Announcers Tear Into Sorority Girls At A Baseball Game
Announcers Tear Into Sorority Girls At A Baseball Game

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c1ue scroll 07 : Thats the best one of the 300 pictures i took today lol

Sarkario : Armstrong went to the moon -> took 4 Photos Those girls went to watch Baseball -> took 78 Photos

IronPiedmont1996 : Not going to lie, I cringed every time one of them made a duckface.

Elijah Clark : Wait until you see parenting in 2018. It's only gonna get worse.

Dead Matter News : “Aaaand nobody noticed”

ThirstyAddictiveVidz : If only Steve Irwin were still alive. He could sneak up on them in their natural habitat

DianeCanDo Flamtaps : This is so ridiculous!! The fake smiles, fake expressions!! Is this why they go to the game? To take selfies? Ugh!! 🤢

Recon WB : "like, omg, we had sooo much fun at the baseball game, took sooooo many selfies!"

quezcatol : I once saw a girl spending 5+ min trying to take a selfie of her eating here at the harbor - yeah these women are narcissist beyond words. its not about her lunch or location- its what her friends get to see, thats what only matters.

hipnhappenin : They really do exist.

ultrapurple111 : Imagine if you took their phones away for a day, they'd all have seizures.

Mr C : The human race is de-evolving.

Boogie Man : instawhores

French Fan : I'm so glad I put my phone down and live life naturally instead of always trying to record it.

Miss MetoKitty : Televised THOT Patrol

Arctris : Thats about 10 GBs of photos being taken in a 2 minute video

nagarajan raja : Living in a fake and fantacy world and just for likes and shares. Nothing exist real. Especially makeup girls.

jon tanno : enjoy it now girls, when you are 30 the looks fade yet the stupidity remains.

V : Somewhere out there, a bunch of parents must feel extremely proud.

CheezyFlakes : *BEGONE THOTS!*

Azazel Potato : Lmao they’re not even watching the game

Heed My Warning : as an introvert people always tell me that I'm "anti-social". These are the same people who would rather record someone in trouble (and post) rather than getting in there and HELPING them.

Nak Muay : "look at my selfies i took at the baseball game!" "was it fun?" "ummmm.....i don't know."

Steven Clubb : Good thing there's girls taking selfies, otherwise the announcers would have to pay attention to the baseball being played in between the shots of girls taking selfies.

FunForSameer : Why are they even there...

rowedon : This is so annoying. I was at a concert a few months back and a group of college girls in the rows right in front of us did nothing but drink, take selfies, and posted videos of themselves on snapchat. They really weren't there for anything other than showing off on social media. Not only that but they WOULD NOT SIT DOWN and my sister felt really dizzy whenever she stood because we were up really high so she had to sit down, but those girls blocked her view of 80% of the show.

John Marston : That girl on the left that they show for the first 20 secs seems left out, just the look on her face as the other two girls take selfies. She never took a picture of herself, no one ever took one with her either. She seems very lonely, I know that feeling. I'd love to sit with her, she's beautiful, and not glued to her phone. Also, the girl on the bottom right deserves credit, she's just eating her ice cream for the most part, she only uses her phone once to seemingly respond to a text. Not a single selfie. I like her too.

DAVID0665 : I weep for the future of our country...

DarkOmegaMK2 : Technology on the hands of idiots

michael andersoñ : and over half are now fat, angry single moms

Paygh Brozny : and then the apocalypse happened and nobody noticed!

Sonictails54321 : I'm not one to like sports, but the girls makes me cringe.

Rudy Chavira : Idiots in love with their selfs

Xian R. : Sorority girls in their natural habitat. It's like watching from National Geographics. Lmao

Chris M : This is nothing that a well-placed foul ball couldn't fix.

Kelly Blackmon : $80 for a ticket to the game. $45 for refreshments and they never saw a single play.

Lord Teletubby Dipsy :* : Fueling the ego with selfies is very important for today's girls... 🤦

AR3alAm3r1can : cell phones, 'smart' phones, and (anti)social media - the trendy paraphernalia of a moronic society in decline. We truly are dooooomed!

Rubmeet Off : i can already smell a family guy cutaway from this soon

LitCaveman : Steve Rogers be like “I wish I died in the plane crash”

Skeith : One night stand girls. Not even good enough to be girlfriend material. Probably can't even cook.

Stephen Klick : Its actually much more serious and a much bigger problem than they give it credit for. Those girls are dumbos.

Urbanpoison14 : So attached, so addicted. What has this world come to

Stevenowski : Here's my first bite of the churro. Here's my second bite of the churro. Here's my third... WHACK! (foul ball)

BytemeVV - : ...Rude awakening is going to set in the next 10-15 Years and Selfies 🤳 is going to be turned into Whymees... I'm getting Old what did I do with my life ohhh yeah Selfies 😂😫😭

fleuger99 : And we wonder why society is so messed up today, look at these fools with their phones. Sad statement!

Alex Dillon : :24 OoOOwwWOOOWWOWOOWOOOO best part lmao

chaostheory2219 : Alot of plain Jane's in that sorority 🤔

MrSpeedyAce : Basic bitches hahahaha