Surviving a Flash Flood - Canyoneering in Behunin Canyon

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Caver461 : Wow - wild ride - glad you all survived. Personally, if it had begun raining while I was down there I would immediately be heading for a spot where the water would not get me. Was it your intention to situate yourselves under that waterfall to watch the flood from beneath?

clearevil : Preying to jesus after he sent them a flood their way

WootTootZoot : Next time, ask Mr Deity to transport you magically to Disneyland.

killerbeau95 : wat a bunch of loons.

Kerri Hosick : and mother nature lay her hand over the wayward children saying, didnt your heavenly father tell you not to be stupid in life???

elk hunter : Intense. I am no expert canyoneer, but I do have some experience, including a few close calls (all my fault). Why would you rope deeper into a canyon during a rainstorm? And then have your buddies follow you even after you've seen the danger? I am glad everyone came out, and the video was awesome, but man you guys broke a lot of rules.

teogo : If only there was some way to be informed about what the weather might do and choose accordingly.

matycee : Seriously? Why people insist on giving up their rational minds, especially in a situation like this, to imaginary beings/dieties for protection is just truly astounding and just plain silly. Perhaps a quick look at a weather forecast was all that was necessary... This is an amazing bit of video however.

Daniel Dunn : So lucky. Glad they made it! That rock saved their lives.

David mendi : The atheists sure got triggered 😂😂

YFUATIW : Got some religion pretty fast too huh. :)

YFUATIW : You should kiss my ass.

UDT116 : Awesome.

themadplotter : After they scream like dicks I couldn't care less....

Matt Williams : Irresponsibly climbs into canyon without research of dangerous flood inducing weather, even after realizing that it is raining very hard. Asks Jesus to protect them from the flash flood. Smart.

Eric Hanson : haha! Can you blame me? Well, lets just say I am thankful to God for my life. Felt like He was protecting me in there.

speedboy6776 : Oh yes enlightened one, show them the ways.

Dakota Belliston : Talk about lucky timing. Amazing how quick those floods come

smokesidized : look at all these poor souls that claim to be atheist trying to assert their dominance. Stop acting like dogs taking a piss on a pole trying to claim territory. They lived, whether it be in gods name or not. Just enjoy the fucking video.

Chris Moore : The thing I find interesting is that so often you hear people praying for protection in a situation like this.  Shouldn't God be a little more proactive and protect them BEFORE the situation gets this out of hand?  

Justyburger : Hedge of protection? A hedge is not very good. What about a wall or force field?

Gary Porter : And the tourists that come to town think we are ruining their vacation by telling them to stay out of the canyons if there is even a chance of rain, because dying wouldn't ruin the vacation at all right?

Kendall Brown : Stay out of the canyons when there is a chance of rain. 

Jason Naparalla : I ran this canyon last month.  Amazing to see what a flash does  it.  In addition to th lower pools and small creek after the exit.

Doughdill1 : nothing will happen to us in the name of Jesus, now that its over lets get a beer  

Bryn : OTT Americans.. There's a surprise

Harry 8642 : if Jesus was real, he wouldn't let this happen to you, let's be serious he is a fairytale...

Taipans : "My leg is falling asleep"

Tomas Söderström : Im glad you all made it out safely! That was intense

Happy Hartshornes : awesome

Amethyst : I'm guessing next time they checked the weather before they left...

Cloud Stratus : I kind of wish the guy who was praying didn't make it. Just out of irony.

MissingClover : Nice fedora

imfromtambunan : So brave

Lewis080 : /s means sarcasm

SupernalOne : interesting cultural shift - when I was this age, in the 70's, our feeling was not the "hoo-rah team cheer" sort of response, but more the "we have been through an enlightening experience" - and in any case, being aware of the weather upstream while in canyon country is always wisdom

michaelsimkin : Looks nice. I think, I'll go there.

pictureBigger : time to go home boys @0:33

pictureBigger : lol @0:55 they're warming up the car.  that's what's going on up there.

Jaaykuh : Why would you go down to the ground if it is flash flooding?

bimota_rider : Almost got "Darwin-ed"

Recalcitrantinfidel : Never forget to carry along the ice cold coors, hiker tip #14.

ToClose2Human : Wow amazing!

Michael B : gnarly! His name never fails!

Brett Headley : Looked like Jesus had other plans for you.

Endrid : wow

Greg Petliski : I can understand why they prayed. That is an incredible display of the power of nature.

Hunter Small : Damn, that's some scary stuff. Glad you got under that rock. Stay safe brother!

Stephen Muth : On behalf of all US Americans, I would like to apologize for the clueless Godbots on display here.

Beyond the Seldom Seen : I love how some people want to give advice when non is asked. Everyone is willing to risk something to be in nature and to be inspired. Some people like to bend that risk to the extreme, sometimes it breaks, sometimes you survive with an amazing youtube video. Today they survived. You don't have to mitigate all your risks, you just can't blame anyone else if you die.