Can a Camera Stream its own Destruction?
Can a Camera Stream its own Destruction

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I saw this video on reddit and was suspicious it was fake. I thought if you pew pew your phone it would instantly break, so I decided to try it to for myself! Reddit link Ok guys, no insults or personal attack will be allowed in the comments. keep it clean. this video is a learning example for following the rules of handling a gun, not a witch hunt. #1 THE GUN IS ALWAYS LOADED. dont play with guns. don't point guns at stuff you don't want to shoot. the gun - KEEP READING! The phone can not record to the SD card or internally fast enough either. I filmed the second shot from the phone, and the video is corrupted. I used a free app to preview the file, and it does not show the last few frames before i shoot the gun. here is the file. use mp4 fixer on android to view the file if you want to see for your self.


CallMeDaddyC : 1:39 when your classmate reminds the teacher an assignment you didn’t make

Subscirbe to me for no reason : the burning battery is so satisfying to watch

aka : There are 2 reasons to shoot a camera experiment 2.because u look ugly in the pictures but cute in real life

Psychotropical : Unfortunately I'm unable to shoot a real gun but I have this *picks up a bazooka*

BaconHair123 : Thats wat i call a "ScreenShot"

PokTux : Now that’s what I call a SCREENSHOT Ok I’ll go now Also did not realise I copied sorry

Lael Hansen Toe Sucker : 4:37 “ he bout to shoot us”lmao

PeanutBruddha : Humans: "I saw my death with my own eyes" GoPro:"Hold my Beer"

Cody'sLab : Hey can I get that gun and fill the chamber with different gasses?

jason knight : Idk why you haven't invented a little mirror for the gun barrel instead of pointing it at yourself

jason knight : What if that's what's it's like to die. Like you just freeze.

Maiko Minako : Backyard scientist: charges battery separately so phone can be used again techrax: uses 2-5 phones in 1 video

HardZiKK : If you just recorded a video with the camera app without streaming or something, and you set the storage directory to the micro SD and aftet you look on a other phone if the death is recorder or not... Of course you don't shoot the Micro SD card

Lolencio Faze : You shot all the people watching your livestream

GuelphRacing : Hey random person scrolling down the comments.. Have a pleasant evening :)

DoubleM-K Gaming : What about if the phone is recording video to the sd card?..

Anonymous 100 : I taught you were going to show the clip of the phone getting shot or not

Top2019 : when u destroy a perfect iphone and your gf's phone is broken

Karen Haro : So he can destroy all those phones but cant fix his girlfriends phone screen

The Unknown : Is it me or does this guy sound like one of the guys at gameranx?

CallMeJosh XxMkkkay?xX : You can break a phone but can't fix your own girlfriends phone

PROF H3T : Tl;dr A phone can't stream its on death because its dead

Crescentknight8189 : The phone said "hurts"... It gained sentience and learned pain! You are the reason for the singularity!

Lobetec : I bet you can say that camera recorded a screenshot get it.. oh ill leave

Syd Mcfluffypuppy : damn, he's a pretty good shot. I wander what he uses all the guns for besides the videos.

DillonEP : "i'm gonna shoot a camera" >doesn't actually shoot the CAMERA

Marrino460 : Seeing how that air rifle is most likely illegal, I think I will just buy a real rifle instead. Damn gun laws trying to keep guns away from the hands of insane people!

Aru Azaura : The first 20 seconds of your video had me hooked, but I was not expecting you to pull out a gun to test your first theory. This is some high quality content, you got a new sub 👍

Piggy _Girl : I love the comment @ 4:39 ......."He bout to shoot us" 😂😂😂

Dennis -RIP- Dog : >Normally Reddit comments are full of mature intelligent discussions ( ͠° ͜ʖ °͠ )

AR PRODUCTIONZ : Nice video☇☇👌👌

MadKid_GOD : One question what if you don't shoot the memory and then you get a different phone and put the memory from the dead phone and put it inside the new phone, what would happen? like if you think #TheBackyardScientist should try this! :)

Whooday McNutty : I never take the time to upvote videos but this one has my 100% approval and respect... Great vid!

RealY700 : I did not know batteries could smoke🔋🚬

αииιкα : *_Gun used shoot!_* *IT'S SUPPER EFFECTIVE!* *_Camera Fainted..._* *_Eventually, hot Police Jenny found out the evidence of the camera's death...._*

densch123 : Basically Kenshiro. You are already dead before you know it :-D

Mauka Gaming : It's AWM.... PUBG fans hit like

Eren03eren : Now lets try it with humans.

Juan Carlos : You won a new sub.👍🏻

Worried Raft : Who else moved out the way when he pointed the gun at the camera

Ema's & Elvir's World : Count how many times he said phone

MaKayla Custer : Me: sees the video thumbnail Me (thinking): *Logan Paul has entered the chat*

Versaucey : So this is how getting shot looks like.

energy_ 500 : 2:57 this guy is the real James bond

Dark Snacks : *No batteries were harmed in the making of this video*#🅱️ucci

Coffee Dude Awesome : Live stream ception (I had to make it multiple reasons for simplicity)

isturbo1984 : He's using a Metro sniper, lol, nice.

Leathal GoldFish : 0:19 Top right corner

Water Mouse : HOw interesting - just as your "Live Stream" test went offline, my entire internet went offline, lol.