World's fastest talking man sings Michael Jackson's BAD in 20 seconds

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Dean Natuno : *Even at that speed.* It can actually be understood.

Luwoo Lover : Eminem is Shaking 😂

Kylo Ren : He is probs the guy at the end of those medical commercials that worns about the side effect at the end😂

whatsupitsg ; : Imagine him arguing with Trisha paytas

Sak : Rip Captions!

Bronze : Congrats on graduating.

Chadybb The sad dads is y : *I’m beginning to feel like a rap god*

Mackenzie Polanco : Tbh I don't care about how fast he talks. *I'm just wondering if I can get some of that rice*

Thelma Taco : i turned the speed up to 2 and had a stoke holy shit call 911

A. Cheri : *He sounds the person that reads all the bad side effects on a antidepressant ad*

Valeria Rangel : Trisha Paytas is shaking

Noe Donis : Watch the video in playspeed 2x to open a portal to another dimension

Lucky Dice : Is it sad.... That i understand what hes saying?? Edit: I wonder how fast he could say the whole rap god song....

B l o o d y r a t : James Charles is shook

Rift Music : when your teacher asks you to read in class

zen.chan_ : I'm a SCATMAN

GOAT awesome : If he was my teacher then school would end in 3 minutes

s laura : 3:37 🙄👏

framingan : Ahhh, so he’s the guy at the end of every shampoo commercial and say batteries not included? It’s that fast we don’t even hear it 😂😂

Maggie Jimenez : Shistar James talks faster

dirt bike addiction : His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti

Riffath Zaman : He needs some weed

Ally OL : My mom is faster than him, when she's angry...

hayati razon : Lets report this to youtube so they’ll need to understand every single word that man tells

Dark Gamer : He became Rap God...😂😂😋

Lindsay Dare : I slowed it down at 2:26 and hes just speaking jibberish lol...

Cristian Ortiz : He can be a faster rapper than logic

Halfpeck : This guy is really bad

ARBAZ QURESHI : Had to click on this video since youtube keeps recommending this to me again and again.

Johnny Jackson : This is Eminem's inspiration.

Cryptic Wintermoon : Eminem's dad.

Turd Man Jones : Original rap god

Campbell Leibach : Personally I studder myself, so to see this guys speaking this fast, I feel like I'm not speaking the right way...

AJ M : James Charles ??

HydraBM : Turn caption on

Mario Marquez : Trisha Paytas speaks faster

Albert Cervera : OMG Michael Jackson’s new album is already out!!!???

Chyzzle : 0.5 speed and you can understand him perfectly

echo2006able : Ready....Steady...Go🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

Emily Gee : Oh my gosh. Turn on captions!

Nick Cammarata : Give that guy a xanax or something.

Put that jelly in my belly : But have you met Trish like fish

CCP Music Beats : I wonder how long it'll take this dude to read the dictionary

Gouja : i want him to sing rap god

Gloomy Unicorn : 2:23 RAP GOD

NineBroadcastSinghs : R.I.P. EMINEM

uhimnotfinished : Eminem just had a stroke smh

XCIXXX : Best rapper.

Sal S : 😱

HassanVlogs : i bet this is the guy who says in commercials "Batteries not included"