Hitler actor Bruno Ganz interview about Youtube Downfall Parodies

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Hazard Ryuusei : When you realise the video itself is a Downfall Parody

Fresh Freddy : Lol, the subtitle is wrong haha, He talks about the movie not about youtube

NormalYT User : who else thought this was real?

DIOSpeedDemon : Mr GANZ should get an Oscar for best Hitler, best comedy, best German portrayal of a german officer, and Best Performance for exuding pure power in his performance. Aw hell- GIVE THE MAN TWO OSCARS.....

Kurt Cobain : 2:35 lmao thats when i realised it was fake that had me dying. Great video!

bigfriki : I'm german and he isn't saying what's written in the subtitles at all XD

Confused Voyager : The only reason the memes are so funny or the parodies so good is because Bruno's performance is so good. If the Bruno and the entire cast hadn't been as accurate and realistic as they were, they would have been the parody. There is no higher compliment than for you performance to be so accurate they can mock the person you are portraying.

FROZEN EMPIRE : This is not Bruno Ganz. This is Adolf's clone... XD

Install a Friend : The guy who made this is a clever bastard

Tyke Monster : He is one gem of an actor. What a performance as Adolf Hitler!!


DWalther : False subtitles - actually he talks about iPhone 8

Crispy Batman : The memes are what made me want to watch the film because the acting looked so good, it was a great movie too

TheSealOfTheRose : Thats his everyday moustache?!

Can Soylu : translation is incorrect

Courtney Sole : When I first saw this video, I didn't speak any German and it was hilarious. Now I've been studying German for 2 years and it's even funnier because I know what he's actually saying

russian pup : Downfall 2 anyone?

Andy Zhang : What if these are also fake subtitles just like the meme?

sam skillington : Did you know that that the real Hitler was actually a Nazi?! If you look at some photos of him he has the swastika on his arm!

antimatter92 : love the film and love him as an actor. He is quite brilliant in my opinion. Especially in wings of desire

ftey2000 : I am not german, but the subtitles are wrong. In fact, he said : ye-ye-ye-ye-ye-ye, trolololol, ah-ah-ahahahahaha, trololololololol0...

BILLY MASE BILLY MASE : I bet he really turns heads in the public

MrDunkin2000 : Excellent actor! And yes he did play Hitler, very well.

THE MASTER OF ANTICS : fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish

Headbang \m/ mania : MEIN FRÜHER

Pidpie : What is he *REALLY* talking about, though?

Achraf AG Tv : This guy is a legend

wongily wangily : My Failüre, i object to you being on youtube !


Gemesil : Insert here comment about the subtitles being wrong.

Miguel Ángel : There are people that really believe that the subtitles are right? LOL

Jonathan Wells : I didn't hear him say fegelein when fegelein was on the screen. I can't speak German and I proved this to be a parody.

EsagilPlayz : That actor was and is great.He'll still in History.

Kris B : This is some kind of Inception parody.

Darkshade : Plot twist: this video was a parody.


BUTABRA94 : This is not hitler because if hitler was alive he would be over 100 years old

ilovenh1 : LLOOLLL! the comments are better than the video! */:=DDDDDDD*


SusieLa1 : That isn't what he's saying in the subtitles is it?

cavid ceferzade : HEIL BRUNO!

Iorveth : I am german and the translation is false and gay.

Herr Spätkauf : I just spat cyanide all over my keyboard.

SIDDHARTH DESHPANDE : Actually because of the parodies I saw the damn movie, and I found it one of the best movies I have ever seen..

Wolf Khain : as a german, it's funny to read the ""Translation"" and hear what he say's but i think it dosen't have quite the same effect if you can't speak german

Hermann Fegelein The master of antics : *Parody of a guy "talking about parodies"*

Sander Skovly : The "wrong texting" is so famous...

NINJA's Depression : I salute you Mein Fürer 🙋‍♂️

Fredert2 : Poor old man!

national socalist turtle : Thats not the real one the real one rants alot so you are a FEGELEIN FEGELEIN FEGELIEN!!!!!!!