an experience.

TheAydam : Yur gonna die.

crs175 : Can you tell me when this occurred? I need this information for NWS flash flooding verification/statistics. Thanks!

Michael B : gnarly! His name never fails!

COturns : Useful lessons to learn from this: 1) Get educated on the sport & area. -- Don't force a trip & know what should indicate and auto-no-go (rain in the forecast, peak monsoon season, no helmets/improper gear). 2) Understand flash floods, lightning, wilderness first aid, etc. before you even consider doing these activities unguided. 3) Nature doesn't care how hard you pray. Ironically that rock they hid behind is most certainly from a previous flood. Praise that rock!

clearevil : Preying to jesus after he sent them a flood their way

xts14601 : They were in a moment of panic. Otherwise I'm sure they would have thought twice about what youtube commenters would have said about them before expressing their faith. Why do people care? This video is crazy for what it is.

Morty C-137 : DAM NATU..... oh fuck it.

scorpion_901 : I would stand in that no matter what

Alexander Andreassen : No, the fact that a statement like that would be taken seriously is depressing. Also, how are these times hard?

Gary Porter : And the tourists that come to town think we are ruining their vacation by telling them to stay out of the canyons if there is even a chance of rain, because dying wouldn't ruin the vacation at all right?

Miyamotolol : /s doesn't stand for anything for me. it might mean sarcasm for you, but for me its just a slash and an s. why would me not knowing your lingo depress you? you should find a way to be happy through these rough times for you, im here if you need to talk.

Matt Stewart : So apparently jesus is a boulder haha.

poposisa : damn.

Engelbert Twinkleton : LOL LE REDDIT FEDORA CREW HAV ARRIVED!!!!!!!!

killerbeau95 : wat a bunch of loons.

Alexander Andreassen : The /s stands for "Sarcasm". Though, that statement being taken seriously alone is depressing enough.

EurekaRnD : You should kiss my ass.

Tomas Söderström : Im glad you all made it out safely! That was intense

MeganAldrichMusic : Praise Jesus! Surely he was with you through the storm. We have a faithful God, Eric :)

David mendi : The atheists sure got triggered 😂😂

Hunter Small : Damn, that's some scary stuff. Glad you got under that rock. Stay safe brother!

Cakerolled : Delusional religious idiot.

CoolerThanEverybody : Ah, too bad they weren't killed.

idajestem : That's so scary!

Kerri Hosick : and mother nature lay her hand over the wayward children saying, didnt your heavenly father tell you not to be stupid in life???

Canned Shoes : You should shut up.