World's fastest talking man sings Michael Jackson's BAD in 20 seconds

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TboltGames : Watch on 0.5x

Andrew Jimenez : Batteries Not Included

RusselGaming1234 : How fast is his tongue omg

Neuman asare : This video was made in 1987

BayBearZ : sorry.. can you repeat that ☺

Beats : 03:37 his wife is definitely happy

CypherVn : Sit down, Eminem.

Brian-eighteen 18 : Watch on .5 speed to hear it normal-ish. Watch it on 2x if you want to hear the most insane blur of words ever.

Neuman asare : Fastest rapper in the world

The Last Cookie : World's fastest talking man VS World's fastest typer

Zozzy : Obviously you haven’t heard James Charles.

Soumyadeep Banerjee : If you want to listen the song bad. 2:59 Here you go. Thank me later!

Elias Safo : Then why’s the video 3minutes

Badunci : He is Blurr, from Transformers!!!

Kodak Blue : why do i feel slow

Cruz Diaz : When the 0.75x speed button becomes useful on youtube

MrJacMac1968 : Why do people that speak Spanish talk fast but most people that speak English speak slower?

meow catsarecute : Him VS rap god XD

pettywap : Him vs James Charles

Metaphysical Mike : Incredible talent

David Hasselhoff : I think. This guy > Eminem

Bitan Saha : *Mutual funds are subjected to market risks. Please read all the scheme related documents carefully*

Stephen Devaraj : Anyone notice that YouTube caption somewhat nearly translated all his fastest talk.. 3:02

damien odwell : I slowed it down at 2:22 and it wasn’t words at all XD ?!?!

Eross Van Leer : 0.5X speed

derp face : Eminem is shaking

Daniel Vasic : The best white rapper in the world

Myles Ireland : when you have it at 0.25 and then realise he isn't actually saying anything.

sah dude : Do 2x

Tsundere Shark : Ok Youtube I watched it. Now get off my recommended list

Jorn de Vries : f a s t b o i

Hilariousharry : Play it in *2x* #Savage

Just Regis : Future xqc


Emily Gee : Oh my gosh. Turn on captions!

Sean K88 : I would pay a thousand dollars to watch him Eminem and busts rhymes do a fastest rap battle

Emanuele Bellesi : I'm beginning to feel like I m rap god rap god, all my people from the front to the back nod back nod. No people. Is not Eminem.

J J : James Charles is SHOOK

Press Play : It’s the guy at the end of those car dealership commercials reading the fine print

Johnny Jackson : This is Eminem's inspiration.

Nataly Corona : He could perfectly do Larry's part of I love my lips😂😂😂😂

Taufik Rahman : He's so talented...

nathan110063 : Michael Jackson's new album 🤣🤣😅😅😥😥😭😭😭

Basilikiii _13 : James Charles is SHAKING😂

Rift Music : when your teacher asks you to read in class

Big Man47 : Play on 2x speed

SwagPanda Studios! : He would be a good rapper

Salty Detective : There's only one thing on your mind and my mind Rap God.

Hexagon Gaming : The teacher in the advanced math class be like 0:41

guccigangtan : *when you have good tea to tell your friends*