World's fastest talking man sings Michael Jackson's BAD in 20 seconds

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Weird10s : i feel sad for his wife. she can't even argue 🕶

Chopsticks : Top 3 people Eminem is afraid to diss.

Dylan Hayes : *Eminem wants to know your location*

Jason Eissayou : This has been on my recommended at least 10 times

Renato Aguila : *Top 5 rappers eminem was afraid to diss*

B the Lee : This is the guy that reads off the side effects for medication.

Lolo : micheal jackson? quaking. slow talkers? shaking. hotel? trivago.

Diamond 10101 : Jojo Siwa’s dad?

Toasty McSauce : Eminem: Records Rap God. This guy: Hold my beer.



kakashi hatake : 3:12 Put it on 2x speed be careful,you may travel time accidentally

Dragonico9669 Sav : 2:23 put to 0.5x He’s literally saying nothing

Vaibhav Aswani : Eminem has left the chat

K1NG MOZ : I farted and felt my clit twitch

Booga04 Minecraft : I can't even speak gibberish that fast

Hype Baby : Growing up with 5 sisters pays off.

kousnick : Eminem is shook

Mathias Vlogs : *One of the few rappers eminem was scared to diss*

elvis : Playback speed 0.5 and he talks normally.

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : Can’t even think that fast

Hriday Sainathuni : Roses are red Violets are blue The part you were looking for Is 3:02

Ainsley Harriott : When you're desperate to be in the Guinness Book of World Records but you're only talent is to talk fast.... This man achieved it!

Playboi_bardiii : So I put the speed too 0.5 too see if I slowed it down I could understand it and Lmaooo idk if it’s something with the wrong speed thing idk it could be something wrong but I don’t understand a word he says when I slow it down

SNG Popcorn12 : It would suck to have him as a teacher

Berghi : Eminem be like: Hold my beer.

Dank memes r Dank : This guy would make a great auctioneer

Sammy The Samurai : Top 10 rappers Eminem was too afraid to diss

Eydren Macalansag : Slow it down in .05 then you'll understand

Sushi Toons : He is the true rap god

Luwoo Lover : Eminem is Shaking 😂

Rafiki Of The Flock : *This guy could smite any rapper*

Antatchi : a classic

StiKz : Bad bad im really really bad bad batman wait XD

千多 : Well done youtube's auto generated english captions.

Breenud39 TV : It was actually 20 seconds and 5 milliseconds... Clickbate reported...

Megan cavanaugh : When you come 5 years late

DrMateen36 : Best last 5 seconds of a video ever.

Joe Adams : Why is this in my recommended?

KeYYaN : The English auto generated captions tho....

তেই তেই এর বউ /V's illigirl/ : Just debut as a rapper already!

Blynder : This man needs to sing rap god

10000 subs no videos challenge : *Top 10 people Eminem is afraid to diss*

Baby Shenron : So why do you think you’re qualified for this job

The jg guy : 2x speed😎

Yaseen Choudhury : This is the guy who talks about the harmful effects of products at the end of the advertisement


TheOGMew3 : Recommended again... ok YouTube. I watched this like 25 times in the part few years. Please don’t recommend this to me again.

Black Thunder : Blurr from G1 Transformers brought me here.

PixiePia 6 : I'm here to see the comments