World's fastest talking man sings Michael Jackson's BAD in 20 seconds

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HassanVlogs : i bet this is the guy who says in commercials "Batteries not included"

uzmaki nardo : The only guy can beat eminem rap god

AshX13 !! : He is the real rap god

Sean Lay : The bit at 2:23 i slowed it down and it just sounded like Mrrfffggrrlleebblleeaarrrggghhh

Koby Miller : “Say it again, but slower”

Eross Van Leer : 0.5X speed

i just BLINKed ONCE and now IGOT7 ARMYs in my house : *Eminem who?*

H BOMB 0803 : This is the guy in the medicine commercials that goes over to really terrible side effects really fast.

MARIA ORAMAS : Put it at 2x XD it's funny

AGENT 225 : What anime sounds like to our parents

Barry Bend : Yay blurr.

FcSchrifte : 2:23 when you hear the radio in a different language

Akanejeffrey : I want him to sing Eminem Rap God

Simply Perfect : The thing is you Can actually understand what he's saying

Kinky Santa : He looks just like John Scatman

Typically Thomas : Actually him doing the things starts at 03:00

dondon tugonon : this is eminem's dad

HeroZman : *I’m the skatman*

Danielle Haynes : Starts doing bad at 3:00

Brigamer 583 : 2:23 when the fast talking started, I swore I heard president putin community.

BayBearZ : sorry.. can you repeat that ☺

DarkVillain - Gaming : R.I.P eminem

Vivek Kumar : Set speed at ×0.25 if you want to listen properly

Dave Purcell : he's 33 here. uhh...what!? i thought uncle jack would at least be in his late 40s.

Daniel Trinh : Eminem’s father

Vishwadeep Sonawane : Summa lumma dumma lumma you assumin imma human.... :D

Karan Mehta : Emenem

D B : Al Herrington wacky wavable inflatable arm tube man Emporium

fannysludge : Whatever fucking next 😀?

san to : I think hey YouTube we dont need playback future!

AnthonyC : When he said Micheal Jackson's "new" album, I checked when the date on this video

Say my Name : RapGod

Westerly 777 : Just... The captions... Please...

Lil Kyrie : 2x speed

Stella Luna : I bet this guy can sing rap god lol 😂

Metaphysical Mike : Incredible talent

Andrew Chibigere : James Charles is. . . Well idk

Okkaido Plays : now sing gobgogabgalab fast

J.K. Benedict : Micro Machines!

gaming gaming lily : In the thumbnail he looks like Woahhvickyy

Johnny Jackson : This is Eminem's inspiration.

Virtual Conqueror : Finally found EMINEM's teacher!!!

MR.UNKNOWN Guy : Me when I die in fortnite

DemonZ Uchiha : 2X speed

Brigamer 583 : This guy should rap.

artificial authenticity : *He sounds the person that reads all the bad side effects on a antidepressant ad*

Samuel Memes 42 : He needs to sing rap god

Koala : LOL, I slowed it down and he was saying gibberish so... he ain't SHIT!

Cam S. : Video starts at 3:01. Thank me later

Keanu Gonzaga : *okay , alright , youre bad*