World's fastest talking man sings Michael Jackson's BAD in 20 seconds

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valy : einstein said nothings faster than light he was wrong 2:23

Barry Bend : Yay blurr.

Emily Gee : Oh my gosh. Turn on captions!

UglyCity1 : Must be Eminem's dad

Berellow XD : Put in 2x speed😂 THANK ME LATER

Rift Music : when your teacher asks you to read in class

Zeeste_ : I could use this guy for my disclaimer

Echo Neko : Dude this guy would be *awesome* at Rap God.

Ashton Grey : Who's trying to read comments very fast but failed?

Runners High : It's the guy who tells you all the things that can kill you about the medicine at the end of the commercial

rshipley21 : Has anyone here ever heard an argument between two Hispanic ladies? Please.....

Master Lollipop : But.....can it run crysis?

TheCodLogic 4413 : Captions I’m sorry ☹️

t0m daig1e : TRISHA PAYTAS WHO

James Cockerham : YouTube decided to make us all watch a video from 2014 lol

Jacob flom : Imagine this guy reading Gucci gang

Trey : 0.25x speed boiiii, caught every word 2:20

Snake Eyes : John said: about 6 words later my brain goes woah you can't get away with that and all of a sudden my mouth goes "gibberish" then he said that he mispronounced a word 4 paragraphs back Me:wtf

jdogskizzle : Imagine if this guy was a professor

Korcan Mazarati : Wow. His awesome but his funny tho

Amit Bhokse : bad bad i lm bad i llma bad lmbad bad ba sdyou know i m bad bad bad i m your dad

Jack : Busta rhymes don’t got shit on this guy

Max ! : how to cheat: 0.25 speed

DEVILISH DARKSIDE : And my mother thinks I talk fast!

Tails-spin01 : What's most impressive is that YouTube caught all that in the automatic subtitles.

Manan Sanghvi : 2:23 at 0.25 playback speed is also fast😂

Tonny : WAIT. I slowed it down and he RARELY said a word.

Cameron - : Fun little game....... At 3:01 put the play back speed at 2.0 Thank me later 😏

Jaqen H'ghar : me: you can't just put the same video in everybody's recommended at the same time youTube: that's where you're wrong kiddo

leon : He should sing "Rap god" from eminem xd

DarknessDrawings : Is it bad I can hear every word very clearly

Master5505 : He should be a rapper

can ya save meh Jish and tyjo? : *(Puts speed to 2x)*

Cunty McCuntson : When i like another girls pic on instagram my GF talks alot faster

SelleyPlays : Is it bad that i understand him 100%

Free Form Jazz : Warning, terms may apply.

Ediskey The Cynic : This man killed nightcore

DavidIdemooo : Can someone make subtitles? Can’t really understand what this man is saying. 🤨🧐

Hexler 2 : but the question is can it run Crysis

vonrocksworth the fifth : I put it on 2x speed sooooo fast

Kyle Broflovski : 0:41 When the sherbet kicks in

liza myxa : Rap god has nothing on him. 😂

Music Lounge - No Copyright Music : Well, here's the *face* behind all the disclaimers :)

Luke Riley : Yeah but what the fuck is he wearing

fernando t : My latina mom talks faster

Andy : Set speed to 0.5x then go to 2:22, dude is speaking in German. lol

TheEpicFace : Dude hes not actually saying shit, when you slow it down to 0.25x its just gibberish.

Man Guy : Rest In Peace Scatman John

Error Gaming : Siri: sorry I missed that.

u2 : HAX!!