Life As A Zumiez Employee !

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Dale Decker : haha yo this is sick.

West Coast Built : Why does this guy only have 3k subs?

Livy Magill : Please make more. My coworkers and I over at zumiez love these videos so much lol

shonen alvarado : 0:23 "whats up dude" employee in the back round replies "how you doin bro"

Kersti Adams : I worked at zumiez and i can vouch for this lmao

Wazy : I honestly think Zumiez purposely picks the most annoying people to work for their stores.

Cole. : Evan breen?????🤔

Gavin Smith : These are the best


james crawford : I've never got twisted with Wetzel, but I'm down AF.

Jambo Herman : Love these Trevor!!!

Michael : Evan Breen is better

Sean Kelly : Twisted! XD

Diego Contreras : You're my spirit animal bro

Robbie Hudgins : This guy probably does not work at zumiez

Myles Hagen : Shut up Chad

JrzGaming : I immediately subscribed after watching 10 seconds

Luke Lyons : Reminds me of even breen 😂

katie : amazing

gabe the dog : You're absolutely genius

Zachary Johnson : Let's just say these pretzels aren't the only thing about to get baked!!!

Hudson Hartman : This dude is nick colletti’s cousin

Meg M : why is this me?? 😂😂

Oscar The Real One : the start is so cringe

Bryan : West field mall? i feel like I seen you a lot.

Sori : Debit credit or kush

I_bombhills : All the people that be like I work at zumiez 😂😂😂😂

Subject Delta : Honestly my favorite one so far

Central Intelligence Agency : Lady at the end was calling the cops

James Mata : Man this faaaahhhhhnnnny! 😂

Waterboii Angel : Aye that's my loco zumiez

EdgyM8kys : LMFAO

the best homosapien to ever live : *wearing a stussy shirt*


ASAP Fetti : Looks like west field mall in Culver city

mine william : Is this qcm?

Saucy Da Goat : Oh nvm ADD

luca gries : dude

Sunkked : 🤘

Dillon Wong : Best video ever hahahaha

megan reiter : Lol you remind me of LA Turtle 😂👍🏼

Kevin Roesler : This guy's got an Evan Breen vibe going on

NickSoulGem : 420k views baby we're about to get twisted😩

Jonathan Kimble : Westfield mall

Dom HD : You need to make more

Rob oNe : Bang bang skeet skeet hhha best one yet

Street AsianFTW : here before 1billion views

Deez Ramens : Plot Twist: He got fired from Zumiez for getting caught dealing danks and now he work at Wetzels Pretzels. Lol! Talk about Zumiez to Wetzels Pretzels in 2:03 sec!!

XXX Tallabadabadoop : funny asf bro

yvng_plague : To iv heard a lot about Zumiez employees that there lit and chill AND I CAN TELL I'MMA TO BUY SOME TRASHER