World's fastest talking man sings Michael Jackson's BAD in 20 seconds

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Weird10s : i feel sad for his wife. she can't even argue 🕶

My Instant Search : If Eminem's Rap God, he's the *Talk God*

unknown Lion : Put a rap beat on this guy and he will be the best rapper ever

Ol Bloody Chopper Mate : Still more clearer than mumble rap.

Lil skies Is the goat : This guy literally can’t lose an argument.

Breenud39 TV : It was actually 20 seconds and 5 milliseconds... Clickbate reported...

xoKatelyn : He still speaks clearer than Jojo Siwa.

Ant Bar : Video starts at 3:02 ;3 thank me later

RainbowFarting Unicorns2003 : The guy who says the terms and conditions in an old fashioned advertisement

exactly 9999 subs challenge : Now let's hear him rap Eminem rap god

HassanVlogs : i bet this is the guy who says in commercials "Batteries not included"

Maizii Maiz : Me try to explain why i Didn't Do my homework

MrBucketList : ... *puts video on 2x speed*

elliot : This guy is THE rap god, see ya Eminem

SHY BOY : This guy is Eminem father

Luwoo Lover : Eminem is Shaking 😂

niya • : King of speaking in cursive 😍👑

demitari orlofe : 3:34 when you spill water on your computer

David Mackay : 3:02 is where it's at. This dude can't even lose a single arguement.

Mei Jack : watching this in 2.0 speed

Dean Natuno : *Even at that speed.* It can actually be understood.

Caity Wylie : Listen to 3:02 at X2 speed haha

sub for sub channel : Intelligent ppl talk faster

John Stephenson : He would be good in ads, the ones that can only go for 1 minute.

Kasia Wiggins : I love how fast he talks 😭❤️ . It just made me so happy ‼️

Jobin : *R A P G O D*

Lram Nohj Serabal : Can he sing RAP GOD?

hshshshshshshs : 2:25 President Putin

Mike Dear : Micro.machines!!

Kant Relate Kris : James is *quaking* and also isn't he that guy at the end of risky advertisements stating all the side effects or guidelines?

Rishabh Kumar : If he can talk that fast Wonder how fast he must be thinking.

Erick Dias : I'm on 1:30 and still didn't heard he singing, I'm wondering if he already did I didn't catch it.

Lune : They clearly haven’t heard Jojo Siwa talking.

jm gold gaming : If we talk about tongues we will think what happend to there wifes right

Mr. Nice guy : Don't have an arguement with this man.

A. Cheri : *He sounds the person that reads all the bad side effects on a antidepressant ad*

Marcio Vinicius : He should make the fastest rap song

Kiwi Chan : Imagine watching this in 2x speed...

Kasia Wiggins : He called Michael Jackson the music Man lol😊

Jonathan King : Im not the only one who slowed the video down to decipher wtf he was saying...right?

Noe Donis : Watch the video in playspeed 2x to open a portal to another dimension

Max Moore : He needs to do Lincoln Douglass debate

Ryan Yeo : Is that even considered singing?

Akxat Roy : *Gibberish*

Sunset GamingYT : Make him worlds fastest rapper plz

Nalle Buhi : Eminem's daddy

[WUT]Woomy : Wow. Doesn’t even stutter

Techno Gamer : This guy should rap😂😂😂


PanVids : *SPEECH:* 100