Making Leatherworking Tools

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Tom's Dreamshop Worx : Loved it when you thumped the end off.

Paul King : Strangely riveting to watch. I think I might have found my next big hobby 👍

Alonzo Sanchez : Sorry I'm A Day Late Work Work Work, Nevertheless Amazing Work As Always! 👍👍👍

Jimi Timbers : Great use of scraps!!! May need to make one of these for myself! 😁🌲

hrxy1 : Excellent vid close up shots are fantastic, they make the vid very interezting and attention holding. Lovely colour of tthe wood. Plus no annoying intrusive background music, great vid ty

Bronson Stephens : Are You Gonna Show How They’re Used? Nice Video By The Way.

Robin Hoff : Very good video. I would probably take off the bracelet while at the lathe. If it can go bad it will.

Ken L : I thought you might show them in action. I had to look up what they are. Why did you put it in the drill at the end?

AKA Wasakill : Salut eu sunt cu primul comentariu

NativeBoyUSA : what is the metal cutting saw called that you used in the 1:00 mark? (it's not a normal hacksaw and i kinda need one like the one you used)

tyler roberts : those are the weirdest looking sex toys I've ever seen

Серега Орг : Что это?

Pawel Sawicki : Awesome. Leather projects coming down the line?

Douglas Lambert : You could make this video 40% shorter with better editing. But it is a nice video, anyway...

Rick Rose : Until I read the comments below, I thought the metal part was the working end. I made something very similar (although not a nice-looking) by inserting an old drill bit in a wooden handle, leaving the straight shank. The purpose was for burnishing hand scrapers after raising a burr.

Jeremiah Brazzle : About to stop watching based on the sandpaper sound alone. lol. Prolly not but still an ABRASIVE TO THE Ears. See what I did there?

Esteban raro : Alguien que hablé español y me diga que es lo que le pone a la madera para que quede así?

victor castle : The link to my Tool, does not work for me, but he Patron link does ? I was wondering what model # Jet lathe you are using ?

hair power : Do you like .beautful the small workshop do like you.

oscardacrus : Muy buen trabajo me encanta ok

Wonchan Cho : what kind of chuck is that on the lathe?

Cristian Neacsu : Sal, din cate mi-am dat seama, esti fie roman, fie moldovean, insa ai multe scule de provenienta americana. Locuiesti pe meleaguri romanesti sau nord americane?

Caleb Borg : Still waiting for the plane restoration.......

Clyde 1066 : Fascinating and informative, as usual.

emilio schlager fonseca : Keep that work !! Love ur vids ❤❤

Sky Warrior : SUPER,BROTHER💪👍👍👍

Apollo's Crafts : Waiting for new projects dude ! Keep up your videos.

RODE alzodebe : رضا زي فيهم ولي يحبه كيكه😂😉

Aung Zin : amazing

Daniel Anderson : Where your videos?

Whatuhdo1 : I’ve never thought to sand the inside coves like that. It’s so simple and so smart though. I am DEFINITELY going to be using that trick in the future.

Evan Taitt : Great video mate.👍

Berend Dekker : Wtf do you do with those?

YASSIN. NT : Nice work

Vladislav Shramko : Когда так и не понял , что он сделал , но сделал бесспорно круто

Hung Tran Quoc : Absolutely amazing. Your golden hands must be protected with gloves. Great thanks from Vietnam.

Dragos H : Salut. Urmează vreun proiect cu uneltele astea?

Evan Taitt : What are these tools used for? Can you show in video.

N G : What's the shiny clear stuff you put on the turned one? It looks great

james leal : What’s the goo you used to finish? So many goo’s so little time.

Josiah Lacey : What is that finish you put on that handle you turned?

hrxy1 : U got me mixed up with other guy ,i did notcomplain about speed

Johannes Christensen : Hey, they look great! What wood was that?

ousaY : are you romanian?

УчРад : Русские есть?

Lee B : what chuck are you using?  Does your collet fit in it also?  Thanks and enjoy your videos!

Romo Spezialbau : Verry cool Video! :-)