I put the AFV theme song over an ASPCA animal cruelty commercial

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what if it had different music MAIN CHANNEL -- https://www.youtube.com/c/Blinko TWITTER -- https://twitter.com/iblinko

Comments from Youtube

Jeff Sumner : I shouldn't laugh. Yet, here I am laughing.

Rayze : You absolute madlad

EvAn Ze Geek VA : There is a special place in hell for people who make stuff like this.

Danny P : Probably the most savagest thing I’ve ever seen on the internet. You have my respect

H e c k : I hate myself for laughing

Platinum : I'd donate if this was the song playing over it

BOB ROSS : Good one

Josh : JESUS chroist

Jeff El Bambino : Haha

no anime : Lmao

Ruben Thompson : If this was the case, I would actually like these commercials

Kody McPheron : What is the name of this song

Cimeng Ngialah : It would’ve been better if you put The Best Day Ever by SpongeBob in the video