insane robot dance

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MGPLyrics : Can't wait for Kollaboration 2002!1!

OrangeSodaKing : Watching over 10 years later...

synthfreqs : this, for many of us, was basically the "first video on the internet" lmao

Tuppoo94 : This is one of the first videos on YouTube, uploaded on its first year of operation.

rootin tootin : when the internet was less about money and more about passion

smokeybarr : Absolutely love the nod at the end as if to say "I think that should just about do it..."

thatV4guy : I remember seeing this video when I was a sophomore in high school. Now I'm 24 years old and have a career. Good ol' days...

Volvagia´s Blaze : Wow this video's comment section is a time capsule because every troll comment looks like it came from 2007.

Мусе Тарекегн : - What's your name? - David. - David, from where? - From *_Elsewhere_*.

EastSideBlitz1337 : That glitchy move at 1:17 was boss

rafer Jefferson iii : This robot does a great kid impression.

Coove83 : Still nobody better than this guy. And they've had ten years to try.

mrghantauke : That robot does a good human.

Jurica Barišić : I've seen many robot dancers but this dude is still... Wow. Compare to him, other dancers look like beginners.

Xanofar : I'm pretty sure robots don't move like that. :P

Ayush : watching it in 2017 and its still cool.

Kendo121 : I wonder where that guy is now..

kazeem khan : Wow last guy killed it lol .. wicked

RewKev : Its more a liquid dance with robot touch , really impressive :D

gohstdog23 : kid in hat , is a hater lol

Alde Ambara Sakti : 1:18 when fps drops.

ein anonymer : the background music is Expo 2000 - Kraftwerk. if someone asks.

Dehaven Shane : The second guy has bones right?

Christopher Mckinney : the Asian guy is mike songz just so you all know!

Aaron'sHalfAssedVideos : hmmm... The fact is robots aren't that flexible...


zer0senzer0 : one of the very first internet video i've seen long ago, glad it's still running on youtube :D

Fooked Flaggons : The boneless guy is David Elsewhere. Check him out

Rocket Monster : HES LAGGED!!! it doesnt count!!! xD!!

Isaac Thuesen : FAKE!!! That robot didn't seem human at all.

Caner Özdemir : Hehe thats one of the first vids on youtube :) have some respect yaw, this is legend! ^^

Daniel : This is old, holy shit :D

ToGetToTerrapin : still holds up, David reigns supreme

redsbr : He was trained under Duane himself.

VinMarley Dope : I never saw a robot dance!

flowerpunkchip : he is a legend on youtube.... David Elsewhere thank you

Sir.Raphim Revelator : I am from the year 2018, I come in peace

FrozenSound : I can do that, hold my bones

Jaquelle Jones : IMGUR WHERE YOU AT!?!?

15october91 : This is the video that I first watched on youtube (I think).

Shin Gōtetsu : I'll never forget this

MyNamesCody : Still blows my mind after all these years

Jake : Stupid robots trying to be human

The Tactician : here 00:38

Matthew D : That is not a robot dance. That is a squiggly man dance.

ZondaFRoadster : For anyone wondering, the music in the background is 'Expo 2000' by Kraftwerk.

Joe Mike P : name of the dude?

ZReckyRect - Gaming : this was made in 2005 and it's still looks really good in 2016 but with a camera with bad quality

sudhanshu kulkarni : I LIKE IT BUT I LOVE MJ MOST

Taylor Ronan : what is the kids name in the orange shirt? id like to see more of his stuff.