Life As A Zumiez Employee !

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Trevor Wallace : Here's the first Zumiez video incase you missed it:

Kersti Adams : I worked at zumiez and i can vouch for this lmao

shonen alvarado : 0:23 "whats up dude" employee in the back round replies "how you doin bro"

JrzGaming : I immediately subscribed after watching 10 seconds

tom : i went to zumiez the other day and i can confirm this is 100% how they act

Obed Ortega : POSER

cvnt fvce : you are the main reason why i never go near zumiez, they have the most annoying employees alive

Emily Michelle : Guy used to work at PAC sun 😂

Joh Locke : I swear there's always a pretzel place close to Zumiez no matter what mall 😂

Jimmy Clepper : must be gnarly getting all these views ripping off Evan breen

/\/ I /\/ A : Should change the title to "Life as a poser"

Scoooopy : Only me watching this over and over?

Thumbnail Finder : I've done a Zumies interview before. I can explain why their employees are insanely annoying. They have an absolutely clown fiesta of an interview. They look for the loudest, most outgoing person. It nearly borders on autism. Persistence isn't always a good thing. I did Men's Warehouse for a few months back in 09'. After asking customers if they needed/wanted help they'd say no. I'd tell them I'll be near if they need anything. A simple "thank you" and they continue shopping. The boss says "stay with them". That's ineffective and pisses people off. Don't know why companies prefer such obnoxious persistence. It's embarrassing for the employee and simply pisses off customers.

Chris Collins BMX : "you know how to ollie yet? i do, on tony hawk" said every poser ever

Ann : I can't tell if your joking

Stop The Planet I want Off : Glad to see someone so happy at a dead end job. Thanks for making my stocks fat son.

Jeremy Wawa : He's the funniest guy ever

CHEESYnachoMAN : This is cringey af. If I went to Zumiez I wold drop everything and dip.

tim van den berg : Wow, I saw my deck in the background. That blue DGK one

sjuk : ok but why does this guy look legit like butthead from beavis n butthead im DECEASED

SUICIDAL SAMURAI : This guy needs to die

WreckU : Reminds me of that one viner. Evan whatever

Kevin Biggin : LA turtle does it better

Zak Bossing : This video makes my life better

charles spicer : is this the equivalent of route one?

selena s : ok but dis is at my local mall 😮😮

Ella Cox : Haha I'm pretty sure this is my mall

Trevor : Is this in west Edmonton mall?

Ozark Greaser : This is fucking hilarious I used to be huge into skating and was made fun of for these stereo types because I shopped at zumiez 😂

the trainers : Yo u are so chill

VoRTeXPB : I fucking love this 😂😂😂

Blackguy338 : This shit is hilarious and true.

Haydan : Yes now please get this cancer out of my recommend

Sergio Solis : So fucking glad I clicked on this, im laughing my ass off. "I haven't met Wetzel, but he seems like a chill dude" dead. hahahahaha

Angel derp : the amount of thrasher in that store is confusing me, skate shops never get thrasher love

Hi I'm name is Hi : That's my name wetzel

brian xwiz : Whos playing suicideboyz in the back at :40 ?

Griffin Prest : 420 dislikes even the hates be keeping it lit

Reese Baldwin : Needs a little more thrasher

Josh Burke : BRO THIS SHIT IS SO TRUE. Are you an actual employee if so lmk if you guys work off commission cause every time I go in there the employees are so pushy and like "BRO SICK FUCKING OUTFIT BRO TRYNA TO BUY A SKATE DECK THRASHER HOODIE AND WATCH" and their so persistent and they always like croud me and it's always hot so with all those factors it's basically an anxiety attack every time I go in there.

Basically Banned Shoe Reviews : My Zumies is hella lazy but it's chill, they just kinda restock and chill but they always get business

- ziM : That's in Westfield Culver City that mall lit

dead bby : Yo dude this is like RADICAL

B : Corny ass whiteboy

Duco vh : If a employe talked like this to me I would quit

Javei : y’all might think this is a joke but this is exactly how annoying those niggas are.

BullmasterGardian : I've made Brand new Kicks and Skateboards you might like


Braun Knew : I used to work at zumiez and this is 100% correct

steven orozco : Wtf i work at that mall