Stolen Gun Found in Pond! (POLICE CALLED) [SAM & SIMON]
My cousins do treasure diving and found a gun

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We found the most surprising thing ever this week. Sam & Simon went out to search a pond they've searched before. Their brother Scott and father Steve came along to try out some magnet fishing while Sam and Simon snorkeled. While searching the pond, they stumbled across a gun! The gun was a Smith and Wesson M&P Shield Performance Center with Fiber Optic Sights. Its a $600 gun at retail price and hasn't been down there long! The chamber was empty and there was no magazine inside. We called the police, and the police ran the serial number and it came back as a stolen gun linked to an active case. They couldn't give us much more information than that and asked us not to include the officer in the video since he had been involved in this case since the beginning. The officer was extremely grateful for us finding it and turning it in, he said that this was going to be a huge help in solving the case. SAMMON officially solving crimes! We were also able to get a lot of garbage out of the pond! Proud to see the waters getting cleaner! We are also sorry for the muffled audio. Still working on figuring out the best option! If you have any tips with getting the best audio possible with a GoPro Hero 5 let me know in the comments! Please subscribe to the channel!


Cassidy thayne : Aye I used to live there I swam at that dock 5,00000 times

Regus Lehi : Wow that is crazy! Good Find!

Marcos Ortiz : I would like to talk to you guys, pretty fascinating what you've found.

Treasure Adventurist : great video guys

Vending Junkie : Cool

James Medrano : Sorry you guys had to clean up so much trash!

Jake Eugene : Dude that’s crazy! I’d freak out!

Cassidy thayne : It’s stansbury park right