Can a Camera Stream its own Destruction?
Can a Camera Stream its own Destruction

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I saw this video on reddit and was suspicious it was fake. I thought if you pew pew your phone it would instantly break, so I decided to try it to for myself! Reddit link Ok guys, no insults or personal attack will be allowed in the comments. keep it clean. this video is a learning example for following the rules of handling a gun, not a witch hunt. #1 THE GUN IS ALWAYS LOADED. dont play with guns. don't point guns at stuff you don't want to shoot. the gun - KEEP READING! The phone can not record to the SD card or internally fast enough either. I filmed the second shot from the phone, and the video is corrupted. I used a free app to preview the file, and it does not show the last few frames before i shoot the gun. here is the file. use mp4 fixer on android to view the file if you want to see for your self.


Bob Johnson : “A camera can’t record it own death because it’s dead.” -Backyard Scientist 2018

Lael Hansen Toe Sucker : 4:37 “ he bout to shoot us”lmao

CallMeDaddyC : 1:39 when your classmate reminds the teacher an assignment you didn’t make

aka : There are 2 reasons to shoot a camera experiment 2.because u look ugly in the pictures but cute in real life

BaconHair123 : Thats wat i call a "ScreenShot"

ATF Gaming : the burning battery is so satisfying to watch

PokTux : Now that’s what I call a SCREENSHOT Ok I’ll go now Also did not realise I copied sorry

HardZiKK : If you just recorded a video with the camera app without streaming or something, and you set the storage directory to the micro SD and aftet you look on a other phone if the death is recorder or not... Of course you don't shoot the Micro SD card

Psychotropical : Unfortunately I'm unable to shoot a real gun but I have this *picks up a bazooka*

Dennis -RIP- Dog : >Normally Reddit comments are full of mature intelligent discussions ( ͠° ͜ʖ °͠ )

GuelphRacing : Hey random person scrolling down the comments.. Have a pleasant evening :)

Maiko Minako : Backyard scientist: charges battery separately so phone can be used again techrax: uses 2-5 phones in 1 video

The Unknown : Is it me or does this guy sound like one of the guys at gameranx?

Eren03eren : Now lets try it with humans.

PeanutBruddha : Humans: "I saw my death with my own eyes" GoPro:"Hold my Beer"

adolf fuhrer : Camera to officer:- sir I have proof I was shot but unable to stream .... *Shows this video* Officer:- ARREST KEVIN!!!

isturbo1984 : He's using a Metro sniper, lol, nice.

David Lopez : I taught you were going to show the clip of the phone getting shot or not

Lolencio Faze : You shot all the people watching your livestream

AlCubing 7 : *after watching this video* MOM I WANT A GUN

MadKid_GOD : One question what if you don't shoot the memory and then you get a different phone and put the memory from the dead phone and put it inside the new phone, what would happen? like if you think #TheBackyardScientist should try this! :)

AR PRODUCTIONZ : Nice video☇☇👌👌

Aru Azaura : The first 20 seconds of your video had me hooked, but I was not expecting you to pull out a gun to test your first theory. This is some high quality content, you got a new sub 👍

Karen Haro : So he can destroy all those phones but cant fix his girlfriends phone screen

αииιкα : *_Gun used shoot!_* *IT'S SUPPER EFFECTIVE!* *_Camera Fainted..._* *_Eventually, hot Police Jenny found out the evidence of the camera's death...._*

RealY700 : I did not know batteries could smoke🔋🚬

JOSH PLAYZ : dam she needs some milk...gun shots in the face

Whooday McNutty : I never take the time to upvote videos but this one has my 100% approval and respect... Great vid!

Cody Taylor : The phone still says "Hertz" well yah, getting shot with an air rifle does Hertz, it Hertz a lot 😂

DillonEP : "i'm gonna shoot a camera" >doesn't actually shoot the CAMERA

Javi Beats : No batteries were harmed during this video.

remis pavolas : When you play war thunder Ammon exploded

RatRat 2010 : It is my grandpas rifle he hunts

Lobetec : I bet you can say that camera recorded a screenshot get it.. oh ill leave

PROF H3T : Tl;dr A phone can't stream its on death because its dead

Mr. BuildyLocks : I'm watching this on a ZTE and it's super slow

Marrino460 : Seeing how that air rifle is most likely illegal, I think I will just buy a real rifle instead. Damn gun laws trying to keep guns away from the hands of insane people!

Mr Funreal : so that was a livestream. but apparently go-pro's can record and save the recording until they die. so what if you record a video with the camera function?

Cody'sLab : Hey can I get that gun and fill the chamber with different gasses?

Devi Singh : How much did you spend for your videos

Tyler Furrison Tech : What if you record in .mkv and save to the SD card? And of course avoid hitting the SD card... Will you get the last moments of the phone's life?

Juan Carlos : You won a new sub.👍🏻

Robert G : Of course, the phone said "Hertz" because you shot it! LOL!

Pluhgins : It should've been obvious. Battery powers the phone and without power to the phone, it wouldn't work. Same thing goes for the noise. Shoot the battery and the power running the phone disables apps on the phone, meaning that noise.

Samarth Agarwal : Hitting the End button and turning off the phone (with the app running and streaming) may cause different behaviors. TLDR: Hitting the End button to turn off the stream must be sending some sort of message to IG servers to indicate that the stream has been ended. In response to this, IG servers send a message to all the devices (those who are watching the stream) to stop the stream immediately. This is what causes the stream to stop immediately. But, when you shoot the phone, the phone (or the IG app on the phone) just disconnects from the server and never sends that "stream stopped" message to the servers. It is up to the servers now how it is handled this but I guess these two cases make a difference.

blargcoster : You could try to affix a small mirror near the end of the barrel that reflects the little pressure gauge back at you while you are aiming.


Hostage Situation : “This is just a backstop to stop the bullet from penetrating and hitting someone.” **pulls out 50 cal*

Homie Blue Yoshi : 1985: I hope we'll get flying cars in the future 2018: *this video*