Who Should Pay On A First Date? (MEN VS WOMEN)

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Lingualizer : Yeah, stuff the chicken under the staircase!

saltywalt x : Life hack:dont go on dates then no one has to pay. 😉

44Midnight : Stuff the chicken under the staircase 😂😂

Ilyana : Some people like tradition and I admit there’s a certain charm to it, but no one should just expect another person to pay for them. Personally, I believe the person who asked for the date should pay and if it was a mutual decision (like both agreeing to hang out but no one officially asked) then it should be split.

It's Anoki : Always split it so there are no expectations

ツTara : Haven't even seen the video yet but its only fair to split it. Edit: a little bit of spaghet 👌

Mk 888888 : Split always!!!! That’s equality duhh

JellyBabyMurderer : On the first day of chicken my true love sent to me

Maryon Dubé : For me first date I pay for myself ! I let the guy know that I am independent but after that if he ask to pay I let him :) I know it's gentlemen to pay for your date but I insist to pay for my own on the first one!

Gaming Hero Of More : Why does gender matter tho

Account1234 : I don't want you I want your granny 😂😂😂😂

Rachel T : "A little bit of spaget "😂😂😂😂

Ruckus IIV : I think there are so many variables and everyone is different. However, if I ask a woman out on a date, I already plan to pay since I offered. If a woman asks me out, then I don't assume that she's paying but will gauge everything once the bill comes. I will say, I find it very attractive when women are independent, show empathy, and express a conscious respect and kindness towards a man she is interested in by having the intention to treat him if she offered, and even then I would still offer to pay in respect or offer to cover my share. Everyone has a different love language so if the woman I am spending time with on a date (depending on whichever variable presents itself) insisted to pay because it's her way of showing affection, and consideration, then I would respect her wishes and acknowledge her for her kindness.

Simply Char : Oh Dara you Beautiful man! How are you feeling?

MsGoldenEra : I always split the bill. Hate it when the guy starts arguing and insisting on paying cause then I have to present a whole case as to why I feel much more comfortable paying for my own meal :D

Nina : i really hope you asked the girl who pays on dates out lol

J2Jgames : This video makes me so uncomfortable. You know the problem here, nobody is willing to say out loud that people don't agree and have not discussed WHAT that guy has purchased in this scenario. Also Dara maybe posting your dates on the internet might not be working in your favor. Or is it? Idk

Lauraofthewoods : Drunk people are great

NR Productions : 1 dislike! Somebody never pays!

BarknoorZ : Bahahah I just think whoever has more money that day should pay :P Or perhaps depending on who asks out who, or who suggests the place to eat.

Ro V : "my bed?" im deceased

kevin : Love this little mic gun hour pointing at everyone

Halapecia shaniqua : Love how the French people were adamant about splitting and being equal. I grew up with a French mother and she always said if you can split it then split it, women didn't gain equal rights so we could sit on our asses and not pay for anything. The man paying always is a very gentlemanly Anglo thing, my mum married an Englishman the second time and they would argue about that till the cows came home.

•°Snow☆Lily°• : If the guy asked for the first date, he should pay.

Rainbowner Ladybounce : I'm not yet done the video, but I feel like whoever asks should pay! Edit: but the other should always offer or suggest splitting! Idk tho I always just feel awkward and try and pay it first lol

Wolfae Fox : I think split is good but it’s nice occasionally for one or the other to offer to pay! Wait... wtf do I know? 😂

Dan Dunne : That mic setup I love it hahaha!

dnwtia? : Whoever asked the other out pays for the first, second date either the other person pays or you split it 50/50

Rainbowner Ladybounce : Happy to see your handsome face Dara!

Kiss my Head : Hope ur doing well bro 🤙🏻

Eoghan Bolger : Pure mad lad 2:20

Heather Byerly : I had my notifications on and the video didn't come up to watch.

Dean Carmen : I think it should be whoever asks the other one out

Edward Jackson : If you invite someone over to your house for dinner, do you make them bring their own food? Why would you invite someone out to dinner or on a a date and not pay? Gender has nothing to do with it IMHO. It's just being polite. If you ask someone to be your guest, you pay.

Sophie Ame : Listen. Imo its common sense. If i ask a friend on a coffee, i dont expect her/him to pay for their coffee. Il buy it. If i ask someone to go with me on a trip, i dont expect them to bring money for gas and hotel. Ill cover that since i asked them to join me. If you ask someone on a date, you dont expect them to pay for their meal/drink.

eason777662893 : "I am a self-sufficient women, but I am not paying on the first date." Ok ok, bye bye you feminists who only want what suits your needs and nothing about equality.

MzMiaRoseTV : Whether or not you pay depends on what you're looking for in a partner. If you want someone who's independent, then go 50/50 and pay for your own meal, movie ticket, etc. If you're the care giver type, and looking for someone to protect & provide for, then show that by paying. The first date should be pretty cheap, like having drinks (not necessarily alcoholic or coffee), sitting somewhere quiet, and having lots of conversation, type of cheap. Me personally, my rule is...... whoever asks who out is the one treating. If a guy asks me out then I expect him to pay, if I'm asking him out, then I pay (I have before, and it's no big deal).

TheVimarys1 : The majority of women want equality, but conveniently don’t want to pay. If I want something nice in the first date I’ll pay. In my previous relationship we always split 50/50, I don’t know why people have problems with that.

Natasha & Shane & Ry Dawson Yaw : Omgosh this was too freakin funny.. lol 😂😂 😂... I loved it 💖 ps don't forget to stuff the chicken!!🐔🐤🐔🐔😂😂

Marría Catchy : men make more money anyways, there's no equal pay, man...

Cowwy : Don't care if I have to pay as long as I don't get the feeling "SUCKER, THIS GUY PAID. DO IT AGAIN NEXT TIME!"

GeekFurious : Whoever wants to pay should pay... kill the patriarchy.

Lukeswagness : " I dont want u i want your granny" -Drunk guy 2018

Martha Chiara : Split on every date or take turns. He may have asked but you have accepted. Mang eqwality. BTW what do gays do if there was such a problem with it. I split either way.

Sophie Ame : These people are drunk

Thomas O'Callaghan : My heart usually pays..with disappointment..

DABLORD DANK : the mic looks like a gun. also the man should pay but I'll pay if I will never bang the guy.

Eoin Scanlon : A ton of ‘man on the street’ videos would get boring after a while but I really enjoyed this video Dara. The night seemed like great craic. Loved the comic zoom on the bald guy at the end. “Really??” Would love to meet ya when I come back to the isle brotha. Keep up the great work.

Diablaa : Middle eastern men understand 💯

Kerry Devlin : Sure just use food vouchers :P